Twenty Little Things I Love About Fall

Cooling breezes
New sounds in nature
Mums, pumpkins, gourds

Candy corn and peanuts in a pretty dish
Time with friends and family
Yummy dinners of roast or soup
Sweaters and sweatshirts
Being at home
Morning walks
Watching my husband watch football - he loves it!
Watching the birds migrate
Hot coffee in the mornings or afternoons
Good books
Thinking about holidays
Fluffing the house for coziness

New TV season
Cinnamon cider scented candles
Opening windows and doors
Counting our blessings

 Joining the party today at The Inspired Room.

Happy Fall Y'all!! 


  1. Fluffing the house for coziness - YES! Watching your husband watch football - I can relate! Enjoyed your list. :)

  2. Hi Stacey!
    I'm right there with you on every point! I love's my favorite season of the year!

  3. I love all these things, too, Stacey! Even though I don't like football, I love the sound of it in the's just so fallish!!

    Love your mums!


  4. Thanks for joining in the party, Stacey, I REALLY love fluffing the house for coziness!!! Happy Fall!!!

  5. Fall always makes me nostalgic even though it's been 20 years since fall signaled 'back to school' for me! Love the fall vignettes!

  6. Hi Stacey,
    Glad to see your fall post! I love fall fun to cozy up the garden and house. I've been on a blog break...too much going on in life right now! Hope to back in the swing of things after the wedding later this month! Love your fall flowers and I'm sure you are busy with your new home decor!!
    Miss Bloomers

  7. Oh yeah!!! many of my favorite things too. I LOOOOOVE fall, it is my most favorite time ever.

  8. Hi Stacey,

    Nice list! Love your baby mums, which for me, a THE fall flower, especially in this beautiful rusty orange. Fall is coziness, above all, isn't it? Time for cocooning by the fire, with a good book (decorating magazine, for me!)and a cup of really hot and frothy cocoa!

    Poppy :)


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