I've Taken to Cussing

I went to spend a few days with my mom a couple of weeks ago.
She lives down in South Texas.

The drought is so extreme in her area that she has prickly pear and dirt....that's about it.
Oh, and mesquite trees.

She warned me before I went that she had, "Taken to cussing."

She said it makes her feel better.  Of course, she does apologize to the dog.

I was so glad to get back here to the land of pretty and green.

That was then.

Well, mom...we have officially had 16 days over 100 degrees.

I'm breaking all the rules watering just trying to keep things alive.

It's 106 right now...

Mom, I've taken to cussing!


  1. LOL! Me too! And I'm wanting to move north. I believe I like the snow better.:)

  2. That really is hot! Hotter than...well! I hope you get some relief soon...Mom, too! ♥

  3. If you think you are ready for cooler weather...just think about us! Today I washed everything on the patio from our big dust storm...I was totally wet...from water and sweat! Got it done. Quit before I thought I might end up in emergency!!

  4. Oh I have been cussing... I think the heat is tough on all the plants. How is your summer?


  5. Oh, course I had to pop over and see what this title was all about! LOL! I'm ready to give up! It's been so HOT! and I'm already tired of watering!
    I'm actually in NC at the moment. I've traded heat for heat and humidity! But at least it's not 106!

  6. Stacey, I totally agree! I posted on Facebook today...you know it's hot when the squirrels dig holes to lay in so they can cool off. And it is just the beginning if July. YIKES!
    BTW it is too hot to be outside watering LOL

  7. You and me both! MEH!!! My hydrangeas were wilting at the beginning of the summer, and now they have these awful brown spots due to the torrential rains we have had the past four weeks!

    *I am crying and cussing*

    ~Ricki Jill

  8. Oh, I'd be cussong too if it was that hot! It was over 90 for 5 days in a row and I was getting GROUCHY:):):) Have a great weekend! XO, Pinky

  9. LOL Stacey!!

    I've been guilty lately too..with the heat and overtime at work (due to our new computer system) I'm ashamed to admit some unattractive words have flown from my lips!! I've got to get a handle on it..I try to remind myself I'm the mother of a minister for crying out loud!! LOL! Glad I'm among good company though! Hope we don't go to water rationing..I'm afraid I may break a few laws too to keep my garden alive!!
    Stay cool!!

  10. I can't imagine how you must feel, and your dear mother. I thought it was hot here at 95 degrees, but anything over 100 is intorerable to me.

  11. I am with your mother, I am ready to cuss too. Our heat index was 110 today. We need rain desperately.

  12. Haha that is so funny! I will join you in this little cussfest as soon as I go and move my sprinkler :(

  13. We actually had a thunderstorm this morning! I water the lawn every other day- thank goodness for irrigation sprinklers! I used to haul the hose around at our last house.... But my newly planted perennial geraniums are taking a beating. They dry up overnight and aren't blooming. I think they need more shade and may have to be moved. And to think I paid a landscaper to do all that! aaaggghh... Hope you get some relief. And I won't tell that you said a bad word or two.... I'm prone to uttering more than a few! LOL hugs, Sue

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  15. dayum.....me, too !!

    I don't have a single flower left..it's so pitiful here at Sweet Nothings.


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