Inspired by Spring!

Too busy to blog this week because Spring has arrived!

It was actually very warm here so I worked out in the yard every day.

Put out 20 bags of mulch.

Watched the hostas pop out a little more by the day.

Watched the redbuds begin to bloom.

Got my front porch geraniums.

We had a new fence put in. Katie and I had to survey the progress daily.

They actually built the fence one board at a time - which amazed me! It's beautiful.

Watched the tulips begin to bloom too.

What did you do this week? I hope it was a great one.

Today I'm linking with Tootsie for Fertilizer Friday and Melissa at The Inspired Room.


  1. Your yard looks great, our hosta's aren't that big yet. I did take some before pics and I am taking after pics as things come up.

    Purple Iris opened yesterday, just in time for Easter.

    Happy Easter.

  2. Love your pictures...yes I think Spring has arrived...lots of rain going on right no working in the yard today and maybe not ever tomorrow. My little bunny like the one shown got one of his ears broken...but he is still standing guard in the garden.

    Enjoy the weekend!

  3. I don't blame you for wanting to be outside. It has been gorgeous here, too.

    You have really been working hard. 20 bags of mulch. Wow! I am sure it looks great and it reminds me...

    Love your fence, too. I love the style. I can't get used to those plastic privacy fences. Katie looks like she approves!!

    Have a happy and blessed Easter, Stacey!


  4. How fun to be in the garden every day. Everything is looking so pretty in your yard. Our weather has been beautiful here too. I've been gardening as much as possible. Love this time of year before the real heat sets in.

  5. I love watching the hostas come up. They are so fast. Mine are about a week behind yours.

    Becky K.

  6. I love your Hostas and new fence, Stacey. Can't wait to see more of your beautiful yard ... especially the pond and waterfall area.

  7. Stacey it's looking very pretty at your place.

    Happy Easter! Melissa :)

  8. Hi Stacey! Your yard is looking great! Aren't you loving the warmer weather?
    Happy Easter to you and your family,
    Shelia ;)

  9. Girlfriend you've been busy! Love all your photos. Glad to see "the supervisor" - your beautiful dog - was on duty :)

  10. It is really becoming beautiful outside... everything looks wonderful! Have a HAppy Easter Weekend!!!

  11. Your yard looks beautiful! Hasn't our weather been fabulous this past week!?!? Today it has been pouring here but it looks like the sun is trying to peek out right at this moment. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter weekend.♥

  12. One of my favorite places to visit is your stunning garden! I love that you have so much space and that it is all so lovingly cared for! Simply gorgeous!

    The geraniums on your porch are daughter talked me into planting hot pink ones this year...they are very pretty but red is still my favorite!

    I hope ya'll have a wonderful Easter weekend!

  13. I love that fence, Stacey! I can just see all sorts of little garden decorations hung on it.

  14. Very nice! Isn't the warmer weather welcome? We traveled back to NC and I have thought of you all day. I've been poofing the pillows! We've been gone for 4 months and everything needs poofing! I love saying that! ♥

  15. Looks like spring has certainly visit with you this week.Your yard looks lovely and I think Katie is enjoying the weater as well.
    Happy Easter,

  16. Wow! Your gardens remind me so of mine. Lovely!

    We just laid 8 cu. yds. of mulch & are only half done ... got in some more azaleas (20) & (2) rhodies & lots of primroses today. Don't you just LOVE digging in the dirt?

    Happy Easter!
    Have a beautiful weekend.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  17. Hi Stacey,

    Wasn't today just the prettiest day!! I was able to get out and do some shopping today...and enjoyed the weather. I haven't got much done in my yard yet since I've been shopping for Easter. I did plant a few pansies in a flower box and pot..but so much more to do! Next weekend I hope to be out planting away! Hope you have a wonderful Easter Sunday with you hubbie and sons!

    Sonia/Miss Bloomers

  18. It seems like yesterday that you shared the cold and snow pictures of your backyard. Time goes by so quickly. It is quite obvious that you spend many hours on your back yard. It looks like pictures from a gardening magazine. So beautiful! It is fun to see red geraniums again. I am sure Katie is thrilled that this time of the year is here again. I like the fence. Great addition!

    Happy Easter to you and your family.

  19. I have been doing some yard work, too. I think my hubby is actually going to get a Mexican guy to help me put put pine straw this year. He needs the work and I need help. I may have to use pine straw instead of mulch on my front beds since every time we get rain so much of it is lifting and floating away. At $5 dollars a bag I can't have it leaving. Have a wonderful Easter!!

  20. Beautiful yard
    Too cool here yet to plant any flowers but things are beginning to sprout and I love it!
    Have a wonderful Easter!

  21. I've been doing about the same. Each day watching what has bloomed from the day before. Happy Easter!

  22. Happy Easter, this is my first visit. I love Tootsie, go there later.
    Have to comment on your header it is wonderful,and an inspiring post, I will work in the yard some, Maine is warming up slowly. Can't really plant till middle May.
    We have had snow in April before.
    Stop over some time. Yvonne

  23. Happy Easter, Stacey! Hope your weekend is fabulous!
    PS Your garden is gorgeous.:)

  24. Spring certainly inspires us to go outside and play:>) Your yard is already shopwing signs of beauty. I hope your Easter was extra special!

  25. Hope you had a nice Easter Stacey! I made it through the week with out catching the flu from the kids or Hubby. You really don't want to know what I was doing all week though! Everyone was good to go for Easter and we had a nice but cold day. Thanks for the well wishes.

  26. It is getting warm here too! And in a hurry! It is 86 right now! We have the craziest climate.

    I know your yard will be breathtaking! It was last year!

    We planted grass over the weekend, now we have to water, water, water! And it better grow!!

    Have a great week and enjoy!

    Lou Cinda :)

  27. We opened the pool, weeded and mowed this weekend. Your yard is going to be pretty again this year. Love the new fence.


  28. Your yard is looking much like Spring. I would be out there too.
    Glad you are finally seeing the signs that winter is gone.
    We had a chilly, but sunny Easter, but yesterday was windy and rainy. So thankfull for it all though.
    Your doggy even looks happy to be outdoors.

  29. What a great fence! It is so exciting to finally have springlike weather. If only the wind would stop blowing so we could enjoy it!

  30. Hi Stacey! Thanks for popping in to see me. Oh, you can copy me any time you like. I'm flattered! Hope you've still got some warm sunshine!
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  31. Your yard is looking great! Love the new fence.

  32. I am totally and forever in LOVE with this new it!!

  33. Things are budding here too and I LOVE it! Happy Spring! :-)

  34. This is funny -- it's almost like I'm ready some of my own posts. We have a lot in common. I'm going to sign up to follow you! I sure invite you to do the same. I also have a Wednesday link party called the Boardwalk Bragfest where you can link anything that has made you proud that week. Love to have you join in! So nice to meet you, Stacey

  35. I love the fence, it is inspiring ME because we need to build our own fence hopefully this summer!! :-)


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