Whatcha Been Up To?

There's nothing like an upcoming event to make you kick everything into high gear.

We've been working like maniacs in our yard because graduation is 11 days away!

Put some geraniums and sweet potato vine in this old basket.

I just love the rustic look it has.

A flat of impatiens still waiting for me.

We planted three flats of pennywort in between the stones on the new path.

It looks great but I wish we didn't have to wait for it to fill in.

Loving this honeysuckle.

Transforming my adirondack chairs with spray paint.

The list goes on and on. :)


  1. Hi Stacey,

    Love the red geranium with the lime green sweet potato vine..such a great combo. Your path looks great and I love moneywort! Don't work too hard..I did yesterday and I am sore today! I know your yard and everything will be beautiful for graduation!

  2. The chair is gorgeous in that bright red! Love your flowers and plants, too. Don't work too hard...enjoy this special time! ♥

  3. Looking fantastic...oh that pennywort will fill in this year...I have lots of it and is so easy to grow...I noticed this morning that some of mine has started to flower already.

    Countdown to graduation has begun...I know you are excited as well as your son.

    Have a great week.

  4. You have been busy. Looking good. Your hostas are nice and big, too.

  5. I love the red chair! It's a great pop of color in your yard.


  6. O, you KNOW I love that red chair!!:))
    Everything looks fabulous...my fav..the path with the new plants. O, by summer, this is going to be stunning, Stacey.
    You are doing a great job...now, enjoy the time...
    hugs, bj

  7. You have been busy! It looks beautiful...the chair is gorgeous with it's new red paint! We love our red;)!

    I love the basket...I have been wanting to add some wicker outside...you have inspired me!

    Good luck with you planting!

  8. Oh, how I know those deadline bursts of energy :) Everything looks wonderful.

  9. Loving the red chairs..that's predicable, huh. Looks like everything is coming together very well. you have one of the prettiest yards I have ever seen...

  10. I know what you mean about an upcoming event spurring on the garden work!! It all looks great...seems you have it under control. Love the old basket and the red on the chair is genius. Now I'm thinking I need a red chair!

  11. Don't you just love this time of year, all your flowers look wondeful, and that new path how fabulous is that.


  12. Your yard just keeps getting prettier. I love Adirondack chairs and yours looks so pretty painted red. Hope you have a chance to relax a bit before party time. Good luck getting it all done.

  13. IT all looks great and you should have good weather to finish your list. Enjoy. Your yard is so pretty.

  14. Looks like you're planning a graduation party! You have the perfect backyard for it! Everything looks so pretty, Stacey! Let the celebration begin!

  15. Looks great Stacey! You always have a beautiful place. Congrats on the graduation! I know your son is excited. (and you too)

  16. Bright red geraniums and bright red
    Adirondack chairs...make the perfect combination. I think I will be the first one on the list to buy your book someday, on how to produce garden beauty. I can't imagine the way it will all look when you are finished. I smiled when I read your comment about your impatience with the flowers filling in their spaces. I can relate to that. What a lovely post!

  17. Oh It's going to look so pretty. Your new path is so cute! :) Sweet Potato Vine is my new favorite. I can actually grow it! :)

    Don't work to hard...


  18. If that chair goes missing, you best come looking for me. Oh I want that chair!

    Next year three of our grandchildren will graduate from high school.

  19. Your yard looks great! Your guests will so enjoy it!
    My oldest daughter is graduating from Tulane this year so I don't have to personally get anything ready.NOLA here we come. Yeah! We'll be leaving next week. Anderson Cooper is the speaker! I'm more excited about that than the graduation.:)

  20. Your yard is looking wonderful Stacey. It will fill in a lot in twelve days. Love the red chair and that geranium in the basket is perfect. With your late winter, (I keep remembering the recent picture of your last snow) you really have come a long way.

  21. Looking Beautiful!!! Congrats to the Graduate! I know you are so proud of him...

    Lou Cinda :)

  22. Ooooooooooh! LOVE the red adirondak chair. NICE : ) Hope the graduation is fun!

  23. Your hostas are incredible!

  24. Everything is looking great Stacey. I so know what you're talking about-I have to have the pressure of an upcoming event to get myself into high gear and get a lot accomplished. Looks like y'all are moving right along. Your flowers look beautiful, and I love that path with the plantings between the stones. That's going to look so pretty. laurie

  25. Hi,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Congratulations to your son on his upcoming graduation. Can't believe how fast the time flies! Don't work too hard getting things ready :-)

  26. Oh Stacey...you are so right about giving yourself a kick into gear by deciding to host an event. It happens to me...a lot. That's pretty much how I get things done! lol I say let's have a party and then it's get busy gettin' ready time! Your yard looks gorgeous! I love hostas, love the geraniums in the basket and your rock walkway is so charming!!!

    Visit my blog this week...I'm hosting a $50 giveaway.

    Take care!


  27. Stacey,

    Your yard looks great and I know it will look great for your sons graduation party.

    Ten years ago on May 12th we had the rehearsal dinner for my son's wedding at our house. Dinner for 75 people.

    I remember going outside the morning of the dinner and carrying my shovel. I had worked so hard, I had nothing to dig and not a single weed to pull.

    I just know your graduation party will be perfect and your guests will see all your hard work.

    Hugs, Gretchen

  28. What a pretty yard! I love the basket as a planter. You must have a very shady yard like I do, I recognize all those "shade" plants.

  29. I understand! We are working like crazy around here too, because my daughter is graduating next weekend! Love the red chair! I will be looking for old baskets to plant geraniums in. Thanks for the inspiration.

  30. Everything looks beautiful!! I love the color of the Adirondack chairs - they add such personality to the outdoor space!!

  31. Your garden looks great, Stacey. The path is gorgeous!

  32. The geranium looks great in that basket! I know what you mean about having company coming, really making things get done!

  33. It's looking good!!! Love the chair painted red. I haven't done anything in my yard yet this year. Luckily hubby has been pulling weeds. But we haven't planted a thing. I need something like a graduation to motivate me. Keep up the good work. And thanks for visiting my blog & leaving me a nice comment about my paper wreath.

  34. Now you know I love red so those red chairs are calling my name, Stacey!! And your stone path is so nice. I have an area where I'd love to add them, but I really need to finish other projects, first. LOL The weather here is so weird, cold one day and hot two days later. Right now,I have the heat on. Brrr.... No work in the yard for the next couple of days for me! hugs, Sue


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