A Little Blog Talk and a Song

I was reading a blog the other day and the owner spoke of her likes and dislikes on blogs. One of the main issues she addressed was music. She absolutely doesn't like music on blogs and many of the people who commented didn't either.

Hmmm....I do like music.

When I was painting my son's room a couple of weeks ago I listened to Tina's music from Cherry Hill Cottage and also Valerie's music from Glimpse of my World. Of course, I constantly go around humming "Stranger on the Shore" after visiting Kim at Dear Daisy Cottage. I can just hear that clarinet in my head!

We don't all listen to the same music but that's fun to me.

Anyway, my son had his very last vocal concert in high school tonight. Those kids are so amazing I can't even begin to describe it. One of the songs they sang was "Perhaps Love". I don't have a recording of the kids singing it but do you remember the John Denver/Placido Domingo version?

My mom and I loved it years ago and played it over and over!

I hope you like this song today. It's playing on my Playlist. Let me know your thoughts about blog music. You won't hurt my feelings.


  1. I love any happy or soothing tones and enjoy changing my music to match certain posts, just for fun! I have found that I do NOT like music that blares out load enough to cause you to jump when the page loads...I'm gonna need 'depends' for those blogs, lol!

  2. I LOVE music and that includes on blogs. I usually try to pick a song to go with my post. I figure if someone doesn't like music on blogs they can click the mute button. :)


  3. I agree with you girls!!

    And hey, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do..even if it requires Depends!

  4. Hi Stacey,

    I love music too..my son is finishing his bachelor's degree in contemporary Christian worship music in Florida...he has lead choirs and is a youth worship leader now. I know you must be proud of your son going off to college in Chicago! I cried when my Ryan graduated from high school and at the last choir performance!I used to have a playlist on my blog but removed it because I had read that it was "better" not to have it..but I like music and have thought about putting my playlist back up..I just have a hard time selecting what to put on..I like so many types of music it would take me forever to choose! I thought about just putting my son's original music and performances on too..but would that be a doting Mom?? LOL.

  5. I love music... but not on the blogs... ONLY because I like to open a bunch up at the same time and comment on my breaks at work... So I just turn my sound down. So I say leave the music on if you like it. Those that don't can just turn it down. :)
    Have a great day!


  6. I love music on blogs. But if it is TOOOOOO LOUD or blast me I hit the MUTE button really quick! :)


  7. I think music and kittens are the biggest mood boosters made. Love music of any kind and anywhere.

  8. Stacey, I love music on blogs. I do as you did and pull up blogs and just listen to the music sometimes. I keep the sound turned down most of the time on my computer anyway. To each their own I guess :)

  9. Keep the music coming...it is an expression of your personality - or at least on that day.

  10. Good morning Stacey, I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE the pleasant music on the blogspots that I follow.. I don't have a blogspot, myself, but the ones I follow (like yours) add a lot of pleasure to my day.. Sometimes, I close the picture of the spots and just listen to the music all day.. It adds a nice background to whatever I'm doing. Have a beautiful day. Hugs, Charlotte

  11. I Like music on blogs, it's sometimes soothing, sometimes inspiring, and sometimes it just takes me on a trip down memory lane...and if for some reason I don't like whats playing...I just turn off the sound :)

  12. I love music on blogs...gets my feet a'tappin'! That's a beautiful song you added to your playlist! How in the world did you choke back the tears when your son sang it???

  13. Stacey, I'm not joking when I say this, your blog has always had my most favorite music each and every time I visit! But I got rid of mine after reading comments from a few of my followers who said it scared the bejeebers out of them! Ha!
    I do sometimes find it distracting though but in those cases I just turn down the volume. It's all good, right?

    p.s. I love this song!

  14. I love music. I love using music with my posts and I love hearing music when I read blogs. I know it is not for everyone but it is so easy to scroll to the player and stop the music if you don't want to listen to it. And for some of us that tend to use the same music I think it identifys us in a way.

  15. It doesn't really matter to me about the music on blogs. I just turn it down if I don't want to hear it.

  16. I do enjoy all music! I'll be honest Stacey I do find myself turning it off while I'm trying to read and type comments while I blog. I just cannot multi task I guess. *Smiles*

  17. I like music on blogs and I like it when the music changes every day or so...you know, to fit the subject of the post. HOWEVER, my son told me "mom you are going to drive people away from your blog if you keep putting those crazy songs on there!". Since I blog so my kids far away can keep up with the family, I took my music off! But I don't want anyone else to do that!

  18. I enjoy the music and if its not to my liking I just turn it off,easy peasy !
    Love your blog !

  19. Not so crazy about the music, but to shut it off it is just one quick click. I saw marilyn comment about how cats and music were so soothing. I totally agree about the cats

  20. I have to admit I don't like music on blogs, it seems to take a while to load too so I'm halfway through reading the post and then some music starts to play... it distracts me to be honest so I usually have to hit the pause button - sorry :-/

  21. LOL! I pretty much did the exact post several months ago! I love the music on blogs. I had people tell me they were about to take their music off because some popular blog said you shouldn't have music if want to be a successful blogger but they kept it after hearing the response of people who love it. I guess it depends on your definition of sucess, huh?

    Playlist rocks! or samba's or two-steps....It's good to be exposed to different musics. It's so easy to hit the mute button if it bothers them. Sometimes I have mine on in the background and another blog's music comes on, it can make for interesting mixes!

  22. I love music! Perhaps love by John Denver/Placido Domingo is one of my favorite songs!

  23. I really enjoy music on blogs, and if it happens to be the kind of music that I don't like, I turn it down. Your blog, along with many others, has beautiful music.

    I would have loved hearing the last concert of your son's school. I am sure you must have listened with many mixed emotions. Keep playing your music and producing so many interesting posts.

  24. Thank you for visiting me the other day and leaving such a sweet comment! Music is great..I just turn down the volume if I don't like it...hugs for a great weekend. xoxoxoxox

  25. Hi Stacey!

    I love music, but many times, it causes a page to load much slower. That's really my only gripe.

    Thank you so much for entering my book giveaway, good luck!

    All the best,

  26. I love hearing the different music on different blogs. If I don't like their choice of music I just mute it. I have heard the music from Hans Zimmer on several blogs and I REALLY like that.

  27. I love all of the music in blogland! If I am not in the mood that particular day...I just turn my sound off...a no brainer!


  28. I guess I don't have a strong feeling either way. If I go to a blog and don't want to listen I just mute the music. I feel like our blogs are a reflection of our personalities and we should feel free to design them music or not how we want them to be. Have a great weekend

  29. I love music, also. But; should I not be in the mood, which is very rare, I just mute it.
    I,also simply love your blog post.
    Hope you are having a great week end. Your senior is very handsome!

  30. Since my laptop is in a public part of the house, I keep my volume turned off, so I don't hear the music. laurie

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