Friendly Friday

There are so many excellent blogs out there now. 

The creativity is boundless!

But there's one you must see and add to your list.

I've known Cynthia at An Accomplished Woman for several years now.

Do you visit her?

Cynthia is all that and a slice of chocolate pie!

Cynthia is a working mom and she can put June Cleaver to shame.

She plans her menus and makes wonderful food.

She decorates her big house beautifully and on a budget - doing almost all the work herself.

Don't you love the colors in her kitchen?

She gardens both flowers and edibles.

Does the thought of entertaining make you break out in a sweat?

She can teach us all a thing or two. :)

She and her daughter planned and executed the most beautiful wedding ever.

I found this statement on her blog,

 "My name is Cynthia and I am an Accomplished Woman.
My passion is my Lord, my family and my friends. I use my talents to decorate, cook, bake and crafting. I love my family and love to create a home that shows them how much I care for them. They are the most important thing in the world to me."

Cynthia's family is growing. It now includes one beautiful grandson
and some of the cutest dogs you've ever seen!

And oh - the dogs are known to wear costumes for the holidays.

I could go on and on.

I hope you'll go visit soon and let her know that you've been there.

Her blog is a feast for your eyes and your heart.


  1. Hi Stacey! Thanks for introducing us to Cynthia. What an amazing woman! I'm headed over to her place now. Have a great weekend!


  2. I love finding new blogs. Thanks for introducing us to Cynthia, I will pop over. I love that garden!


  3. Stacey, you have truly lifted my heart today!!! Your kind words are so treasured!!! Thank you so much, dear friend. I am humbled to call you my friend!


  4. Hi Stacey! Thank you for the link to Cynthia's blog. I am heading over there now.

  5. Thanks Stacey. I am heading over there with my coffee. Congratulations of 25 years! Have a wonderful weekend. Patty

  6. Thank you for introducing Cynthia to us! I LOVE all the pictures, especially her garden! I had raised beds in my old house and am going to do them again here this spring! She sounds wonderful, can't wait to "meet" her :)

  7. Thanks for sharing her blog! It does look like a good one. I'm blown away by her pretty garden beds. We have only one and it's hard enough to take care of. I'll go check out her blog.

  8. I have to admit the garden beds caught my attention, too.
    Your vacation to California looked like a fun time. That sunset was amazing.

  9. Love this intro and I'm going to stop by.

  10. You got me at dogs in costumes! Those are two fluffy cuties! Those garden beds look so neat and pretty!I'll pop on over.

  11. Thank you for sharing Cynthia's blog with us! I think I've visited her before but will add her to my bloggie list! We are getting a little rain today and TLC is having Spring seminars! Have a great weekend!

    Miss Bloomers

  12. What a sweet feature for this beautiful blog! I'm off to visit! Enjoy your Sunday, my friend!

  13. I need to go and visit Cynthia. Thanks for introducing her to us! Her kitchen is so pretty. My best friend's kitchen has the same colors in it and I *heart* it!

    I hope you're having a blessed Sunday!


  14. Stacey,
    You are so good at getting around and meeting new bloggers! Thanks for doing that and for making Blogland seem a little smaller.:)

  15. Thanks for introducing us to Cynthia! I would love to have a garden like hers.

  16. Thanks for sharing this! I love her kitchen colors and that garden!!! Love it! Im going to check her out!

  17. I love Cynthia too! She and I only live a few miles apart! I have never got to meet her, but she is a regular guest on a local morning news/talk show here in Knoxville...I always enjoy her segments on the show...she really is accomplished! Nancy

  18. I went and as soon as I saw the potting shed I was a goner.

    Bookmarked it to come back to ! :)


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