The Books You Wish Wouldn't End

If you love to read like I do, then you know that you finish some books and think, "That was pretty good." 

Then there are the very rare books that you just absolutely hate to see end.

Saving Cee Cee Honeycutt was one of those books!

Girls, I thought I would write down some of my favorite parts of the book to share with you because I loved Beth Hoffman's writing style so much.  However, after awhile there were just so many parts.

Here is a short synopsis in my own words:

Cee Cee Honeycutt is a young girl whose mother, the former Vidalia Onion Queen, is mentally ill. Cee Cee's father is absent most of the time because he can not deal with the situation.  When mom is killed in an accidental run in with the ice cream truck Cee Cee is sent to live with her Aunt Tootie in Savannah, Georgia.  For the first time at about age 12, Cee Cee has people who love and take care of her. 

I call this genre southern fiction and it is my favorite!

If you enjoy stories about women, the south, and loving relationships you must read this.


  1. Sounds like a great book. I love those books that when you finish you just want to call the characters up and see how things are going. Today is a good day for a book. Rainy and cool. Enjoy.

  2. Hi there Stacey ~

    This books sounds great...I am going to Amazon right now. Thanks for sharing.

    I am sending you hugs..I am so sorry to read about your sweet Katie. They sure do get in our hearts and stay in there forever.

    Have a nice weekend....I am listening to the music on your blog while I fold laundry...great play list.

    Smiles and Hugs ~ Ramona

  3. That sounds like a great book. I'll check to see if my library has it. I want to just curl up and read today with the rain we are having. I LOVE it when it rains!♥

  4. You know I picked this up and put it back down at the book store not too long ago. I guess I'll go pick it back up. :)

  5. Oh thank you for sharing...I have been looking for a good book. Don't get to read as often as I used to now that I blog like and addict!

  6. Sounds good! I am always looking for good books to read!

  7. When I find a book that I wish would not end, I am so happy. This one sounds like a good one. Thank you!

  8. I too love Southern fiction.
    Reading some of Robert Penn Warren's writings, was so realistic and put me in the story, I could actually perspire from the sweltering heat of which he wrote.
    I have often wondered if the stories with southern setting were actually better than others or if I merely related more so because of my background.

  9. It does sound great Stacey! I almost ordered this book when you mentioned it on a previous post. I'll place another order soon.

    I hope you are doing well.

    PS Oh wow. My word to type is *catie*. I'm still praying for you all during your time of loss.

  10. Well Miss Stacey, You know I will have to read this, Because I am southern and proud.. ;) Nancy

  11. That really sounds like a good book, Stacey. I too love books about the south. I will look for it. Thanks for sharing about it.
    Love your music.

  12. That really sounds like a good book, Stacey. I too love books about the south. I will look for it. Thanks for sharing about it.
    Love your music.

  13. Stacey-
    I woke up this morning thinking I needed to check on you while I had my coffee.
    I am so glad I did!
    I am off to buy that book.

    Have I missed out on the book review for Major Pettigrew's Last Stand ?

    Have a good Thursday Stacey!


    Southern fiction is my favorite too!


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