An Awesome Give Away!

Girls, in the last few weeks I've discovered a completely new to me kind of blog. 
 There are lots of gals out there who love fashion and love showing off their clothes. 

Classroom Chic is one blog I've been following closely.

Now she's having an amazing give away sponsored by Talbots!!

I hate to tell you about this because I don't want to lessen my chances, you understand right?

Classroom Chic is having a give away for a $250.00 gift certificate to Talbots. 


  1. Well...awesome IS the word! I mentioned you in my comment! What a fabulous giveaway. But what I am MOST excited about is the blog! I like to buy clothes that look cute..but then when I get dressed, I wear the same old thing. I need to learn to put together outfits AND to wear them for every day! If you have any other blogs like this...let me know! I need HELP! ♥

  2. Thanks for the head's up! My daughter's getting married in Sept. Would be nice to "shop for free" for... a "mother-of-the-bride" dress perhaps? :-)

  3. I love Talbots in fact I have a black Talbots card. That tells you a buy a lot from there. I went to look at the giveaway, but don't see where any place to follow?? I would love to win that, too Thanks for telling us.

  4. Hi, friend, I haven't been by lately and sure sorry for that. Seems summertime really gets busy around here with baseball games, camps, swimming, boating...the grands are on the go all the time and I have a HARD time keeping up...try, tho!!

    Thanks for the heads up on the giveaway. We don;t have a Talbots here but...maybe they have an online store.
    Take care...
    xo bj

  5. Hi Stacey! There are alot of blogs about our different interests. I love looking around and seeing what everyone is talking about. This is a Very generous giveaway. Thanks for the heads up! I hope you have a great week! Twyla

  6. Oh thanks for the tip! Love Talbots! I am constantly amazed about how many different types of blogger interests and groups there are!

  7. Love Talbots. Thanks for this good reminder of this site and the generous giveaway. Can you imagine how thrilled someone will be.

  8. Thanks for the post - I am VERY excited to be doing this giveaway!! Talbots and redchairconfessions are so generous!! (And Talbots is having the "red hanger sale" right now)

    Good luck!!


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