A Little Fashion Talk

Girls - grab a Diet Coke and let's talk about clothes!

Going back to work this fall has had me thinking or obsessing alot about clothes. I love clothes and I always have! I do like to shop although I don't often find things I have to have.

The other day I discovered Merona Mondays on the Target website. Those smart people show you how to put together three different outfits with a few pieces from Target. Let me confess that I see things at Target all the time that I think are cute but then I think, "Well, everyone in Edmond will be wearing that and we will all know which rack it came from." Silly, I know. Look at how they are changing up these outfits, though. I just love looking at this kind of stuff.

(All pictures from Target website. Please don't sue me.)

Where do you like to shop? Do you know of any fashion (term used very loosely) sites or blogs that are fun and for real people? Please share!

Oh, as a teacher I do dress professionally but suits are not required. Thank goodness!


  1. I think all of those outfits are adorable but I am not the one to give you advice on how to dress. It's 1:35 and I'm still in PJ's - however, I do have a low grade fever and flu symptoms so I have an excuse...today :)

  2. Hi Stacey, I am also probably not one to advise. I am a classic dresser and always have been. I NEVER buy fads....no matter how cute they are.

    I buy basic good pieces and spend my shopping dollars in really good accessories. I do have a weakness for good handbags but feel they bring any outfit 'up.' Also, I never spend money on summer clothes and this is a hoot since I live in Florida. I do love great fitting jeans.

    Hope you are having a grand week.

    Barb ♥

  3. I used to love dressing for work. I still love an opportunity to get dressed up after living in sweats all the time. I love Target's clothes, too and I wouldn't worry about anyone knowing where you got things because they are always getting new stuff in.

    A good place to look at work clothes is in Redbook magazine. They do a lot of features for mixing pieces, work and weekend clothes and up to date make up and hair styles. Gosh, I'm jealous!!

    Good luck, Stacey!!


  4. I think those outfits are adorable! I blogged about shoes today, funny we both had fashion on the brain! Good luck with finding the right outfits, know you will!


  5. They are cute clothes selections. I LIVE in Christopher & Barnes, available on the internet!

    Have a lovely week.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  6. Those are really cute and I need help in the fashion dept. Big help. Now, I taught math and had to be bending over students' desks a lot so I wore pants. I'm not the graceful type that can stoop. Being retired now it is a brain-strain to even think about dressing professionally. But these items you showed sure would be helpful in shopping and putting things together.

  7. Since I retired from teaching 2 years ago I haven't purchased a lot of clothing. However when I do buy new pieces I like to shop on line with Eddie Bauer, Land's End, LL Bean, and QVC.

    Enjoy shopping!


  8. So cute Stacey! I feel the same way about Target...I am so afraid I am going to be wearing the same thing as someone else...I really only use them for isolated items...t-shirts...pjs...etc...

    I love shopping on-line and find the best things that way. I have a few stores I love and know their clothes will fit and I love that they deliver;)!


  9. Soooo cute Stacey! I LOVE Target for everything even clothes. I'm going to look again there soon. We have a store here called Cato. It's really affordable and perfect for me since I'm still trying to lose a bit more and don't want to pay a fortune for clothes. I have found the cutest outfits the last few months. Do you have one?

    Thank you soooo much for your kind comments on my blogging thoughts. I was hoping I didn't sound too mean or anything. *Smiles*
    I understand about needing your comment verification. I wonder why that happens to certain blogs? Hmmm...I have been really lucky so far with only a few spammers. I hope it works well for you.

    Have a great evening. ~Melissa

    PS I received my new book today. Yay! I will start reading it tonight.

  10. I shop at a lot of different stores and like certain brands like Columbia and Carribean Joe. I don't dress up much though...mostly casual here in Florida! Love these outfits! You look cute in everything! ♥

  11. I'm no help at ALL in the fashion department. I can wear shorts, capris, tees, whatever at my little part-time job where I see no one :)

    I do think some basics will take you a long way. Blacks, navy, browns, grays in skirts and pants. You can always add accessories, jewelry, bright shirts and jackets to make tons of different looks.

  12. Cute~
    I have to confess~I get a lot of my clothes at Thrift Stores (I call it vintage shopping) and then I mix and match with the rack so I am sure no one else has what I have . LOL
    I would love to share the Diet Coke!~

  13. Stacey, I didn't know you were a teacher? Did I? What do you teach? This is twenty questions, by the way :) I teach computer lab to Pre-K and Kinders. My school district is building all new schools and they are closing mine after this year. I have been there for about ten years. I don't know where I will be next year or what they will have me doing? Something I hope :0
    As far as the clothes thing, I need to spend more time and money on that and less on the house and yard!
    Catch ya later!

  14. Stacey,
    I love each one of those outfits! I love that they show you all the different ways to put it all together. I don't shop at Target much but they really do have such cute things!

  15. What a great idea for Target to do... I love all those ideas. I am excited for you to start working... I know you will be so good at teaching. Classic is always in style.


  16. I love those clothing suggestions. So much color and style! Thanks for your nice comment on my blog about my new fountain!

  17. Hi, Stacey,
    Thanks for the info. This is just what I need, as I always have trouble putting stuff together.
    I will be checking it out.


  18. I like a lot of fashion blogs! Tonight I am going to see Sex and the City! I am the least fashionable girl in the world though....darn it!

  19. How cute are these outfits! And I own that dress too. Follow my link and you can see how I styled it!


    I have to confess I sometimes think people will label my clothes too. But then I decided it was more important for me to love what I wear, not how people will label my clothes.


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