I'm Learning

I've been participating in the
over the last few weeks and loving it!
One of the first things I heard and really thought about was advice from
She said to really look at the pictures you save from magazines and Pinterest.
Really think about what is is that made you tear that page out and save it.
So I've been going through pages and Pins and making lists.
Funny thing is that some of the pictures I've saved have been in my folder for 10 years.
Still love them!
Here are some pictures or Pins I just love and the reason why.

This picture above has the color red, transferware, topiaries and symmetry.
Yes! I'll take it.
Holly Mathis' pages have been in my folder since her home first appeared in Better Homes & Gardens.  This is her home recently restyled.
I spy red toile, ferns, topiaries, mirrors, pillows, and books.
All of these things are common to many of the pictures I love and have saved.
Thinking about bedrooms, I have pages and pages and Pin after Pin of bedrooms with white coverlets. We now have them in every room in our house. This is great idea that can be easily changed up for the seasons!
Love the white, the buffalo checks, and the plates. Perfect!
How about a white coverlet with a little toile.  Yes please. :)
I've torn many, many garden pages over the years.
I think I spy asparagus fern, other ferns, heuchera, etc. I can do those.
The point of the exercise is to notice what it is that makes you happy.
The good news for me is that most of the things I love in pictures have been incorporated to our home already.
Now in the next few days I'm inviting you to come walk around the house with me.
We've been here 5 months now and we are making progress.


  1. We must be very much alike as I love these images for the same reasons you do. I like Jennifer's advice and will start doing the same. I'm glad you like the course and I can't wait to see some pics of your new home! :)


  2. Hi Stacey, I have recently become interested in Pinterest as well. It is a fun and I have to say, addictive hobby. Love your pin photos.


  3. I love all of those same things and have incorporated them into my home. I am looking forward to seeing your home.

  4. We definitely have the same taste! I love all the photos. I also love white covers on the beds and have one in master and one in guest rooms. I just ordered a white chenille and it is to die for. I'm posting it on my Christmas bedroom.

  5. Stacey,
    All the photos are gorgeous and yes I see that you had a lot of those items in your Edmond home. The red toile is so classic! You have exquisite taste and I too have a white coverlet in my bedroom now. I love that it goes with anything! So nice that you are getting your new home all decked out the way you like it! Happy Thanksgiving!
    Miss Bloomers

  6. Hi Stacey, what a great idea! I sort of do this when I pin something...I try to leave a note about what it was that I liked, so I don't come back later and wonder why I pinned it! I'm your newest follower and will be spending some time this morning poking around your blog. Have a great week!

  7. yES, this is a great idea to look at photos of LOOKS I LIKE. I do this, too.
    I love that you are having fun, fixing up your new home.

  8. Are you enjoying the course. Isn't it sad that there's only a week left!

    Love the Holly Mathis living room. I love neutral furniture and the red toile curtains.

  9. Loving YOUR inspiration photos. The wall of red & white transferware...Love it!!


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