Don't you think it's just a miracle?

The way summer comes back, I mean.

It just amazes me. 

Pretty much everything that grows around our pond is perennial. 

When it all comes back each spring it's just really exciting to us.

I can't wait to visit the other happy gardeners out there. :)


  1. What a pretty setting. I bet you spend a lot of time out there.
    question: how do you combat misquito problem??? looking for answers for my own use. :)

  2. Wow, Stacey...I could sit out there all day long and just ENJOY! So pretty!

  3. so soothing looking...lots of work went into making this look this peaceful...but look at the results.

  4. It is amazing! Especially those plants that look beyond dead. You know the ones I mean. Like there is no way they could come back...but they do! LOL! Thanks for the tour of your beautiful garden, Stacey.:)

  5. Hi Stacey, It is amazing how green everything is now when just a few months ago it was all dead! lol...I love this time of the year.

    Thanks for the nice compliment on the granite. They had to shave it just a little in the back to meet up with the tile, but it worked out just fine. When I heard all of that hammering I thought I was going to have to replace some tile! Turns out they did know what they were doing! lol...I'm just glad everything is done! I did have to touch up underneath the counters where the formica came down. Luckly I had the paint! I am defintely glad I had it done! Have a great day! Kristen

  6. I am trying to plant more perrenials here too...

    Have fun granite shopping! We just put new granite counters in.

  7. I do love perrenials the best...but we still don't have spring here. I bought a pot of geraniams and they froze! ;D

  8. So pretty! And yes, it is definitely amazing! My greens are already turning brown from the heat though. :( You have a lovely setting!

  9. It's wonderful...and much appreciated! ♥

  10. It is exciting, that is why I love living in a four season area. I love the way God set everything in motion! Your photos of your garden are beautiful!
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog today!
    Hugs, Cindy

  11. Perennials are just beautiful! It looks so relaxing.

  12. Hi Stacey, it all looks so peaceful. I know you will enjoy this area a lot this summer.

    Thanks for your sweet comment.


  13. Always love visiting your backyard Stacey. So serene and peaceful. Perennials are my fave too. Great to hear from you today my sweet friend.

  14. I have always loved your pond, Stacey ... it looks so cool and inviting. I'm sure you'll be spending a lot of time there this summer. And, yes ... it IS exciting to see plants and flowers coming back in the spring and summer. God is truly the Master Gardener, isn't He!

  15. You are so right, it is amazing. Along with that, I am always impressed with your gardening skills.

  16. Oh yes, pure delightful! LOVE your garden!!!


  17. I just don't plant anything that won't come back the next year.
    I have annuals in a few pots, tho.
    Your yard is looking amazing. :))


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