Welcome Blog Friends. :)
Today I'm joining Marty's party.
We've been invited to show how we use a cloche in our homes.
This is our entry way.

I'm really happy with this area right inside the door for a few reasons.
I love the mirrors there because they reflect the dining room
and they bounce light around.
I am also doing a happy dance because that table was stashed upstairs until just a few days ago.
We decided to try it there and we like it.
That naked cord needs a sleeve, doesn't it?
I'll take care of that. :)

My cloche has some hymnals in it that I found in an antique shop just before we moved from Edmond.

Aren't they pretty?

Funny thing about this area....
I've struggled with this house  (as in been an emotional basketcase)
because it is so different from what we are used to.

Having these things here that I have loved and had for a long time makes me feel good.
An entry should make us feel at home and welcomed, I think.

Thank you Marty for organizing this party today.

Come back later this week to see the gorgeous drapes that
made for us.


  1. Those mirrors are perfect in your entry! Oh, I know all about those pesky naked cords.:)

  2. This looks great, Stacey. An entry makes a big statement to people on what to expect. I love the mirrors and your cloche! Very pretty. And the table is perfect here! I'd love to see more of your new home!


  3. Stacey, I love your cloche! I don't think I've seen one with hymnals before. Love that idea!

  4. Oh I think this is a very welcoming entryway! I love the red hymnals with the red transferware. Such a lovely vignette! :)


  5. Such a pretty vignette, Stacey. I'm loving those mirrors, too!

  6. I love that table. I like your mirrors too. You have done a good job making an inviting entry. Your hymnals under the cloche is very original. Great idea. Give it time. We have moved a lot and I always try to let a house "talk" to me a bit and then it all comes together.

  7. Hi Stacey! I think you brought a lot of things to the table with this foyer display. It's all very welcoming. :-)
    The mirrors are amazing and I love the red transferware. Tying it all together with the red hymnal was very fitting. Hope all is going well! hugs, Sue

  8. Hi Stacey! What a lovely entry in your new house. I love those pretty mirrors and the table is so unique! Now you know I love that little cloche with the books poked under it. I know it takes time to decide where to put things in a new house. In my case, some of my things fit but then I realized I needed more things! ;) Crazy!
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. Your entry way just screams, "Come on in!" Hope your getting all settled in by now. It can be extremely emotional, but I know that it will feel more and more like HOME with each passing day.

  10. I love your entryway, Stacey! The mirrors are so lovely and they add a special touch to the space.:)

  11. Such a pretty vignette to greet you as you walk in! And I spy those hymnals....love!! Have a sweet day,


  12. Very pretty Stacey! The mirrors are one of my all time favorites. :)

  13. As much as I love singing the old hymns, I must admit that I never thought about placing hymnals inside a cloche. I have several too. What an excellent idea, Stacey.

    I'm going to do it!

  14. I love the hymn book under glass. I think I will do that for Easter this year...thank you for a great idea! I agree with Sally!!

  15. Stacey, those mirrors are beautiful. What a statement they make for the entry of your home. It all looks so inviting. Your cloche looks great, and I love the keys hanging from it. laurie

  16. I LIKEY!!!! WANT to SEE more PRETTY PLEASE~! Nancy

    PS..if you come over to visit...don't panic..ive went under cover..lol until I can find some one to fix my mess ups ;)

  17. What a great idea to put hymnals in the cloche - so pretty. And I love those mirrors! Take care, Laura

  18. So very pretty, Stacey! I also love the idea of the hymnals in the cloche. Great idea.

  19. Sooooo pretty! I love hymns, so this cloche really says "welcome" to me. You have made a beautiful, welcoming entry. Hard to imagine that the table was not there until a few days ago. It looks "at home." :)

    Thanks so much for visiting me at Thinking About Home yesterday! What a treat to read your sweet and encouraging comments!

  20. The hymnals are perfect under the cloche and I love the key on the top. Gorgeous vignette. Thanks so much for joining the party. Hugs, Marty

  21. The framed mirrors look great in your entry way. I love the vignette on the table. The red hymnals are perfect under the cloche! Lovely.........

    The French Hutch

  22. It's so pretty, and so you :) Love the gorgeous transferware, and those mirrors are dreamy! Sorry to hear you're struggling with your house, it's got to be a big change. I have never moved (in 26 years!) but I'm sure it will be a huge adjustment. Let's chat about that, I might just need to come over and tell how how fabulous it is :) Everything you have shown is just amazing.
    xo, Andrea

  23. Hi Stacey. Thanks for stopping in and saying such nice things! I really appreciate it. I think your entryway looks lovely - I love those mirrors/windows - wow - what a statement. And as for the cloche - perfect! I have several of them but I've never thought about standing a book in under there. Your home is beautiful - hope it is feeling like home more and more.

  24. What a beautiful way to welcome your guests, Stacey. I love your idea of putting the hymnals under the cloche -- so original!

  25. Hi, Stacey,..I think I know what you mean. We are planning a move soon and altho I am totally excited about it, I know I will miss this olden house that has been HOME for 40 years. I think when I get MY things in the new place, I will feel really good about it. It is a huge move for us...and of course, I am nervous.
    Your entry is just beautiful....

  26. Hi Stacey,

    Everything looks beautiful - the hymn books in the cloche are my favorites - so charming and sweet.

    Congratulations - you won my giveaway and $50.00 gift card and mini cards. Please send me an e-mail with your address so I can send your prise to erinsart@ca.rr.com.

    Blessings, Erin

  27. It's so pretty! I love the transferware and the hymnal under the cloche is just perfect!

  28. What a great idea to put the hymnal under the cloche! Thanks so much for inspiring me today!



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