Can I just tell you how much blogging amazes me?

Aside from the contact with the sweetest people on a daily basis...really cool things happen sometimes.

Quite awhile back I did a post about a chocolate fudge recipe that I've been making for years. The recipe is from The Second Typically Texas Cookbook. The person who submitted the recipe was Susie Clark of Milam, TX. Yall, the pie so just have to try it! The recipe link is over on my sidebar. Anyway, time passed and one day I got an email from Susie Clark!! She had Googled her own name and the blog entry came up. She told me that the recipe came from her mother in law. MIL shared the recipe because it was son's favorite. If I remember correctly, Susie has been making that pie for around 30 years! I just loved that contact.

Then yesterday, I got a comment from Suzan Colon who is the author of Cherries in Winter. Just amazing! How on earth did she find out that a few bloggers were reading and commenting on her book? I'm sure there's some huge search engine that informs people of these things...but I'm just gonna pretend that I met a famous person and it made my day!

Happy Saturday to All!

Good Morning Girls!

Grab a cup of coffee and let's talk about Cherries in Winter: My Family's Recipe for Hope in Hard Times by Suzan Colon.

Here's a little snippet from the cover description, "When Suzan Colon was laid off from her dream job at a magazine during the economic downturn of 2008, she needed to cut her budget way, way back - and that meant home cooking".

This short and sweet book is written as a personal narrative in the present and in the past. Ms. Colon relives her family history through the recipes that she digs out of the old box in the basement. Home cooking became a way to save money and connect the author with her mother and grandmother. The book is full of family stories with recipes to go along with them.

We can all relate to some of the feelings expressed in the story, whether you have lost a job or not. Family recipes mean the world to us. They make us remember where we came from and that is exactly what this book is about.

I give it two thumbs up!

Please pop over to Hospitable Pursuits to see what the other readers had to say about this book. Thanks Lisa for hosting the Hospitable Pursuits bookclub. What's next?

Help a Girl Out Please

Calling all my brilliant decorating friends. I have been stuck on my dining room for a month now and I really need help. I have taken several pictures so you can get the overall view. Please tell me what you think I need to do. Nothing you see in the dining room is set in stone except the furniture. All accessories are just there because I've been playing and moving things around.

The picture above is the living room that you see when you walk in the front door. It will not change I just wanted you to get the idea. The area is all open. See the accessories sitting on the floor? Well, I've had stuff sitting around here dangerously for awhile now.

This chest is in the front area which is adjacent to the dining room.

The dining room has been painted Echelon Ecru by Sherwin Williams. Most of the house is this color and I love it. It's a creamy color with a hint of yellow. It's really pretty on a bright day. I'm so happy that the red is gone. I was really tired of the darkness that it brought.

I bought this console table a few weeks ago. It's the first table that I've ever found that wasn't too deep for the space. We don't want the room to feel crowded because we actually eat in here pretty often with friends.

The other side of the room. I have played with the idea of drapes but today I'm thinking not. I like the clean lines of the shutters without drapes.

Remember, all accessories are subject to change so you won't hurt my feelings.

Here are my questions and thoughts:

1. Should I leave the girl print on the wall and reframe her? The frame is too small, I think. I still have that huge round mirror that used to hang there. You can see pictures of it here.
2. Should I get rid of the toile on the chairs? If I do I have no idea what to put there.
3. What do you think should be on the walls? You know I have red and white, and green and white transferware on the walls in other rooms.
4. I have to keep the rug for now. I do still love it.

Usually when I redo a room, I start with fabric for inspiration. This time it was a wall color change that prompted my dilemna. I'm confused!!


Mr. Golden Sun, please shine down on me!!

Hi girls! Sorry to be gone from the blogging scene. The sun has kind of disappeared here and my brain has stopped working. I've been tutoring, napping, eating, sleeping, reading, eating, sleeping, reading, eating, sleeping, get the picture. Spring really needs to come quickly!
We've also been doing college visits for several weekends in a row. Some kids are interested in one college. My son applied to 8! The decision should be made soon.

Several people have asked about my dining room project. Well it is not moving along very well. I painted and then couldn't move past that point. Watch for pictures tomorrow or Tuesday so you can advise me.

Now you have to see this! Dawn at Cottage State of Mind made this adorable button to remind us to exercise and be healthy before blogging. I love it!

I'm So Glad

So glad I didn't hesitate, that is!

Last week, Debra at Bungalow posted this gorgeous tole tray for sale on her blog. Now usually I'm the kind of girl who has to ponder things but this time I jumped on it. The tray is gorgeous and absolutely perfect for my kitchen corner. Thank you Debra!

I'm also trying my best to be glad for more snow. It's coming down again. :)

This morning I started tutoring at my old school. It will be an hour or two per day for the next two months. It's always fun to go back and be with the kids and teachers. Have I ever told you how much I love school?

Fertilizer Friday

Hi Girls!! First I have to say thanks to Tootsie for hosting Fertilizer Friday and for allowing us to recycle pictures from last summer. This does my heart well's not really pretty here right now.

How much do I love crepe myrtles? Just can't even begin to measure it. I remember sitting in class in high school and looking out at the crepe myrtles that were as big as the two story houses. Ours don't get quite that big here because the winter is colder. However, they are beautiful!

This was planting day for that little basket. She was happy all summer!

Pentas - another favorite of mine. They stay happy all the way through fall.

Now this picture is one of my faves for sure - oak leaf hydrangeas.

Katie was soaking up the sun. She follows me every where in the yard. Just wish she could carry a pile of leaves out when I need her to.

Yes, it's my porch basket again. It's in the garage right now. I've never tried to save the plants before. Hope it works.

This basket was from the pond tour. The lady planted it with miniature plants. Isn't it pretty?

This is on the pond tour also. The people had a small lot but made every inch of it beautiful.
That's it for me today. I hope you all have a nice weekend.
Remember, Spring will come!!

Outdoor Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! Today I'm joining Susan at A Southern Daydreamer for Outdoor Wednesday. I hesitate to show snow again but that's exactly what we've had here in Edmond, OK. The snow fell last Thursday and Friday about 5-7 inches depending on where you were. I think we got the 7 " for sure!

As I'm typing this on Tuesday, the snow is finally melting! The kids have not been in school since last Wednesday. For those of you who live in the north, I'm sure that's bazaar to you. This storm was very icy and the roads have been pretty dangerous. Our pond has been frozen across the top for days. Don't worry...the fish will be fine. :)

I heard them say on the news that a typical winter for us has about 9 1/2 inches of snow. So far this year we've had 19" of snow in the Oklahoma City area! We could definitely still get more. It has been a winter time adventure for sure!