Looking Back at 2012 and Looking Foward

My husband and I have spent a lot of time talking about this past year lately.

I won't lie...it has been hard and I'm glad it's over. 
Don't think I've ever said that about a year before.

There's nothing like a new year 
to make you feel renewed, positive, and fresh.

I like new beginnings. :)

Not to moan continuously but moving from our town of Edmond, OK after 23 years was so much harder than I ever could have dreamed. If you've never done it you just can't imagine.

 SAD...moving made me sad and that's really the only word for it.

There are people we love with our whole heart and soul there!

Our #1 son is there and friends who are God given blessings.


The tears don't come as often as they did over the summer...thank goodness because it has been emotional, I'm telling ya. This normally upbeat girl has been a mess!


I'm looking forward to time with some old friends who live here in the Dallas area.

Looking forward to making new friends.

Looking forward to a new Bunco group starting in January.

I have plans to volunteer with an adult literacy program because I really miss teaching!

And there is a lot of fun to be had in Dallas.

(My honey at the Dallas Arboretum)

This new house is getting prettier and homier by the day. 

(Before we moved in.)

We are pretty proud of some DIY projects we've done lately and have 
discovered that we are capable to more than we thought.

I promise to share more pictures this year.

Long story short, we have so much to be thankful for 
and to look forward to.

I am making New Year's Resolutions

What are you looking forward to in 2013?

What If....

Tonight I'm whipping up a pot of cauliflower soup.
The recipe is found here.
I've never made this recipe before but it pretty much has to be good.
Trying something new got me to thinking....
What if I actually made every recipe that I've Pinned so far.
That would be 257 recipes!!


Doesn't it all look wonderful?
Do you cook the recipes you come across or do you stash them and forget them?
In 2013, I'm going to try new recipes.
I'm pretty sure we've had tacos, spaghetti, and a few other things at least 8,263 times!
Now tell me...what recipe have you Pinned or saved that you loved?

The Winner Is....

Through a very scientific method in which I wrote a list of every person
who left a comment on the Susan Branch posts....
numbered everyone 1-49....and used a random number generator....
Olive, I'll write you an email and get the info needed to mail your gift.
Thank you to everyone who left a comment or sent an email.

Give Away Time!

I'm late but I haven't forgotten.
Life is busy!!
Last week I posted about how much I enjoy the art, books, and blog of Susan Branch.

You can see that post here.
I've put together a few things that make me think of her.
The person who wins will receive a copy of Christmas Joy which is an adorable book filled with sweet thoughts, traditions, and recipes.
A Susan Branch pocket calendar for 2012-2013.
Delicious hot chocolate for cold winter nights.
An adorable dish towel to adorn your kitchen.
And some twine for crafty moments.
Just leave a comment here or in the previous post where I talked about Susan.
If you've commented in the last two posts at all, I will include you.
How about we draw on Sunday?

Christmas in the Kitchen and a Give Away

Hi Friends!
I've been doing lots of cleaning this week and thought
 I would show you a few shots from the kitchen.

Christmas in our kitchen is really more about cooking and being together than decor.
We all love food and cooking in our house.

My kids say that they didn't know we had such good food until they went out into the world. :)

This little house below was made by my son when he was about 5.
Do you still have all of those things?

Yes, I do. They make me smile and remind me of my freckledy little boys.

Love my new Santa. He jumped in my cart the other day at Kohls.

You know I have a love of cup towels.

I've talked about that before.

These are for looks...don't even think about using them. :)

The stove is just waiting for something good.

Do you like my silver tray hanging there?

This tray was passed to me by my aunt many years ago.

I completely copied the idea of hanging it from Jennifer Rizzo.

Now before I sign off there are two more things:

1. I can not get enough of this song, "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day" by Casting Crowns. You can click on the song title if you want to hear it. And if you are like me you can play it over and over again.

2. I haven't forgotten the give away I mentioned last week. How about I give you a peek tomorrow but if you want to be included start telling me now!  Remember the give away is inspired by my love and admiration of Susan Branch.

McKinney Holiday Tour of Homes

Saturday my friend Rochelle and I ventured over to McKinney for their
Holiday Home Tour.
We only had time for 3 houses because it was her birthday
 and a really yummy lunch was important too. :)
The very first house we went to was so beautiful that I was in awe!

We just stood around studying the way things were displayed.
Yes, these are IPhone pictures.
You can tell I was in love with all the beautiful vignettes.

So pretty!

The table above was on the back porch! 

Rochelle and I have done another tour in McKinney before. 
You can see the pictures from that one here.

By the way, Valarie at Glimpse of My World also went to the tour.

You can see her pictures here.