Sometimes I Laugh Like a Hyena

Oh gosh, I wish there was some fantastic project I could show you about now.
Truth is, there's very little being accomplished here since Christmas.

Somebody came like a thief in the night
 and stole my motivation, y'all!

I have a list of projects and a few that have been started.
They stare at me...and stay the same spots.
Meanwhile I've been napping a lot.

Last night I even went to bed without cleaning up the dinner dishes.

I bet that's only happened twice in our marriage.
And when we got up this morning the kitchen reeked of onion.

Which leads me to this...I spotted this on Facebook today.

First thought, that's not how you spell poisonous.

Second thought, I should be dead! 
Then I started reading the responses to the story that
accompanied the picture. One guy who calls himself Flyswatter said, 

"Onions can be really dangerous...
My wife threw one at me and it hit me in the eye....It really hurt..."

That just made me bust out laughing. :)

Here's another thing that made me laugh from my napping chair:

Went to Zumba last night for the first time with my best friend from childhood.

(That's a long time to be friends, by the way.)

Anyway, since I'm a Zumba aficionado now, I decided to look on Pinterest for the perfect 
outfits to wear to Zumba class.

 It's important to look the part.

This picture is pretty spot on!!

This picture is just so fitting because we love Napoleon at our house. :)

Last good laugh, Kerry at HouseTalkN wrote a post 

She's hysterical and this one had me spitting my coffee!

Now seriously, I've seen so many wonderful lists of things to accomplish in 2014 floating around blogland.

Please tell me you are with me....under the blankets.  

It's January and it's cold!!


  1. You will be proud to know I have no lists, never do. In fact I usually only plan for the next day if that. xo, olive

  2. I do not make resolutions, I know myself too well. I believe the thief that stole you motivation is called January, he does the same to me!

  3. Yes, I have a list of things to do....and I am still spending a lot of time on the computer playing candy crush, lol. It is too cold!

  4. I'm excited about making those lists for the new year, too but sometimes it's more fun just to read yours and these you've mentioned. I'm off to read some more and have a few laughs! Stay warm!

  5. I think your motivation flew over to my house. I have been working like crazy changing rooms, changing vignettes, decorating, shopping, and not being able to sleep for all the ideas in my head. I am even doing the dinner dishes which is not my job. I wouldn't mind sitting and reading a little bit so I am sending you some of my motivation. They we can both have a happy balance.

    Now I am headed over to the Make Up Break Up.

  6. I am in my bed under the blanket indeed. Along with two snoozing dogs. Why can't people spell anymore?

  7. I am laughing with you!! This made my night!

    Hope you keep going to Zumba, I hear it is fantastic?

    Happy Thursday, almost.

  8. Some years I think an after Christmas depression hits me. I have a hard time wanting to do things. This year I got a lot of things done during the holidays. I don't know what makes the difference. Hope you get your drive back soon, but enjoy the break!

  9. My motivation ebbs and flows, as in one day I do something and the next day I don't.

    You really had the giggles today!


  10. I only have a list of things to do because we're listing our house in a few months - otherwise I'd be hibernating! The zumba one is hilarious!

  11. You are definitely not alone, dear! I finally got a post up yesterday! No projects happening here except to get my house back to normal!! I'll think of you when I'm napping!!~~Ang

  12. Okay, I am ready for a PJ day... an all day in bed, under the covers, watching movies and reading magazines.... You are not alone!! Hang in there, this too shall pass.


