It's Rooster Party Time Again!

The rooster loving tradition continues!

I have to tell you....when I was in middle school, my friend's mom had a collection of roosters.

At the time I thought that was so bizaare. Hmmmm....times change. :)

Today I'm just showing a few new ones that have joined the flock.

This pretty white rooster was a gift from my sweet friend Cynthia. 

He's really a pitcher but he came outside for better picture taking today.

You know I love my cup towels! 

Couldn't pass this one up.

Would you like a Diet Coke while you are here?

We have beautiful napkins to go along with your drink.

Curse my picture taking skills!

Turn your head sideways please.  Can you see that pretty rooster?  He's on the side of a beautiful photo album sent to me by Dawn at Cottage State of Mind. 
She also sent a really neat rooster trivet.

Did you know that awhile back Dawn held a give away on her blog. 
The girl is so sweet that she sent a gift to everyone who entered! Wow, I still can't get over that.

Thank you Dawn!

Thank you also to Barb at Barb's Bella Vista for gathering all of us together to flaunt some roosters again today.


  1. Beautiful Stacey! I love the white guy! He is beautiful! I posted a "CUP" towel of my favorite things to collect! I love having pretty towels...don't you?

    I can't believe Dawn did that either...what a sweetie!!!


  2. I seriously considered taking my big roosters outside to the black eyed susans. I thought that would look sweet...but it is too HOT. I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

    Becky K.

  3. I adore those towels...going around here today and looking at all these roosters, made me realize I do not have not ONE tea towel...and when you see my collection you will be amazed I do not.

  4. Enjoyed the rooster parade today!

  5. Nice new roosters, Stacey. That was very nice of her to send everyone something. Wow.

  6. Love all your new roosties, Stacey! The pitcher is so unique. Really love him.:)

  7. Your roosters are wonderful Stacey! Love the white one!

  8. That first rooster is so elegant. Paper towels can never take the place of our pretty decorated cup or dish towels. At least not in my mind.

  9. I'm having fun going to parties all over my favorite list! Love the cute towels! I wanted to take part but couldn't find any roosters in my condo! heehee! I'm having fun though! ♥

  10. I didn't join the rooster party this year because I haven't added any roosters. I LOVE your white pretty!

  11. Love your big white guy and your cute towels.

  12. I am amazed at how all of you can make roosters and the vignettes that include them, look beautiful. I would love to sit and drink diet coke with you and your rooster napkins. What fun! I like the white rooster...really it is my favorite one.

  13. Hi Stacey! Oh, lovely Roos!! I love cute tea towels too and still love the fall one I won from you.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  14. Love your roosters! My mom used to have chickens and roosters too, but I never wanted them back then - now they're gone.

    That Dawn is the biggest sweetie! I'm so excited 'cause I'm going to get to meet her and other California bloggers in October!

    When does school start for you? I still have about one more week of freedom.

  15. I just love that rooster pitcher!!
    And can a girl have too many tea towels?!?
    Love Ya!

  16. Just delightful, Stacey. I adore the white one....they are becoming my favorites. Thanks for joining us and sharing.

    Have a great time visiting everyone.

    Hugs, Barb ♥

  17. Stacey, I'm honored. Thank you in advance, for your kind and thoughtful gesture.I will definitely drop by to visit and read all about me.:)

    Big Hug!

  18. Lovely new roosters! I really like the white one! Very nice! These blogging ladies are the best!

  19. Everything is very pretty Stacey! I adore your precious cup towels. I have never heard that term beforeand they are just too cute.

    What a nice thing for Dawn to do for her giveaway entries. Love it and her generosity.

    Have a great night.
    ~Melissa :)

  20. Hey, what was in that coke? My eyes are blury or that rooster is moving! LOL! Don't you hate when that happens. I do it all the time. I just started having to use reading glases for little things, it's driving me crazy.

    Thanks for the sweet mention. It was so fun to shop my "stash" for you all! It also taught me I probably wouldn't do well on ebay or etsy, packing things is tricky!

    Coveting that pitcher!

  21. haha, I turned my head sideways before you told me too!

    Great pictures. I'm totally get the outside pic.

  22. Stacey, I'm still lookin' for the rooster Dawn sent ya! Her comment about what else might be in your diet Coke cracked me up! LOL
    I love your white rooster and your "cup" towels. I just call them dish towels- your terminology sounds so much classier. Must be a southern thing? :-)
    hugs, Sue

  23. I'm having huge envy for your rooster pitcher! Very pretty!


    : )

  24. I love all your roosters, Stacey..and you know, I, too, love me some cup towels!! :)
    xo bj

  25. Such lovely rooster collectibles! I especially love the rooster pitcher - from the side I thought he was a simple figurine but turns out he has SUPER powers to serve water as well - my FAVE :) Thank you for a delightful visit.

    Kaye -

  26. Hi Stacey!

    Love all your roosters especially the cute tea towel!


  27. Thanks for sharing you roosters. Very pretty!

  28. I finally made it over to visit! Love love love that towel, and your pretty white rooster. Stay cool up there!

  29. Oh, I love your rooster stuff!
    Very pretty!

  30. Stacey, that white pitcher is so pretty. Your assortment of rooster towels is great. I laughed about you thinking a rooster collection was strange when you were young. I probably would have had the same thought. My mother always told me "never say never, because some day you might". I guess it's that way with roosters! laurei

  31. It's looking good in here and I am loving those towels, Char

  32. I am still trying to get around to all the rooster parties this week! I am now in the "P" section! What a wonderful collection you have! Love the photo album!

  33. What beautiful rooster treasures!
    I do love a good rooster! : )
    I wish I had gotten myself together enough to participate but I am having fun looking!
    Now I am off to catch up with you further!

  34. I love your Roosters. Yes, I'm late getting around to everyone. . but I love playing, so will continue until I meet everyone. The fashion show was fabulous too. Blessings, Janet


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