Good Morning! 

This past Saturday, while fluffing and scrubbing, I played with my cloches.

Moved two of them to the entry table with some pretty little fake plants inside.

Jane noticed the other day that it looks like I've been bitten by the Spring bug.

Yes! It's true. Some days it really does feel like Spring here in Dallas.

Speaking of Spring, I'm beginning to gather some ideas for flower gardens here.

That's such a wonderful feeling!!

But there's a lot to learn about planting in warmer temps and with less rainfall.

Here's a completely off topic story...our anniversary is on Valentine's Day.
My husband always sends me roses.
This year I told him that it's really sweet but since we are in a new house
  I'd rather have bushes than a bouquet.
Is that unromantic?

Well maybe. Which would you rather have?

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  1. Your cloches are so the cabbage. I want a few of these for a container I have. I don't blame you a bit...I would be asking for something for the landscaping as well! The great thing about that is it won't be dead in a week and everyone can enjoy the shrub or plant for years to come.
    Have a great week!

  2. Oh I love your cloches, they look so pretty on your table. I am with you, I love the bushes, then I can have roses every day.

    Be sure to link up this afternoon to the "Cloche" party. This vignette is perfect. Hugs, Marty @ A Stroll Thru Life

  3. Yes I am ready for spring decor too. I love the ornamental cabbage.

  4. No, you are being You. I once got a lawn mower as a gift. We do not have a lot of rain in Georgia any more either but we have it today.

  5. No, I think bushes can be very romantic. And you can love them for years!!

  6. Love what you did with the cloches!
    I too have a little of the spring clean thing going on....I love it.

    I thing a bush is very romantic, you can watch it grow as does your marriage!
    Every time you look at it you can be reminded that it represents the love you share and that it takes work :-) to care for it properly.


  7. Go for the bushes! I love your beautiful cloches.

  8. You will be happier on the long run with bushes! Nothing unromantic about that! For gardening in your area, maybe you can search Amazon for books for your area. There are probably a number of them.

    Your cloches look so pretty! I never know what to put under mine!

    Happy Anniversary...celebrate!!


  9. Lovely cloches! I don't think it's unromantic to receive a rose bush! You'll just get to enjoy it more and always think of your husband when you see it!

  10. I forgot we had that in common -- our anniversary is Valentine's Day too!!! And guess what -- I said the EXACT same thing to Maurie! We're going to Lowe's to spruce up the garden before our guests visit in two weeks. I'll take plants over roses any day. Then we can be reminded over and over again how much our hubbies love us :)

  11. Cute blog Stacey, I would probably want bushes for landscaping if I had a new house too.

  12. We've always been practical with presents to each other over the years. The fact that we can do that is romantic to me -- we know each other so well! Sally

  13. Cute cloche's. Spring is a ways off here so I can't get too excited yet- lucky you though!
    I've been the practical type many many times! The bushes or bush will live a lot longer in your heart!

  14. Hi Stacey! Oh, I love your sweet cloches. I agree, it feels like Spring some days around here too.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  15. I have a heirloom rose that was my grandmother's. How wonderful to have one that your husband gave you that one day your son or daughter will want a cutting from because it was yours. How special that they would tell their friends their Daddy gave it to you for Valentine's Day.

    I have enjoyed playing with my cloches the last four years too. Lots of fun. Yours are pretty. Enjoy.

  16. NO that is totally romantic!

    Our anniversary is in the fall and we don't give each other a gift we always plant a tree in our back yard. I love flowers but this gift lasts forever!

    Thank you for visiting me today so I could find you!!


  17. I love that small cloche very much. The glass is so pretty.
    Oh, and the idea of bushes rather than a bouquet is very romantic, since hopefully you'll keep the bush for a very long time.

  18. Thanks so much for joining the party, this is perfect. Hugs, Marty

  19. Another great job of decorating, Stacey! I'm with you...I'd much prefer bushes so you can enjoy the roses for years to come!

  20. You go girl! I'd rather have bushes than roses, too! They last so much longer!

    Happy early Valentine's Day to you.

  21. Hi Stacey. I don't think it's unromantic at all. You can enjoy the bushes for much longer than the bouquet. I'm your newest email subscriber. I wanted to thank you for stopping by yesterday and leaving me a sweet comment about my "poofy" hearts under the cloche in my Valentine's Buffet post. I appreciate your kind words and hope you'll visit again soon...maybe even follow me back. Have a great week!