  13. I have a few lists going too, but haven't really started on any projects yet. I'm more interested in snuggling on the couch and watching movies. :) We love Napoleon too!! My hubby called me from work the other day and said "Can you bring me my chapstick? My lips hurt real bad!" Lol! Then I told him I couldn't bring him his chapstick because I was "Too busy chatting online with babes all day." We think we're so funny. :)

  14. I am a big planner and I can't imagine my day without a list. What I don't have are dancing, sports, or any coordination skills. I can't do that zumba or whatever it is called - I can't keep in step with other people - I literally dance to my own drum, an I am okay with that. I have other skills. LOL!
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  15. It is so cold! I have a new warm blanket and three books I want to read, but tonight we are having dear friends from AZ for dinner. I don't make resolutions, but I do like to plan somewhat. Relax and remember, humor is good for the soul:)

  16. It is so cold! I have a new warm blanket and three books I want to read, but tonight we are having dear friends from AZ for dinner. I don't make resolutions, but I do like to plan somewhat. Relax and remember, humor is good for the soul:)

  17. Under the blanket + a quilt, Stacey! It's time to relax after the holidays. :)

  18. I'm with you 100%, Stacey! I haven't accomplished much since Christmas, either. I keep telling will come! Have fun at Zumba! Chris got me T-25 for Christmas...lawd, have about a workout and a half! Hope I survive!

  19. I'm not very motivated right now either, so I'm glad to hear I'm not alone! I've done a few things but nothing worth sharing on my blog, that's for sure. I did do some sewing for my Etsy and I have a few things I want to do. It's just a matter of getting back into the groove.

  20. I don't think I'll be making resolutions this year. (Because I'm too good at keeping them and that's just plain exhausting).

    If I do make any resolutions, it will be something like delving into my TBR pile of books again, or watching more classic movies while sipping cappuccino.


  21. You know I am right there with you!
    Maybe it's not a lack of motivation-
    maybe it's good old fashioned common sense.

    Nothing good is going to happen out in the garage when it's cold!

    Who knew about the onions???

    Have a great day friend,

    White Spray Paint

  22. Yes, exactly. I had so much energy and plans and then . . . poof . . . it was gone. I gotta go check out Kerry's poast! And throw out all of my half onions before I keel myself.

  23. Oh Stacey, You've just described exactly how I've felt in the last few weeks! I have tons of ideas, a few things started and NOTHING finished! I even have a few Xmas decorations that still need to be put away. Usually everything is down and put back in the attic by Jan. 2. Maybe it's all of the cold and gloomy days we've had this year...don't know, but I'm with you! I just want to nap and do nothing. Maybe the mood will strike soon... :) Happy New Year!

  24. Totally understand. Think that when we don't take a break, our bodies make us take one. It's so cold, and gets dark so early...I want to hibernate until Spring! Love those days I don't get out of my pjs...sometimes we just need a break...

  25. It is so good to meet you! As soon as I read your comment I hurried right over!!We are practically NEIGHBORS!! My daughter (oldest) lives in Rowlett! It's a small small world!
    We were sick for over a week after Christmas which forced us to stay in bed! Now I am itching to get some things done!! Energy comes and goes. I just betcha yours will be back soon!
    I see we both follow 'Blondie!' She is a jewel!
    LOVE the look of your blog. I'm waiting for my youngest daughter Amber - the mother of my grand quadruplets!) to fix mine!
    Have a good week! I'm off to read a few more of your posts and find your 'follow' button!!

  26. My list for the New Year is very loosey goosey!! Timing is everything, and right now my motivation isn't very high either.
    You had me laughing too...laughter is good for the soul!
    Mary Alice

  27. Nope. No list for me. I'm just tired of putting away all of the Christmas and don't want to do nuttin' right now! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  28. I spent all weekend running with kids and I am gearing up to get in the car again ~ under the covers sounds glorious! I am pea green!

  29. LOL well we both can spell. I had the same thought in the beginning of your post.

    So while we are under the blankets HERE's a thought. Rather than worry about OUR resolutions and lists...we should really worry about the people out there who can't spell.

    For my resolution I hope that people learn to spell better in 2014

    There! Done! This works for me; how about you :)

  30. The misspelled (I tried to misspell poisonous, and spell check wouldn't let me) onions and Zumba both made me laugh!

    I seem to get motivated long enough to start things, but then lose interest before getting anything done. There are unfinished projects in every room of the house. My enthusiasm and energy just dry up before I can finish anything. I guess I will spend February finishing everything I started in January.

  31. Bwahahaha... I would be dead too! Made me smile.


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