A Visit With Susan Branch

Today as you are putting away the Thanksgiving turkey and preparing for Christmas,
I want to share a very special person and place with you.
Before you read this you must cue some Musica (right click for music) for your listening pleasure.
It's a tradition when you visit my favorite spot.

This special little spot makes me feel happy and homey.

Makes me want to bake a cake or some cookies.

Makes me want to snuggle my kitty.

(This is Jack:)

Makes me want to pack up my bags and move to Martha's Vineyard!

I'm talking about the home of Susan Branch.

Most of you will already know that Susan is an artist, writer, and friend to all.
She captures everything that is good about life, love, and home in her work.

Susan reminds us that taking care of our homes is an Ordinary Art
and a Blessing every day.

Susan reminds us to notice the Charm in normal things
and love on our girlfriends and family whenever we can.


 I just can't say enough about the talent and love that goes into her work.

You can tell that her art comes from loving her home and life.

How lucky we are that someone so gifted shares with us all.

Susan, thank you for letting me share with everyone today.
You are a blessing to us all.

Go sign up for Susan's Willard Newsletter.
You'll read all about it and understand. :)

Come back in a few days for a give-away inspired by my adoration for Susan's work.
Have a wonderful day. :)

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  1. Beautiful post...I love her artwork, recipes and blog! Well I just love her! Thanks for sharing!
    Miss Bloomers

  2. Well, I've never heard of Susan Branch until now, but I'm going to check her out. I see you have a pond. I work for a water gardening company. They're so pretty!

  3. Susan's blog is a favorite of mine too. As I sit here and read your post...her calendar hangs in front of me. I have 2013 hanging already...I couldn't wait to open it. 2012's is in the breakfast nook. Did you enjoy her trip to England?

  4. I'm a huge fan of Susan's. I subscribe to Willard, too. I love her sunny look on life - her love of vintage and handmade and her incredible talent.

    Thanks so much for joining in this week - it's great to have you here!


  5. Yes indeed, she is one talented lady. Always a joy to visit her corner of the world. Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Tammy

  6. I adore Susan Branch! I sure wish she'd have a new book out, I miss her books. I love to pull out my copies and just pour over them, they never lose their charm.

    Thanks so much for this darling post and reminding me it's time to look at her Christmas books again.

    Happy holiday weekend!

  7. I have three of her old cook books and love them. Visiting from MHC, Olive

  8. I love Susan Branch, too, and follow her blog! I found one of her plates in the Goodwill the other day and grabbed it before anyone else could - absolutely charming, everything she does! Thanks for this lovely post about her. Hugs ~ Mary

  9. Just love your blog. I really appreciate your visit and comment! Love the range in your post. Isn't it wonderful? I'm a new follower!

  10. Stacey, thanks so much for stopping by...hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful and you enjoyed some Buttermilk Pie :) I really like your blog.

  11. This was my first week linking with Claudia's A Favorite Thing, and I'm visiting and enjoying everyone's blogs. Yours is lovely, and the title is so great!

  12. Hi Stacey,

    No, I've never heard of Susan! Mind you, I'm rather new to this blogosphere, but can't wait to visit after this lovely post! Simply charming!


  13. Hi Stacey, thank you for visiting. Love the red work in your pictures. :) The wreaths on my post today are real. It's hard to tell in the photo but with the three wreaths stacked, it makes the most gorgeous thick wreath. Have a super wonderful week. ~ Lynn

  14. I agree with you. I have admired her artwork for years. Good post!

  15. Stacey,
    I love Susan Branch. I used to be able to find her stickers for each month which I adorned my day timer with. I can't seem to find them anymore but her art always makes me smile. Thanks for sharing this.
    Karen at Garden, Home and Party

  16. I really enjoyed your post about Susan Branch. I still have her first cookbook packed away somewhere. I've been reading Willard and her blog for some time.
    Thanks for the reminder of what a talented lady she is. I also loved her fabric lines and made a couple of quilts from them.

  17. I have visited her blog before as I remember that ironing board shot but I think it may have been because of a post of Balisha's....not sure but I am going to visit again after this lovely reminder! :) What a beautiful post!

  18. O, she is, without a doubt, such a loving and warm artist. I ADORE her work, too.
    I have 3 of her 2013 calendars on their way to me, as we speak. :))

  19. Stacey, this is such a lovely post. I think I've been to Susan's blog before, but must have forgotten about it. Going back now, thanks to your reminder. She is so creative. laurie

  20. Oh, yes, Blogdom is brighter with Susan in it!

  21. Hi Stacey! Oh, I love SB and her artwork - been loving it forever. I love her blog too and receive the Willard! You've done a great job in showcasing her.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  22. What a beautifully done tribute to a special, gifted lady. I am a Susan Branch fan too and I loved seeing this post. I do hope she gets to see this, because it certainly would bless her day.

  23. Stacey,

    Thank you for sending me the link. She's just as dear in person.



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