Blogging Neighbors

Are you hiding from the heat this Saturday like we are?

Spending time on the computer with a Diet Coke in hand?


I've been thinking, in my little part of the world there are some great bloggers.

Want to meet some of my neighbors?

You know Nita at Mod Vintage Life, right? 

She lives in a beautiful tutor in Oklahoma City.
She has the most precious dachshunds who love olden homes too. :)
Nita puts her own special touches on her house.  It is gorgeous!

I bet you've met Sonia at Miss Bloomers.

She's just a stone's throw from me.
Her gardens and travels are amazing.
You just have to see her yard and the tablesettings she does.

Sweet Rebecca at A Gathering Place is near too.
She can take any old thing and make it absolutely beautiful. 

Go by and tell all of these girls I said hi.
No, we haven't met in person. Some day. :)


  1. We have some of the same friends! But I don't know I'm off to visit! This was a great idea for a post! ♥

  2. Nita's blog is one of my very favorites, but I have never visited the other two. Thanks for this post, because I will visit them soon. I love discovering fun, new blogs!

    ~Ricki Jill

  3. Thanks for the shout out! What a great idea to highlight those of us close by. I know a few others that live near us too. I don't know those two blogs but am off to see them and introduce myself...thanks! The computer says it's 108 here plants are burning up! Literally.....I water every day...but nothing can keep the leaves from burning under this heat. I grow ferns on my back deck every year and this is the first year that they are having scorched fronds. I don't see any chance of a let up any time soon.

  4. Well girly...what a shocko!!!!! Thanks for the heads-up and the sweet words! Now...I'm going to have to COPY YOU and pay-it-forward! Today you have blessed me!

    xo~Rebecca PS: You post about cussing had me on the floor! :)

  5. What a lovely surprise to be featured on Poofing! With all this heat I feel as though I am melting..we got up early and cranked up both of our lawn mowers and by 10:00 had everything mowed...then back in the house and watched the birds playing in automatic sprinklers from the comfort of our a/c!! Hope you are enjoying your summer! We are looking forward to a trip somewhere-anywhere cool!! Thanks again for the sweet mention!

  6. I always enjoy reading new blogs, especially ones that you recommend. Thank you!

  7. Well I'll have to go visit your "neighbors"!

  8. Hey Stacy... the house is between Lindale & Van... deep in the woods of East TExas-- my home!

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