On the Move...

No we are not moving really.

We are just digging up plants and moving them around.

Last year we took several trees out of our yard.

This left some shade plants unhappily exposed to the sunshine.

They had to have new spots. You understand, right?

The other day my husband commented that our new neighbor seems to have a plan for his yard. 

Our plan is usually more wildly executed.

It's the whatever strikes our fancy plan.

Joining Susan for Outdoor Wednesday.

Thanks for all the inspiration out there!


  1. love your hostas
    that is the new plant i want to plant this spring

  2. Ours is a loose plan. We move about the yard working on several areas at once. It feels like it'll never be "done" ;)

  3. I always dream of a neat and orderly garden. One that lives in my head come to life. However, my garden sincerely resembles my life...pretty in a crazy and wild kind of a way.

    Have fun making your plants happy. It is so good to have spring finally arrive.....

  4. LOL Oh well, it keeps you in yard work! I bet your yard is beautiful. :D

  5. My gardens are sort of willy nilly...well, shade ones go in the shade and sun ones go in sunny area...but that is about it. Sometimes I will move something if it seems to not be growing.

    Keep showing us pictures of your yard...I remember from the past how lovely it always looked.

  6. For some reason, I've never been able to grow hostas, but I think they're so pretty! I appreciate your encouraging words, Stacey...we're going to be A-OK! Have a wonderful day and happy planting!

  7. Last year V bought me some hosta's for Mother's day and I see today they are peeking through the soil. So exciting!
    p.s. V built a building called Broadway corners in your town. It is at the corner of Broadway and I can not remember the other road. small world ( :
    Have a pretty day!

  8. Yeah, it's the whatever strikes my fancy gardening around here!

  9. I can so relate to your husband's comment about the neighbor's having a plan. We have an extremely talented gardener up the street with a gorgeous yard! Our yard has more of a laid back or gypsy approach! LOL! It's a tad more random but I love it!

  10. Hi Stacey,

    Someone once told me there is a difference between gardening and landscaping...they said landscapes usually have a plan and are finished right away...while gardens evolve and are never finished. I'm definitely a gardener!!

  11. When we moved here almost 14 years ago I had a "plan" or so I thought. I executed some of them, only to discover the plants didn't like their location, so many things have been moved, pulled or cut down. Now, I'm trying to revise and move a few more things. Good luck with your gardening.
    hugs ~lynne~

  12. Every Spring & Fall some of our plants need to move! :) Dividing, relocating or a new variety needs attention. Gardening is fun! Enjoy!

  13. One of the reasons that I am excited that it is Spring, is because I know I will get to see pictures of your gardens. To me, when I see the pictures I would have declared that you both had a plan. Really, I love pictures of your gardens and landscaping skills.

  14. I think we have a lot in common. I also teach school, love to garden, and have a pond. (Mine is much smaller!) I also love your sunshine quote!

  15. I have always enjoyed the pics of your yard. I'm sure that you and hubby will get it right...plan or no plan. Either way, you will be enjoying the outdoors before it ges too hot.


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