Tweaking for Spring

Spent some time on Monday tweaking the mantel and the bookshelves in our family room.

I ordered this print from and popped it into a frame that I already had.

Can I tell you how much I love it?

I LOVE it and it's perfect for the season.

Like BJ and Shelia say, I could marry it!

Confession: Y'all move your accessories around all the time...

not me.

If something looks nice I tend to leave it the same way for probably too long.

Love these colorful orbs.

Orbs are what they called them at the store but they are just colorful balls. :)

They remind me of bocce balls.

I'm off tonight to have dinner with my high school girlfriends.


  1. Love your new piece of art and the orbs too. It all looks so pretty and springy.
    I read your earlier post and was going to come back now to comment, but I think it went poof. Just wanted to say I completely agree. When you described your early blogging days, that is what I remember loving about it too. I miss those days.

  2. Pretty print! I also like the chalkboard print above your TV.


  3. Lovely. I always go for a splash of red too.

  4. Stacey, what a delightful print, and how great that you already had a frame for it. The "orbs" add such pretty color to your vignette. Have fun at dinner! I bet there will be a log of giggling going on! laurie

  5. This is such a great arrangement, Stacey...very colorful I love your new print, I could browse all day!

    We are so very much alike...once I get something right, especially something like my mantel, I like to leave it.

    Have fun with your old friends. Were you originally from Texas?


  6. So pretty ... and so YOU, Stacey. Everything you've done to your new house (and yard) is absolutely perfect.

    How nice that you've kept in touch with your girlfriends from high school. I know you all had a good time catching up.

  7. Such a cute picture! Usually for me, it just takes something new to make me change something up. See? It worked for you too! LOL!

  8. Great minds think alike! lol! It's very pretty!

  9. Oh, I'm the same way with my shelves and my mantle. It takes me DAYS to style the shelves, and then I leave them alone forever! Really pretty, I like the white!

  10. Nicely done! I'm somewhat like you. I tend to shift things, add and take away rather then totally redo...basically tweak. LOL! I love those bright colorful orbs as well. They are a nice splash of color.

  11. It all looks so pretty! Love your new print and the chalkboard sign!!~~Angela

  12. I want that print...I just love it! You have made everything look so nice, surprises there, of course!

  13. I LOVE that print Stacey! It looks gorgeous on your mantle. Look how beautifully your new home is coming together. I tend to move my accessories around until I get them just right - which could take years....LOL!

  14. Love your new print and the orbs! And that darling photo of you with your adorable son :)

  15. I love it! I tend to tweak things a bit, but once I get it like I like it, it stays that way for a long while. :) I like the colorful orbs too. Hope you had a good time catching up with your friends!

  16. Love those orbs and your print. Where did you get the orbs from?

    I also leave things the same for a loooooooong time. Then I sell my house and move lol.

  17. Love the change you made to the mantel...I have that same chalkboard print from Dear Lillie and love really looks great on your mantel...You are reminding me that I need to make some changes to my mantel soon...thanks for the inspiration!

  18. I didn't know I collected orbs. I have vintage croquet balls in a basket. Now I will say they are orbs.

    I changed my mantel the other day and I don't love it. I need to redo it and you have inspired me to stop reading blogs and actually get it done.

    Love your mantel with the family photos. I might just use some photos on mine.

  19. I'm with you, it takes me so long to get things arranged so they look right that I tend to leave it alone. Your shelves look great and I'm loving your new springy print too!


  20. LOVE that print! It is so fresh! Life to the full! Melissa

  21. Red is my favorite color, so I love how you've accessorized! That print is *to die for*.....LOVE it! I'm like you....I do tend to leave things the way they are. I don't have tons of accessories to move around, anyway (although I do have a few seasonal things)....

    Ricki Jill

  22. The art piece is stunning, I love it. Thanks for sharing at the Cabin's BUDGET DECORATING PARTY.

  23. Love your art piece, everything looks GREAT! I'm like you, I don't switch things around too often.
    Thank so much for sharing at Amaze Me Monday!


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