So Glad We Divided

Most years in the fall, we take the time to divide our daylilies.

You know, you just dig them up and kind of break apart the clumps. 

Southern Living makes it sound really easy.

It's not. 

It takes man power.

I sure am glad we have man power around here.

They are beautiful and filling more and more spots around the yard.

I'm up to another project lately....I'll show you a little peek in a day or two.

Random Thought:  Do you ever say or write a word and it sounds really strange to you?

DIVIDED sounds weird to me right now. 

I think it has something to do with 14 hours of professional development in the last two days.

My brain is tired.


  1. Words sound strange to me all the time! Rest your weary brain...14 hours is too long for anything. :) A friend of mine divided her lilies and shared them with me. I think of her every time I look at them.

  2. Stacey,
    All your hard work has paid off! YOur daylilly garden is lovely!
    I love their sunny yellow color and their slender leaves! All to make a beautiful garden spot!

  3. I do that all the time! Or spell something and think, "that can't be right" but it is. Crazy!

    Love your daylilies! They are Stunning! Division is a good thing and no it is NOT easy!

    Man power is also a good thing ;)

    Lou Cinda

  4. Aren't day lilies wonderful! They can take all that Tx sun and still thrive! I want to get some other colors...all I have are the orange ones. I'd love to get some pink!
    PS Mary Kay Andrews has a new book out that I'm looking forward to reading. :)

  5. Your day lillies definately look as though they are loving where you planted them! I do that with words alot. Or sometimes I type it and think, "boy, that doesn't look right." Only to find out that it is. Hope you have a nice day and thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog. :)

  6. Hey, Stacey! Just beautiful! When we moved into our house, my Mom sent several boxes of plants to us from NC via UPS. In those boxes were several Day Lillies just like yours. They've survived but never had many blooms until this year! OH, MY! They are overflowing with blooms. So pretty! I'm kind of dreading the dividing. They need it as well as the hostas. I'm thinking I'll wait one more year! :)

  7. Hi Stacey,very interested in your dividing up of the day lilies!Mine are huge at the moment,lots of greenery with some buds peeking through,I have them years but have never divided them up.I did that with a hosta this year and got 4 plants instead of 1 and was quite proud of myself even though hubby did the digging!
    Question is do you divide when the lilies are just starting growth for the season and do you dig up the whole plant like the hosta and divide then?Must do it next year!

  8. I love teachers...they are always thinking and pondering! When I was in the second grade, I couldn't figure out how to say in winding road and I think of it from time to time! It sounds odd to me even now! And yes...I am very blessed to lead a good life! Thanks for your sweet comments and your friendship! ♥

  9. It's not easy! Especially when they're a big old clump. Yours are looking lovely!

  10. Beautiful daylilies! Like your title...I am a hopeless pillow poofer

  11. You have a lovely garden, great for relaxing but if you are like most gardener, your mind is not resting but planning more.

    YOU have one awesome helper!

    Thank you for stopping by, I have sent severl shots to Birds and Bloom. Maybe one year I will see them in the mag.

    God bless and keep you all safe.

  12. Three cheers for man power. My man divided our daylilies earlier this spring. Great way to get some "free" flowers. Yours look really pretty.
    I can relate to your random question. Happens often. I blame everything on menopause these days ;).

  13. Love your daylillies, they are stunning. I have two small clumps and I can't wait until I can divide them also. They look wonderful and I am with you, I would love to have more around the yard. Thanks also for your comment about my lamps. Really does change the look a lot, and so surprised me. Hugs, Marty

  14. You are blessed to have man power and not only power but willingness! Beautiful day lilies! I didn't even know you could "divide" them! And yes, my brain gets mushy like that to the point words do not sound right. Professional development is a good reason to have these moments! Yuk!

  15. Yeah, I do that. I'll say a word, and think: is that right? None of my daylilies bloomed!

  16. My mom and i were just talking today about how daylilies are the best ! They are hard to break up though - I agree!
    I know just what you mean about words looking odd!
    Thank you for your comment on the little pink camper!
    I am soso excited about it!
    I would LOVE to head to OKC with the little glamper!
    OKC is my favorite city!
    Have a pretty day!



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