Layering shirts and sweaters.

Layering cheese and noodles.

Layering strawberry cake and cream cheese.

It's a great day!

Snow Day #6 for us.

#7 tomorrow.


  1. Sounds like a great day...I love layering! You must have a ton of snow! Stay warm and cozy :D

  2. We had another snow day today, too! But Thank God we are going back tomorrow! I don't know how people back east do it.:)

  3. We haven't had a snow day since the day after the blizzard and that was IT! I wish the city was a little less adept at keeping the streets clear! ;-D


  4. Enjoy your fun in the snow, Stacey...or are you getting sick of it by now?

  5. Amazing.... No snow here- only cold icy and yucky.... It would be better if I could see a little snow

  6. With the layers of ice and snow...I like your ideas of layering too....especially the food ones.

  7. Layering is definitely the word here in MA, too! A few days ago on our local tv channel's website the weathermen posted the words No Forecasted Snow on the weathermap. :) That was sweet!
    Enjoy your Snow Days.

  8. At least you are eatting good! We got another 2 1/2" today! Twyla

  9. Sounds like you are enjoying your down time. Yum... Your layered food sounds good right now.

  10. I must admit - I'm a wee bit jealous of your snow days! I would love to just hunker down and enjoy the quiet beauty of winter. But have to drive in it and I'm afraid of doing that! :)

    Hope you enjoy your snow day tomorrow!

  11. I like your form of layering. The food picture looks so good to me. It is fun having you back in blogland for a few days.


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