World Kindness Day

Happy World Kindness Day Friends!

For the last year or two I've been collecting stories, quotes, and websites that promote 
kindness and encouragement.

This has been mostly for me to read when I need a little encouragement. 

Here are two things I'd like to share with you:

First, is a wonderful blog I discovered recently.

is a blog written by Diane who believes that every day should be extraordinary.
She writes the most uplifting posts which include good ideas and beautiful images.
Each time I read one of her posts I feel a little brighter. I bet you will too. :)

Next is a little story I read old friend from high school shared this on Facebook.

She said her mother had gone to the doctor that morning for a check up. 
She expected to pay $20.00 for the co-pay but was told the cost would be $120.00. Yikes!

A woman that she had been visiting with earlier in the elevator quickly passed a $100.00 check to her and insisted that she put it toward the bill. Then she left quickly!!

There are just so many nice people in the world, y'all!!


  1. that's a great idea, collecting stories of goodness. Too much fighting and sorrow is all we see on TV news, it's great to get some good stories to inspire us!
    I keep a binder of stories from newspapers and magazines that I look at from time to time to keep the spirits up.

  2. Great post, Stacey! Loved the story about the check! Kindness day should be everyday. : )


  3. I love that you do this, Stacey! And I love that the lady was given the money to help with the doctor's bill. Little acts like that do more good than just monetary help.

  4. I love the story about the check! I sometimes wish there was an alternative "news" station that only talked about good news. :) It's depressing to watch the "real" news. :) I'm glad you posted about this!

  5. Awesome love those stories!!


  6. After a truly awful year (or two), I started my blog as a way to find a little something uplifting in every day. Through blogging I have to say that not only have I rediscovered reasons to smile in my own home, but I have found them in blogging itself...I have met so many lovely ladies and found so many uplifting blogs ~ yours and Diane's are definitely among them! Thanks for sharing today, Stacey! :) Kim

  7. Stacey....I am truly blessed and humbled that you would include my blog in your post today. My eyes welled up as I read your words which seem like they should be about someone else's blog, not mine. It is only through Grace and choosing to live in HIS grace that anyone could find it encouraging. To God be the glory. [hugs] ~Diane

  8. I almost forgot! Your story of kindness is amazing. Thanks for sharing it! God is so good. ;)

  9. Great Inspiration! Good reminder to be quick to give a word of encouragement or act of kindness to others...we never know what others are dealing with.
    Mary Alice

  10. What a wonderful story. I think there are positive stories all around us, we just have to look for them. The other day while grocery shopping, an older man was coming down an isle where my two younger children and I were reading magazines. I asked the kids to move over so the man could get through. Thinking nothing more of it, it was the right thing to do. All of a sudden the man put two dollars in my hand, for the children he said, for being so nice. I thanked him, but I also thought that we should always be nice. That is my kids mantra, "am I being nice." It is needed especially when they are getting on each other's nerves.
    I also want to thank you for your wonderful comment. I also have a few extra crystals somewhere in the house. If I can't find the right size, I may take you up on your offer. Alaina

  11. I love this post, Stacey...I have to check out Diane's blog. Recently the cashier at my grocery store gave me my bouquet of flowers free for waiting so long in line! I felt great all day long!!

    Have a great weekend!


  12. Stacey!
    I am sooo glad you popped in! Somehow you disappeared from my blogroll! I love your home! You are always such an inspiration!
    Don't you LOVE the pay it forward concept? It is a big thing at Starbucks up here. Recently one of my workmates had his lunch paid for in the drive thru at McDonalds and another work friend (she is 69 years old), was in line at Walgreens buying provisions for her 95 year old mother, and a person ahead of her paid for everything!
    Thank you for popping in and leaving such a sweet comment!
    Happy weekend!

  13. My dishes from Kris are definitely one of those Random Acts of Kindness gifts. I passed it on once yesterday and I need to pass it on every day.

  14. Stacey, what a beautiful story your friend shared on FB! We seem to always hear about the bad people in the world. Sometimes, it starts to feel that there aren't any good people left. It is so wonderful to read that there are. Thank you for sharing this. laurie

  15. What great stories, Stacey! Kindness is always appreciated. :)

  16. Oops! I missed it (world kindness day) but I've been nursing my daughter (earlier in the week) and now hubby back to health, so at least I'm being kind to my family! :D

    Neat story, BTW.


  17. It is so nice to hear good stories like that. Just think what a wonderful world we would live in if EVERYONE was just kind to each other. There would never be a need to have hurt feelings or get angry at each other. There would be no crime or hatred. If only....

  18. Love this story! There's so much sadness in the's really uplifting to hear about the goodness in people and their kind deeds!

  19. Oh no...I missed World Kindness Day...I didn't even know about it.:(

    Such a sweet story you share...
    and you are right...there's so many good people in the world.

  20. Hi Stacey
    Stopping by for a long overdue visit. I just discovered An Extraordinary Day blog recently and I love it too!


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