If You Were a Fly On My Wall Lately

Hi y'all!

Is this the longest winter ever or what?

There haven't been any big projects here lately but if you were a fly on my wall 
you'd see these things going on.....

Picked up tulips beautiful tulips at the grocery store.

And because I can be easily influenced on a cold winter day by girls who could be my daughter.
And because she's as cute as a bug!

Drinking ridiculous amounts of coffee because it is hot and wonderful and makes it so
 that I can leap tall buildings in a single bound.

Changed up the coffee table vignette because the 90s called and wanted that bunny statue back.
Added this sweet tray from Hob Lob.

Miss Belle continues to do what she does best!
I poof the pillows when she gets up.

The best part lately, I had lunch with Andrea and Julie yesterday at Patina Green in McKinney, TX. :)
We had so much fun together!

Did we take a picture? No we forgot!

Still going to Zumba too. 

What are you up to?

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  1. Such crazy weather patterns - a non-existent winter for us.

    I bought tulips at Trader Joe's two weeks ago and just had to remove them. They opened full and looked just as beautiful.

    This is a painting month for me. I drop Steve at same day surgery in an hour and will come home because the surgery center said it was crazy for me to sit for 4 hours. I am going to paint a cabinet while I wait for the phone call to return. I know I will be playing nursemaid for a few days so i won't get much done.

  2. The tulips are beautiful and I love your pillows with your pooch! I'm bunny crazy and probably stuck in a decade older than the '90s! haha! It's nice weather here so I can't complain! Enjoy your afternoon! Hugs!

  3. It's snowing here with much more to come! Was able to bring some Helleborus in before the snow...it was so nice having blooms from the garden in the house!
    Sweet pup...that's a great picture! Enjoy your Zumba!

  4. Yes, longest winter ever in the history of ever! -8 this morning when we got up. Brrr. I am drinking way too much coffee, but like you said, it's hot ;>)
    Your coffee table looks great, I find myself needing to freshen things up this time of year. When you have to be inside all the time it becomes important that everything is pretty!

  5. Love the tulips! I am sitting here freezing. Woke up to -11 it's now a balmy 20 degrees and the real feel on my phone says 2 degrees. Yep, I'm freezing! Don't need anymore coffee....well, something hot would be nice. Cute jacket!

  6. It IS a long winter, isn't it? Especially for Texas. I like your tray from Hob Lob. I think I'm due for another visit to that store. I struggle so much with what to put on my coffee table. I want to use a tray with stuff on it, but nothing ever looks right to me. Right now I just have a dough bowl on there with some wooden and metal spheres in it that I got on clearance at Pier 1 yesterday. I may have to move the spheres though because Holly is a little too interested in them. :)

  7. Looks like you've been having fun! Sorry I missed the lunch date! I really like your new tray. I haven't seen that one at Hobby Lobby. I need another one for the kitchen. They are opening a new store only 5 minutes from my house. I'm in trouble!

  8. I love that jacket. Great tray too! I have been watching the snow fall and fall and fall....

  9. Now I'm going to miss the 90's bunny! My 90's chicken will really look out of place now. That jacket is amazing. Love the fun scarfs too.

  10. How silly, we took photos of the bathroom at Patina Green, but not ourselves?!! Haha! Love love love the new tray, I'm going to copy you on that. Let's go shopping again soon :) xoxoxo

  11. Tulips are my all time favorite flower, Stacey and the white ones are tops on my list! I buy them every week at the grocery store from January to May! They just make me happy! :)

  12. Hi, Stacey! Working and trying to stay warm. So looking forward to the warmer weather they're predicting. Those tulips make me want to run to the store just to bring a bit of Spring into the house! Lovely!

  13. Love your new tray! Going to lunch was the best part of my week! so fun! Lets definitely do it again SOON!!

  14. White tulips are some of my favorites. Thanks for the fashion tip..military jacket, stripes and a scarf. Remembering that for Spring.

