About Those Bunnies and Other Critters

The other day I did a little post about working in the garden.

I shared that I had seen a precious bunny.

Yes, you guessed it the bunnies are eating in my flower bed.

They seem to love the morning glories that are just coming up.

Macho Fern on the Patio

I'm going to share with the bunnies as long as they aren't too piggish about it.

It makes me happy to see them out there.

Garden cart filled with coleus, asparagus fern, hibiscus,
 petunias,asian something something, and volunteer Johnson grass.

My containers and my flower beds are doing great!

It has been extremely hot but we've had rain here and there.


Pot on the patio table filled with full sun plants.
Periwinkles, moss rose, and potato vine.

I've been watching a raccoon lately who comes to eat at the pond.

There's a spillway that keeps the pond from getting too full.

He sits there and eats the goodies that flow over the spillway.

Smart, don't you think?

Hibiscus on the front porch.

Yesterday morning our birdbath was knocked over.

I think the raccoon was probably climbing on it.


The pot that the hibiscus is in. Contains potato vine, creeping jenny, pentas, and gomphrena.

And my last critter story, a week or so ago I shared a vignette on my patio that included this nest.

You can see the original here.

Guess what....

I came out one morning and the eggs were gone!

They were candy eggs that I have had for probably 10 years.

I think the raccoon found them.

I think we need a trail cam to see what goes on around here at night. :)


  1. I was wondering if those bunnies were going to start munching on your beautiful flowers! lol I had some last year that every last one of my cosmos to the ground - ugh! And, what a funny story about the eggs! Gotta love wildlife! :)

  2. It looks great at your place! The other day I woke up and my cobalt birdbath top was on the ground. It's heavy too. Thought maybe it was a squirrel.

  3. Thank you. How funny about the raccoon, he will have a belly ache for sure. Alaina

  4. Too funny about the raccoon eating those candy eggs. Sorry about your flowers. Deer have found my hydrangeas and eat the top leaves right off.

  5. Bunnies are cute but can be so destructive...so be careful with all the hard work you have done! Yes raccoons can be stinkers! We had one at a vacation house we were staying out and he was agressive...getting into the trash cans every night and making messes. You are turning into Ella Mae with all those critters!! Enjoy your garden and it would be fun to get a night cam to see what's going on at night!
    Miss Bloomers

  6. Oh your flowers are gorgeous! Yep, we have racoons too, they will eat anything. Thank you for your kind comments on my sons graduation....Yep, we have to let those kids go..They eventually find their way!


  7. Darn raccoons they can't keep to themselves. I can't believe the eggs are gone. We have an issue with squirrels and I feel like Bill Murry in Caddyshack.

  8. Stacey, you had me lol when reading this post. I can just see that raccoon turning over the birdbath. I can relate to your critter stories, we GET to deal with the same critters. I woke up to 3 deer in my back yard this morning
    I love my flowers and so do the deer....hahaha

    Yes you need a trail cam!!!!


  9. We've had raccoon's empty bird feeders, even the hummingbird feeders. I don't think our bunnies like the geraniums in the front flower beds. One year when we planted pansies in October the rabbits ate all the blooms. That was the last year we planted pansies.


  10. I love your container plantings. Very colorful and you can move them to different places for a different look. I garden in the piney woods of east Texas and have all sorts of creature visitors. Something just ate 6 of my big koi :-( I think it was a Great Blue Heron. Be careful with Mr/Ms Raccoon. They can be very destructive, carry fleas big time and rip a dog/cat to shreds.

  11. Your containers are all so lovely! Yes, you do need a cam for those critters! I bet that raccoon was quite surprised that those eggs we not real...lol.

  12. Your garden is looking great! Darn those raccoons!! We have squirrels that like to reek havoc in our yard but like you, I love to watch them so I will continue to share!! Have a great week and stay cool!~~Angela

  13. Your flowers are beautiful. I am having trouble with the rabbits dining on my garden too.

  14. Your flowers are so pretty. The planted wagon is amazing. We have bunnies and the occasional opossum and of course squirrels but they don't seem to like the plantings around here. I'm grateful for that LOL.

  15. So pretty but the nest... that is so darn cute. I have to pin it.

  16. I love the critters too but the squirrel that eats all the birdfeed! The poor birds suffer because of him. I love the nest too! Pinning it!

  17. Your yard looks lovely-not an easy feat when critters share the space!

  18. Your flowers look great! Your raccoon story cracked me up! We had one that would visit our backyard too, and he also knocked over one of our birdbaths. He would walk right up to our backdoor. Yikes! This was when we had a drought going on and we had all kinds of critters visiting and looking for water that summer. :) Hope the bunny leaves you a few flowers. :)

  19. I keep saying I am going to get a night cam so I can see what animals lurk around the house at night (or maybe I don't want to know) :) Your flowers look so pretty. It's nothing like rain water to brighten them up. :)

  20. Oh my! I wonder if he's on a sugar high now. And we are watching 2 little bunnies in our yard and I don't know what comes at night. All kinds of critters here in Florida! lol Hugs!

  21. Oh I am laughing about the eggs. That raccoon must have thought he was in heaven. It's easy to see why the critters want to hang out in your lovely garden. I also smiled at your something, something describing one plant. My 17 yr. old grandson watered for me while we were gone. He did pretty darn good, but some of my pots suffered. I didn't want to make him come every day. I cut them all back today and will fertilize them tonight. Hopefully they will recover.

  22. Love your planters and flowers!!! That is too cute about that bunny! Thanks for linking up to our Summer Spruce Up party!

  23. Your garden is lovely and I totally understand the issues with wild life coming in and eating things. Last year I lost about 10 roses that were ready to open.. when a deer or two came by and ate each one. We have to place chicken wire around our garden area to keep the bunnies from munching :) It WOULD be fun to see what happens when we aren't looking:)

  24. Enjoyed reading your post and browsing around. What beautiful flowers!

  25. Your flowers look so pretty....love the little wagon too! How funny that your little eggs were eaten...someone has a sweet tooth! LOL
    Have a great weekend!

  26. Stacey, we used to have a baby raccoon that would come up on our porch and look in our living room windows at night ... One night, we sprinkled flour on our deck to track his footprints and, boy, were we surprised the next morning. He had been a busy little fellow during the night ... there were little raccoon prints all over the deck and porch. They can be destructive, but you have to admit that the babies are especially cute!

    Hope you have a great weekend and enjoy that pretty yard!

  27. Oh that is too funny! You'd probably be surprised to see what goes on outside after you've gone to bed. One time I got up in the middle of the night to let my dog out and saw a critter in my back yard. I had to make sure my dog didn't see him before I let him out or he would've chased him. I never would've caught him then!

  28. :D LOVE your containers, too. I'm going to pin them after I leave this comment. You have lots of wildlife in your neighborhood. Bunnies will eat your garden up!


  29. No wonder the animals love to come into your beautiful yard. Plants and candy all at the same time!


  30. The raccoons we get are not so nice. They scare me, they scare the dog, they scare the cats and they scare my husband. One night a gang of 5 tormented the animals.

  31. Your pots are amazing! Yes, you continue your role in my thoughts, as a "master gardener". The raccoon has good tastes in choosing your garden to visit.

  32. I haven't had to deal with any critters, well except for my one dog. She ate my roses. I couldn't believe it, thorns and all.


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