Happy New Year!

It's time for a New Year!

A chance for something new.

A chance to do some things better.

A chance to leave some things behind.

I'm excited. 

Are you?


  1. Happy New Year Stacey! I am excited! It's a fresh start toward some goals and dreams:>) Many blessings to you and your family in this new year!

  2. Hey Stacey! Wishing you and your family a joyful, bright, healthy, prosperous and happy New Year!!

  3. Oh My Goodness! I am so happy to leave 2013 behind! :)

    I hope you are having a wonderful New Year!


  4. I love fresh slates, don't you? Have a good New Year!

  5. Yep!! I started all my "new" things a few weeks ago so I would be in the groove by the new year.

    Happy New Year!

  6. I'm looking for "new" this year, too, Stacey...and some change! Here's hoping! Happy, Happy! :)

  7. Love the card with the little Myosotis and Happy New Year!
    A brand new year, a brand new page...Exciting, as you said!
    God bless,

  8. So happy your sil liked the pillow!

    Happy New Year to you and yours!


  9. Happy New Year ... I am excited to get started on some new projects this year too ... but first, need to tie up a few loose ends from last year.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  10. A new year always offers a fresh start to me. I look forward to more blog posts from you and your inspiring way of blogging.

    Happy New Year to you and your family!


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