Looking Back at 2013

Saying good bye to another year is always sad to me but exciting at the same time.
This past year was wonderful and hard for our family.
We grew to love being back in Texas and this house feels like home now.
I won't dwell on the hard parts...that's the great part about a new year. 
You can put some things behind in a way.

I thought I'd show you some of my most visited posts 
and share my favorite project of the year.

Without a doubt, the most visited post was Nancy's kitchen which was featured back in June.
Her southern home just makes my heart skip a beat every time I look at the pictures.

We all love a pretty kitchen and hers is beautiful!

In my house, y'all visited our Girly Guest Room many times.
I love this room because the colors are soft and so pretty.
My husband and I made the padded headboard and we are quite proud.

Recently, this cake recipe post has been visited many times with the help of Kim who posted it on Pinterest.

Thanks girl!!

If you haven't tried this pound cake you really should. 
It's wonderful!

We worked hard to make our house homey in 2013. 
We've been in the house now 18 months and things are almost finished....sort of...for now. :)

The dining room was definitely my favorite project.
This was completed with the help of the sweetest fellow bloggers Andrea and Lisa.

Thank you for visiting Poofing the Pillows and leaving sweet comments.
It is wonderful to connect with other people who love decorating,
 gardening, and all that goes into making a home.

Looking forward to a New Year!!

Pretty Little Spots of Christmas

 We are ready here at our house to welcome the crowd.

Christmas in the entry way.

The tree is sparkly.

The gifts are stashed.

Twas the night before Christmas..

Reminders here and there of what's important..

Christmas mantel with chalkboard print

Lots of food prepared and already eaten.

Lots more ready to serve.

Christmas in the entry way

No, I haven't done everything I planned and that's ok.

Christmas vignette with china and sweet little lamb

It's just time to relax and enjoy the season with people we love.

And to count our blessings.

Pretty Little Spots of Christmas in the Kitchen

From our house to yours,

Busy in the Kitchen

Girls you won't believe how crazy I am!

I play in a neighborhood Bunko group and love it.

Well, the gal who was supposed to host this month had the nerve to move to another state. :)

So I opened my mouth and volunteered to have it here.
We all know that hosting an event is the best way to ensure that chores get done. Right?

I've been a busy bee.

Yesterday I started cooking...everybody brings something but the hostess has to be prepared too.

Look at that cute Christmas snack mix.  Recipe found at The Creativity Exchange.

Christmas sweet and salty snack mix was a hit at Bunko.

I thought a Red Velvet Bundt Cake would be pretty and it is!

This recipe found at A Beautiful Mess.

Red Velvet Bundt cake served at Christmas Bunko party.  Beautiful and delicious!

A bucket of the same wonderful Snickerdoodles I've been making for years.

A little red sugar added for festiveness.

Snickerdoodle cookies are so easy and so delicious. These come out perfectly every time.

I'm also going to make artichoke dip later today.

Santa Clause Christmas dishes on display in kitchen.

Now, what else do I need to do?

Maybe I should shower.

What are you up to today?

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A Poofing the Pillows Problem

I poof the pillows multiple times per day.

Because there's a little OCD action here.

Belle unpoofs them for me.

She's helpful like that.

In the 5 weeks we've had her, she's made herself at home and stolen our hearts.

She's so worth the trouble.

Cookies :)

Brrr! It's freezing cold here. 
 We've had lots of ice for the last 3 days.

We also have delicious raisin oatmeal cookies.
This wonderful recipe comes right off the box of Quaker Oats.

I'd share with you if you were here. :)

Hope you are having a nice warm day.

Loving the Twinkle Lights

The days are short lately.

Shadows come early.

I love little lamps and twinkle lights.

It just feels so much cozier.  Don't you think?

Now let me ask...am I the only one who can't get up from the
 computer with all the gorgeous home tours going on?

The Elves are Busy Here

Good Morning!

(chalkboard downloaded from caravanshoppe.com)

Beautiful Christmas music playing while I work on Christmas.

Almost finished.