This Time of Year

This time of year as winter really settles in....

I begin to wish for summer...

I miss my flowers...

And the green...

I want to sit out by the pond...

Or in my red chair with a Diet Coke...

I miss the sounds of bugs and birds...

Don't you?


  1. Hi Stacey,

    Boy I am with you...everything in my yard is so brown! Not my favorite color that's for sure. Hope you are enjoying the holidays with your family and some time off! Happy New Year!

  2. Stacey, I am not missing summer yet. But... it won't be long. I am loving the coziness of winter right now, the candles lit and quiet nights.
    But soon , I will be looking forward to some sunshine soon though!
    Have a pretty day!

  3. Well spring I'm missing, but not summer, not yet at least. Ask me again in a couple of weeks.

  4. Oh, yes, Stacey ... I am already longing for Spring outside, but I'm looking forward to the peacefulness of January and February inside, too, when things slow down and I get in my "organizing mode." I hope to accomplish a lot in the next few weeks.

    Best wishes to you and your family for a new year filled with an abundance of blessings and joy.

  5. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are enjoying your break from teaching.


  6. But winter has its own wonderful things to enjoy too!! The peacefulness of it all, the clear blue sky on a cold day, staying inside and doing home nesting things with hot coffee (or hot chocolate late at night), and electric blankets!

  7. It is a cold day here in MI. and I would love to be out in my flower garden right now! You are not alone.

  8. I am not missing it yet
    Mostly because I am scared to blog summer outfits. LOL
    I like my cozy winter clothes and haven't grown tired of the cold YET!
    I am sure by the end of jan. I will be changing my tune.

  9. I've been missing summer since the first day it dropped below 75! LOL

    I HATE winter!!

  10. May your New Year be filled with many Blessings and abundances of Joy for 2011. From my mountain to yours, Until next year
    Hugs and Smiles Gl♥ria

  11. Um...oh gosh. I want so much to agree with you. I do! I do! but..not really. Not yet. Just a bit more rain and cold weather...just a bit more. Christmas came and went so fast. It's not that I am not glad the Christmas crush is over, I am, but..I do so love Fall and Winter.
    However..give me another month...and I will ...just move over! I'll join you in that boat on that peaceful lake, sitting by the pond, sipping lemonade. You know? So wait just a bit more and I will be on board!

  12. Yes, yes and double yes! THanks for your sweet comment. I love your red chair:)

  13. Hi Stacy... I have been gone from the blogging world for a while & I am trying very hard to get back on the bloggin track... I have missed my blogland friends! GREAT pictures and fun to read...

  14. In New England we blink our eyes and the weather pattern changes. Sunday's snowfall was our first measured in inches, so we are enjoying it! When it feels a tad too chilly, I remember the HHH of summer. 4 seasons are great!
    Happy New Year to you & your fam, Stacey!

  15. Thank you for stopping by to visit. You have a beautiful yard, I can see why you are anxious to be in it again! On the bright side, the days are getting longer, so it won't be long now.
    Happy New Year

  16. I miss my garden, too. Your photographs are beautiful!


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