Monday Morning Poofing

Good Morning Friends.

Today began early at our house. 
My husband had to be at the airport really early to go to Roanoke, Virginia. 
Now when you have to get to DFW Airport and you live an hour away...that means we get up at 5 am. 

That's OK because it has given me time to play in the kitchen this morning.

Doesn't the world just feel better when the kitchen is clean and shiny? It does to me. 
In fact, when I'm stressed the first thing I do is start cleaning! That might be weird.

Anyway, today I just wanted to walk around the kitchen and take a few pics. I really love this kitchen so much. Have I ever told you that someone else built this house and then they couldn't buy it because they couldn't sell theirs? Wouldn't that be sad?

You saw this wire basket at Christmas. Picked this up at Laurie Anna's Vintage Home.
Yes, I see those Christmas cookbooks in there. 
I'm still finding bits and pieces of Christmas around the house. 

The all important coffee spot.

This is another little corner with one of my Janet Hill prints stashed. 
Her artwork is so pretty....I've gotten a couple more around the house.

I love colored spatulas.  You know, the kind that doesn't melt?
They add fun little splashes of color.

A view from another direction.
Windows are on all sides and it is challenging to take good pictures.

Are you getting little peeks of the curtains that Sonya made?

There's a story there....I'll tell it last.

Some of my favorite cup towels. 
The rolling pin towel is a Martha Stewart goody that jumped in my arms recently when 
I was shopping for someone else.  Does that happen to you?
The Home Sweet Texas towel was a gift from one of my favorite people in the world.

Here's a different perspective. 
So glad you can't see the crumbs on the floor.

made these for both sides of the kitchen.
They are stunning as always.
I sent her a picture on my phone when I had them all hung...

She sweetly told me that I had them upside down. The stripe goes on the bottom.
And she reminded me about the picture I referred to when I was asking her to make these..
and the stripe goes at the bottom.

Well, Sonya...don't hate me.

I tried them both ways and I love them like this.

You are the best curtain maker ever!!

Thanks for coming by today.

Happy Monday!


  1. Stacey, that's such a cute story! I just had to chuckle at you hanging the curtains upside down. :) And I do think they would look lovely either way. I really love your kitchen. The white cabinets make me wish I could paint mine...they're a pretty dark stain. :( I may start with the island and "surprise" my husband so he can see what it would look like first, and then maybe he could be persuaded to let me paint the rest. I know what you mean about the house...we had some friends build a house down the street. They poured their heart into every detail, but when it came down to it, they just couldn't afford it anymore, and had to sell it to someone else. I was so sad for them. Oh well, I think that's how things are meant to be sometimes. Thanks for sharing your lovely kitchen with us. Have a wonderful week!


  2. You have a wonderful kitchen. I love a clean home. In fact, I did some deep dusting today, which is a full time job here in AZ.

  3. Your kitchen is dreamy. I love the cabinets and the brick backsplash. Sad for the people who built it, but good for you! And the valances look cute the way they're hanging. Happy mistakes are the best ones!

  4. Yes, I love when my kitchen is clean ~ it just makes everything better! You have such a pretty kitchen. Love your Janet Hill picture, your cup towels and the very cute valance!!

  5. I love your kitchen, Stacey, and I also love your curtain story!


  6. Too funny...the curtains are upside down! LOL! Well, they must look great either way! Love your kitchen touches. I clean when I'm stressed, as well. I don't know why; but, I've always done that!

  7. The curtains look like they would be cute either way! I think we have similar granite. I just love mine -- it seems to work with whatever colors I want to use in my kitchen. As you saw when you visited my blog earlier, I'm crazy for color, so I like your colored spatulas!


  8. Your new curtains are precious! How fun that they work either way. It's like a 2 for 1 special! LOL! The whole kitchen looks beautiful and very warm/ Loving your sweet tea towels. That is a serious weakness of mine. I can never have too many.:)

  9. Your kitchen is beautiful, especially with all your personal touches.
    Mary Alice

  10. You have a beauttiful kitchen! I love the cheerful pops of color spread through the room!

  11. Love seeing your home! Looks so beautiful, even the upside down curtains!!!! ;) Nancy

  12. It is so much fun to see your new home. In fact, when I read about your big move, I thought for the millionth time how much I want to be nearer my girls and my grandsons- which would involve moving.

    Have a great Tuesday!
    White Spray Paint

  13. I love your kitchen! I would love to have painted cabinets like yours! And, I love that rolling pin towel. Where did you get it?!

  14. I love your kitchen too! My husband is out of town this week too and it's funny but when he goes out of town I like to clean and organize around the house too. First thing I did was to really clean the kitchen and put away the clutter that accumulates! Was that a Janet Hill print I saw on your counter next to the coffee pot?! I love her art!

  15. Oh, you people and your counter space :))))) Not that I'm jealous of your kitchen or anything! Love the precious valances, the upside down story just cracked me up! I also think they look good like this too.
    xo, Andrea

  16. Like I told you before, you just have a decorator's touch. Your kitchen has so many special vignettes and colors. I like the all important coffee center. In my mind, that makes any kitchen beautiful! The curtains look so good too. You left me with a smile. Thanks!

  17. Hey, Stacey! I'm so glad the valances ended up being so flexible! I think they look great as they are and just wanted to let you know just in case! :) I'm so glad you're pleased...upside down or not!

  18. I LOVE your new valances, they are gorgeous! So happy to see more of your beautiful home! I just found Janet Hill on ETSY and might have to buy some prints..... oh how I love them! :)

  19. That's so funny about the curtains! :) Sonya did a fabulous job as usual.

  20. Love your window treatments...right side up or up side down...sooo pretty!
    Sonya is so talented, love the burlap and red!


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