A Little Drive By Time

On my way to take hubby to the airport today, I diverted from the path and took some pictures in one of my favorite neighborhoods here in Oklahoma City. 

This pretty flower bed below is in a median.  Isn't that a great way to beautify a neighborhood?

Now doesn't the home below just make you sigh? Love that ivy!

A great Beaver Cleaver type home.

I would have loved to take more pictures but Paul said, "Stacey, you know you are kind of eccentric." I said, "Wouldn't you just love to live in an older established neighborhood like this?" He said, "I don't think these are my kind of people....it all looks a little too hoity toity civilized."

Why is it that most men think they are Daniel Boone at heart?

You can see more pictures of this gorgeous neighborhood by clicking HERE.


  1. I love Nichols Hills, looks like maybe that's where you were driving. I live in the Nichols Hills zip code but not technically NH..LOL. I do get to drive through there several times a week and it's always a treat as we have a favorite restaurant and grocery store there. Talk about yard work we wouldn't have time to blog! Of course they can afford full time gardeners.

  2. I thought these looked like Nichols Hills homes...certainly some beautiful old homes there...ones with lots of money to keep them looking like this.

  3. You girls are right this is Nichols Hills. When you drive through the staff vans are all parked in the drive ways. :)

  4. These are beautiful homes! Wouldn't you love just to take a peak inside? Thanks for taking us along for this lovely tour.:)

  5. What a beautiful tour! I definitely could see myself in one of those!


  6. I'm glad you took the detour AND shared it with us.

  7. Hi Stacey! Oh, what a pretty neighborhood! I'd would have loved to walk up to the door and ask for a tour. Now I wouldn't really do that. But a nice walk at night would work and then I could peek inside a little when the curtains would be open! LOL
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. I would have tried to do the same thing in taking pictures of these beautiful homes. So thankful you did. I find it quite interesting to see homes(old and new) and seeing the architecture, the decor and the landscaping of places people call home. Eccentric or not...thanks for sharing your tour.

  9. This looks like a very pretty neighborhood. I especially like the Beaver Cleaver home. Thanks for taking the detour and sharing with us.

  10. I do love looking at other folks homes! I think that is one of the reasons that I fell in love with Rate my Space and then blogs. I'm with ya!
    Lets see some more! Drive on! :)


  11. It's amazing! I love the lawns in established neighborhoods. Pretty!

  12. Hoity Toity or not, I love it ... especially the house in the first picture! Thank you for being "kind of eccentric" and sharing those with us.

  13. All kinds of pretty.

    It is so fun to look and dream.
    My kids call such places "Perfectsville". It always makes me chuckle.

    Becky K.

  14. Lovely tour Stacey. I just love old neighboorhoods where all the homes are unique. It's so different from the tract houses of today! It gives such a sence of history and timelessness.

  15. Such pretty homes! Looking at the landscaping in other yards always gives me new ideas.

    After reading your previous post and really wishing I had a piece of your yummy looking pie, I purchased the ingredients for a cream cheese pie.


  16. Just gorgeous, Stacey. Such a lovely area!!

    Barb ♥

  17. Beautiful neighborhood Stacey. Keep working on that husband, and he'll figure out that any place where he lives with you is the perfect place to live. laurie

  18. I adore driving thru beautiful neighborhoods and gawking at all the gorgeous homes......dreaming of what it would be like to live there!!! Luckily my DH enjoys it as much as I do :o)Thanks for taking us along!!!!


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