There Is a Way

Oh how I love this song! Cue the gospel singers. :)

First, you have to slide down to the bottom and mute the Playlist.
Happy Friday!!

On My Calendar Today

Annual Mammogram Time.
Have you had yours?

Chick Chick Here

Changing of the guard on the kitchen table.
These little chicks made their way home with me today.
Aren't they cute?

Where Cheryl Creates

I want y'all to meet one of my BFFs, Cheryl. Truly she's one of the sweetest people you could ever want to know. I want you to see the darling craft room she has just created for herself.

Cheryl is the girl who paints, does paper crafts, sews, takes pictures, scrapbooks, creates the most darling gifts all perfectly wrapped, you name it!

The creative type person we all wish we know. :)

Anyway, they've just created a media room in their house and that left them with a space that she claimed for her own. In this room she took all kinds of items from around the house and transformed them to make the most adorable craft room.

She painted polka dots on containers, put ribbons on cans, hung a hat on the wall and a boa on the curtains!

Doesn't it look fun?

Oh I didn't tell you that she's like me and has two boys.
She needed a girly space to enjoy.
Don't you love it?

One day I'm going to sit in her room and color something!

Happy 1st Day of Spring!

It is the first day of spring. Can't you tell?

We just have to laugh around here.

It's So Close

Spring is so close we can feel it!
Windows and doors are open this afternoon.
Made our first trip to the nursery today. :)
We have an azalea bed on our garden plan.
What's on yours?

Southern Living

For 22 years

Southern Living magazine

has been my very favorite.

What's your favorite?

Which magazine makes you stop what you are matter what?

Which one reflects you the most?

All pictures from

Glimpse of Home

Miss Emily at Chatting at the Sky is asking us to share glimpses of home today.
It's a beautiful springy day here...still a little chilly but the sun is shining.
The birds are singing and there are buds on the hydrangeas.
Spring Break starts today. Woo Hoo!

Bunco at 7:00

Menu: Veggie tray & mini quiches.

Fresh flowers on the kitchen counter.
Snacks on the tables.

Fresh carrot cake with citrus glaze for dessert.

Prize for the winner.

$5.00 to start off the kitty.
I'm ready!

Where's Nancy?

Hey girls, have you been wondering where Nancy is?
She's making a blog move...she didn't abandon us. She will be back soon.
Leave her a note here and put a little pressure on her. :)

Spring is Coming

Spring is coming to our yard here in Edmond. I spent time outside today...the temp was in the 50s and the Sun was shining. The world is better now. :)

I tried to take a few pics to prove that Spring is coming. The quality of my pictures just makes me laugh. When a girl needs reading glasses to look at the camera and the pictures but no glasses to see across the yard, well you get this...

Buds on my clematis vines!
An evergreen tree next to maiden hair grass. Time to cut that grass off.

The path at the back of the pond is just begging for attention.

Look! There's a college dude studying on the patio.

Yes, this is a daffodil. Pretty sad. I think it sprouted and then it froze.

Today I bought myself a B&D cordless blower. Woo Hoo!
I'm going to keep those leaves off of my patio once and for all!

Another sign that spring is coming -we received my younger son's high school graduation announcements. Pass me a kleenex please.

I'm going to join Tootsie for Fertilizer Friday. :)
Be sure and visit all the other gardeners who are dying to be outside.

Quick - go check it out! Suzanne at Southern Inspiration is giving away Southern Lady Magazine in her drawing. :) Wouldn't you love to spend a little time gathering beautiful ideas for spring?