  22. Love your cloches and I say ... come Spring! I'm so ready!!!
    I would much rather have something that I can keep in my garden forever, rather than roses that if will last no time at all...good call!

  23. I like the way you dressed up your cloches. So creative!

    Happy Anniversary to the two of you! And, no I don't think there is anything wrong with asking for bushes. It makes sense to me.

  24. Very pretty, Stacey! Love the red transferware dishes you used for the bases. I'd take the bushes, too!

  25. I don't think it's unromantic, but I think it would be so much fun to have a Valentine's Day wedding! What kind of shrubs are you going to get?

    I love your little cloche with the air bubbles in it.



  26. Your cloches are so pretty Stacey! And yes, I've been in the mood for spring too. Once a week or so we'll have a nice enough day that I can open the windows, and it just makes me itch to get started with spring planting and cleaning. Your fake plants look so nice, even real. What a good selection for your cloches. I love your idea of a bush instead of a bouquet. You could even put a little plaque by the bush commemorating it as an anniversary gift. Someday you'll look at it and say "I remember when we planted that little tiny thing, and look how it's grown!" Happy Anniversary!


  27. Your cloches look so pretty....the whole vignette is wonderful! Happy Anniversary to you and your sweetie!
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  28. I love your cloches on your entry table. I used to do a Spring Nesting vignette on my coffee table trying to hurry spring a little.
    I know what you mean, I am thinking of the garden these days too. I think a rose bush would be a great Valentine/anniversary present. You would have it for always to remember your first anniversary in your new home.
    Happy Anniversary.

  29. We are beginning toplan our gardens, though we have a good 3 months to wait before we can plant! Your cloches are so beautifuyl, like spring under glass:>)
    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Happy Valentines Day! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  30. Everlasting bushes to enjoy would sure be my choice. :)

    Happy Anniversary to you & your hubby, Stacey!

    I love fresh flowers but I will take a pretty rose bush any day of the week. :))
    xo bj

  32. Definitely shrubs!!! You'll enjoy them for years to come. Happy Belated Anniversary!

  33. No I always ask for something to plant. I've asked for trees for Mother's Day even.

    Your cloches look great! Some days it feels like spring in Georgia too,like yesterday it was in the 60's but tomorrow we're having a hard freeze in the 20's!!!

  34. Too cute! Happy Anniversary, btw! I would agree with you on the bushes. If I was getting my yard established, I would love to have something pretty for it that will last and not die right away. Shows how practical we get as we get older huh?

  35. Your cloches are perfect! I would take bushes over a bouquet any day of the week. :o)

  36. Ha! I would have to say bushes too. You are hilarious lady! I love that table - and those cloches are amazing. Great job!!

  37. I would also take the bushes over the bouquets too!
    They last longer!!
    Love the cloches!

  38. I hope you had a special anniversary. One of my sons got married on Valentine's day, too and they are very happy. I like the idea of the rose bushes! Sweet hugs!

  39. Love your little white table in these photos. As for the roses, bouquets and bushes are both lovely to receive! Thanks so much for your kind comment at my place. :)

  40. Stacey, your cloches look so pretty, and I love that table you have them on. When we were dating (many long yrs ago), I told my husband to not buy me roses that would die in a week; I'd rather have something I could keep. I guess some of us are just too practical.) laurie

  41. I said the exact same thing! No roses....bring me a pot of tulips. He gave me red ones. I loved it!

  42. Love your cloches, it's amazing how versatile cloches are, and they make everything that goes in them so cute.

  43. Hi Stacey,
    Happy 25th Anniversary!
    My Husband and I have been enjoying our 25th since October 2012... It has been great fun! Your cloches are so beautiful, a nice fresh breath of spring!
    All the Best,

  44. Happy Anniversary!! I would much rather have rose bushes as well, because then you can plant them and they come back every year for your to enjoy their beauty!

  45. The wait on your curtains and finished dinning room is killing me... :-)


  46. I adore these! So many lovely ways to display. I am with you on the gifts- practical trumps fluff every time for me!

  47. Happy Anniversary!! Today is ours..38 happy years. I love your spring cloches and all your spring touches. Very inspiring. I see you like animal prints, so if you can, come over. Have a great week.


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