  15. Sounds fun. I love your beautiful tray. Your decor is gorgeous.

    I also love a hot cup of coffee on these wintry mornings.

    Stay warm!

  16. Miss Belle looks warm and cozy in her spot! :)

  17. White tulips are a favorite. Miss Belle has the right idea!

  18. I LOVE that tray, Stacey! I have to go food shopping today and I'm thinking of picking up a pot of daffodils if they have them. I can not wait for this Winter to end!

  19. Stacey...you are so cute!! I love your new jacket. :)
    Speaking of winter...girl you don't know winter!!!! LOL We've had snow for almost a month. Like snowing every. single. day. Yeah! BUT...the good news....sunshine yesterday and today. We'll forget that yesterday we woke up to minus 17. The sun has a way of making us forget things like that.
    Oh...almost forgot...love your refreshed tray...cute!! and those tulips make my heart sing!

  20. A dear friend of mine since high school lives in McKinney. I have no idea why that matters except it makes the world feel smaller and you feel closer. ;)

  21. I love tulips - they are just so spring like! McKinney has such an adorable downtown - lots of great shopping.

  22. Lovely white tulips and Miss Belle's look speaks volume!

  23. How nice to meet two bloggers...I could really use some company, I have cabin fever big time! Belle is just beautiful, she can come and sleep on my pillows and play with her (almost) twin brother anytime!

    I like your new arrangement on the coffee table. I love trays.

    Keep up the good work with the Zumba. Do you feel more fit?


  24. I can't say which is cuter, the pillow or the dog. It's a tie, I think!

  25. You Poof those pillows so well! Both literally and in your beautiful d├ęcor. Love the tulips! I picked up some daffodils today. Love the new tray. I just recently bought a red one from Hob Lob as well. Can't say as I blame you for ordering the jacket. Cute, cute! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  26. Looks like it'd be fun to be a fly on your wall.

    Thanks for introducing me to Sheaffer! I'm like you, easily influenced by girls who are young enough to be my daughter.

  27. Your tulip picture and coffee picture are of magazine quality. Your love of coffee, your sense of humor in writing posts, and your sense of style makes this site a fun place to visit. As to what I have been up to, well, we are snowed in, so more coffee is required:)

  28. Sounds to me like you're having fun! Your dog is so sweet lying in the pile of pillows. Mine does that too so they never look good unless I'm taking a picture for my blog or expecting company! LOL!

  29. Oh so pretty are those tulips...hey and what's wrong with the 90's?? LOL. I thought of you today...the sun was shining and I went shopping with a friend in Edmond...The Market, Serendipity and downtown Edmond! Needed some spring inspiration and I sure got it! Stay warm and next time you drink too much coffee you could just run up here!
    Miss Bloomers

  30. Aren't you just ov-ah winter? Glad you found a little spring inspiration.
    I did see Fannie Flagg's latest book...next time.:)

  31. Hi Stacey! Sounds like you have a bit going one. That is a cute jacket and a cute gal! Your tulips are gorgeous and I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day. How nice to meet up with friends and thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  32. The weather has been insane in NJ. I think we are breaking records with all this crazy snow! Pretty coffee table vignette and I love your dog!

  33. Your coffee table vignette looks lovely, and I would probably be tempted by that jacket, too. My kitty, Abby, likes to lay on top of the pillows just like Miss Belle!

  34. Your tulips are a gorgeous reminder of spring (sigh) and I love your new tray with the nest! :)

  35. So Miss Belle is a pillow smoosher, too. Funny puppies! And I LOVE your black tray! Tres jolie!

  36. Your dog made me smile.

    We have a miniature dachshund that likes to sleep on the top of the pillows like that also. I've also gotten that over the shoulder look as well.

    Those little dogs sure do bring joy to our lives, don't they. :)

  37. I love Pinterest Told Me To also. She is as cute as a button.
    I"ve been looking for fresh tulips for my kitchen. Yours look lovely!


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