Frog Flirting and Other Randomness

This morning I went out super early to work in my yard.

It was 98 degrees yesterday so early is necessary.

I took my coffee and my gloves and got busy pulling grass.

I'm waging war on the Bermuda grass that is growing the flower bed.

The frogs are singing all kinds of love songs in the pond back behind our house.

By the sound of it all, there might be 4 million frogs by the time summer is over.

We can also hear doves cooing all the time.

In the evenings there is a pair of owls hooting to each other.

I absolutely love the creatures out there.

Speaking of creatures, as soon as I came in from working I looked out the window

 and there was bunny in the flower bed where I had just been. 

The sun was shining through his ears! He or she was so cute.

The flower beds are filling in very nicely already.

The Drift Roses are my favorites.

There's a precious little girl down the street (have I already told you this?)

who comes down to help me regularly. 

Today we talked about a song called, "Stinky Feet", books, and getting manicures.

I love kids.

Hope y'all have big plans for the weekend.

Did you know today is Flag Day?


  1. I didn't know it was Flag Day today until I saw the posts on FB .
    Frogs... we only hear them at nights. But the coves are all over the place here as well. 2 types. Luv their mournful cooing.
    Your flower bed is luvly...
    Hugs, Gee

  2. The flowers are filling in nicely! Your yard looks beautiful!!

  3. Your garden is looking great! I grew up on a lake and fell asleep listening to bull frogs croaking away...

  4. Your flower bed looks beautiful! Looks like you live in a pretty neighborhood too. I had no idea that today was flag day.

  5. Wow! Your flower bed is really looking great! You definitely have a green thumb!


  6. Stacey, your garden looks fabulous! I love all the color in it. How neat to see a bunny too! Frogs totally scare me...I can't even go in the grass after dark during the summer because they might "get me." LOL! I was wondering why I kept seeing flags out, now I know. :)

  7. Stacey, your flower beds are looking beautiful! I just love the story about the little girl You are not only growing beautiful flower gardens but you're growing sweet memories that she will always remember!!!


  8. Beautiful garden! Yes, I've been flying my flag high and proudly...

  9. Your flowers are beautiful!!! I can't believe how quickly your flower bed is filling in too! Have a great weekend :o)

  10. Your flowers beds are gorgeous! I love all the touches of red.

  11. Wow..your flower bed looks amazing! Love your patio plants too! I have two little drift roses I got on clearance last fall and this is the first time I've tried far they are doing well. You know I'm terrified of frogs, so glad you aren't!

    Miss Bloomers

  12. Lovely post, love your garden.

    We are hearing about your heat wave way up here in the Great White North, I was talking with someone on the phone in Texas yesterday and he mentioned temperatures of 102...yikes, way too hot! Stay cool my friend

  13. Well, from the sound of the frogs it seems that you have a very healthy garden!!! I love all your photos, I do wish my garden would realize it is almost summer and start filling in! This season has been very strange - everything is so far behind from where it should already be!!! *sigh*
    Eeek, 98F !!! That is toasty!!! It is the second gorgeous day in a row here in New Hampshire, no humidity (very unusual) and a breeze and not a cloud in the sky... just gorgeous. I am certainly going to enjoy it while it lasts! :D
    Hugs and have a wonderful weekend,
    Beth P

  14. Your flower beds are filling in beautifully! Try to stay cool! This weather lately has been "ugly"! LOL!!~~Angela

  15. Your bed is filling in so nicely and looks really pretty. Your little neighbor girl sounds delightful.

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  17. Stacey,
    You are a Master Gardner! Your yard looks spectacular! It's hard to believe you've made all this happen in a year! ;) I guess that's what a green thumb will do for you!

  18. Stacey your yard is GORGEOUS!!! Wish I could come and borrow some frogs, we haven't had any of our toads in years. Don't let the bunzers nibble too much :)

  19. Everything is looking beautiful - it's really starting to fill in!

  20. Hi Stacey! Everything looks so pretty and I just love to hear the little frogs when they're singing. Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  21. Looks like you're having great success with ridding the garden of Bermuda grass! Early morning is such a peaceful time even when it's not so hot. I love the thought of your little bunny just waiting for you to clear out!

  22. It's amazing how noisy nature can be. I must admit I just love to hear the sound of a frog... so funny! Your garden is very pretty and healthy!

  23. Wow, your garden is so pretty, Stacey. Are you having to water a whole lot?

  24. Hi Stacey,

    Your garden is looking very pretty! Smart of you to be out there so early. You know what they say, 'The early bird gets the worm!' Your 'worms' are gorgeous!



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