The Girls

The girls just don't understand what all the New Year's fuss is about.

That pretty sparkly Christmas tree has disappeared.

There are no more ribbons and bows to attack.

No more ornaments to chew.

No more forbidden foods to try and get.

And the blasted vacuum cleaner keeps running and running!


  1. LOL!!!!! Love the pics of the girls and it looks like that is exactly what they are thinking!

  2. Bonnie Blue is asleep on the sofa. I'm beginning to put away some of our Christmas decor, too.


  3. Taking down Christmas is a huge project, isn't it? I'm trying to do so organizing and cleaning as I go. Happy when it is finished!

  4. My kitty just takes it all in stride and naps for the month of January...and February, and

  5. Awww, what precious babies! My dog hates the vacuum, but I used to have a dog that loved to be vacuumed! I had to put her up when I was vacuuming the floor, because she was always trying to get under the vacuum nozzle to get herself vacuumed! Wishing you and yours a wonderful 2014!

  6. Yes, same scenario at my house! I wonder how much fake Christmas tree needles my kitten ate?


    Happy New Year!

  7. You have described our house to a 'T'! Both the kitty and the Corgi are so depressed they have retrieved to their individual corners and are giving me 'the look'!
    All the best,

  8. Those faces!! Too too cute Stacey. I had to take my tree down early this year. Little hands kept getting into trouble!
    Happy New Year

  9. Aww...poor little fur babies. Doesn't it take get all the sparkly things off of everything.
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  10. None of the animals in our house seemed to care one way or another about Christmas. Lulu and the cats did try to walk behind the tree a couple of times, but really didn't bother it. Lulu enjoyed Christmas morning by trying to eat her own stocking after playing with her new toys. While we were opening our presents, she chewed the wrapping off of some of KC's presents.

    Are you glad your house is back to normal? I am enjoying setting everything back into place.

  11. What sweet little girls! I love the expression in that last pic! Holly is having Christmas withdrawals too. She keeps looking for a tree to climb now that ours is down. LOL!

  12. This is such a cute post! The critters really do look a little forlorn!! And I hear you on the vacuum cleaner!!


  13. Ah, cuties! :)

    As to the vacuum, one of my dogs goes beserk when I get it out and use the hose. He barks and attacks it and what is funny is that if you turn it off he keeps on doing it. I often tell my sons we need to do a video of this and put it on You Tube one day! :)

  14. Ha! Love this post. I felt the same way:-)

  15. Your girls are adorable! Now they will have to find something else to entertain themselves.

  16. AWWWW SO cute animals :) I hope you had a great Christmas holiday dear.

    Check out my new post...Cute curtain inspiration :)

    Have a fab day

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis - Swedish decor, food, and fashion

  17. Well, our tree is still up. ;o)

    Your furbabies are d-a-r-l-i-n-g, and your cat reminds me a little of my own sweet Wendy Moira Angela Darling. (Goodness, I miss having a cat! I don't miss the litter box though).

    Your pets are very photogenic.


  18. Happy New Year Stacey!

    Oh my tabby girls don't like the vacuum cleaner at all. They run and hide in the closet...with the boy...which they do not like at all. But evidently that big yellow fluffy boy cat is less scary than the big yellow vacuum cleaner. LOL

    This past week I joined the Project Inspire{d} hosting team. Our link party goes live every Monday night at 8 EST. I'd be delighted if you would consider popping over and linking up some of your fabulously inspiring posts: See you then!

    Wishing you An ExtraordinaryDay!!


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