Spring is Coming

Spring is coming to our yard here in Edmond. I spent time outside today...the temp was in the 50s and the Sun was shining. The world is better now. :)

I tried to take a few pics to prove that Spring is coming. The quality of my pictures just makes me laugh. When a girl needs reading glasses to look at the camera and the pictures but no glasses to see across the yard, well you get this...

Buds on my clematis vines!
An evergreen tree next to maiden hair grass. Time to cut that grass off.

The path at the back of the pond is just begging for attention.

Look! There's a college dude studying on the patio.

Yes, this is a daffodil. Pretty sad. I think it sprouted and then it froze.

Today I bought myself a B&D cordless blower. Woo Hoo!
I'm going to keep those leaves off of my patio once and for all!

Another sign that spring is coming -we received my younger son's high school graduation announcements. Pass me a kleenex please.

I'm going to join Tootsie for Fertilizer Friday. :)
Be sure and visit all the other gardeners who are dying to be outside.


  1. Aw, honey, I feel for you and am passing you a box of the softest tissues I can find along with a gentle cyber ((hug)). I took a similar pic of my youngest son on the patio last spring. Now both of my birdies have flown the nest and this house seems a little too quiet.
    However, I do find working in the yard to be great therapy in times like this and I hope that it helps you too.
    That is one nice looking college dude you have there, Mom.

  2. Don't you just want to package up this day? Then we could unwrap it when the storms return...

    Yes! Edmond was GORGEOUS...

    Please, please stay this way.


  3. I think Spring has sprung in Texas too! We've had 3 whole days of sunshine! Can you believe it? I'd almost forgotten how good the sun feels on my face.:)

  4. I am so ready for springtime and to have my flowers begin blooming! Oh, don't even get me started about the graduation announcements...WAAHH!!!

  5. Clematis buds!! I am so envious. And I love the overgrown look of your ornamental grass. Isn't it supposed to look like that?!

    I am so glad you have had some signs of spring. We have has 2 days of sunshine and the snow is melting. It is supposed to get up to 50 degrees by Saturday.

    Did you make it to Chicago? How did you like it here?


  6. I am so ready for Spring~blow it this way!

  7. Hooray for Spring!!
    Cherish this time with your soon to be graduated son. As I am sure you know from experience the rest of the year will fly by. Bittersweet and exciting times

  8. There are several of us who have a graduating child this year....it IS painful in a way. We can hold each other up. BUT for you and me, it's our babies!!!!! I understand!


  9. Loved the tour of the garden...but that one plant you called daffodil looks like my tulip leaves....What variety of daffodil is it...does it come back every year and what color? I like plants that requite little care.

    With son graduating does that mean you are getting older? I know you are proud of the boys and you should be.

    Tomorrow is Friday...hopefully it will be warm.

  10. Don't you just feel wonderful when the sun shines and the temps start to rise!!!!

    Glad your day was a beauty, mine too even with all the snow...If the sun shines it doesn't matter!

    Love your first buds of the season!
    xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings..

  11. Yes, it was beautiful in Oklahoma today! My car temp said it reached 61 today and it was 51 before noon! I am so ready for Spring, too. I long to see some color besides brown.

    Happy gardening!

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  13. Spring is in the air! I can feel it coming here too.

    Great pictures Satcey! Your son is so cute studying away. :)

  14. Oops... Yes I can spell your name after knowing you for over a year. He!

  15. I thought you guys still had snow.
    I bet you're glad that's gone.

    That's funny about the picture. Did you think you had a target in your lens? I once kept trying to take a picture and couldn't figure out why it kept moving, and why my camera wouldn't 'click'. I seriously was getting confused, and then I realized I had my camera in video mode. I ran it back and all you could here was me saying 'well crap, what's wrong with this sorry camera?". Obviously I was the sorry one! lol

    I'm looking so forward to spring finally showing up around here too.

  16. We are supposed to have 50 and sunny this weekend so I hope to get out with my camera. Boy, it's been a long winter.

  17. Looking forward to warmer weather here...with 5 kids, it gets easier!!

  18. Stacey, ooooo, how exciting. You will love the blower. I have my own for the driveway. It gets the job done!! :-)


  19. Great photos! I love your path!! Makes me want to follow it and see whats around the bend. Happy Spring!
    I hear ya on the kleenex, sending you a big ((hug)). My youngest of 4 graduated last year. 3 have yet to leave.....not sure if thats a good thing or a bad thing....lol

  20. Hi Stacey! A girl after my own heart - a power tool!yea I love the grass as is!lol The snow here is almost gone I should check for my tulips?? Have a sunny weekend - Sincerely, Jeannettte (and glad to see someone is studying!lol)

  21. Hey Stacey, I hope spring will get here soon, cuz I'm so ready, too! As for college, I don't know what to say except that you should come to Dallas immediately after college admission next fall and have shopping, thrifting, and eating therapy at Opulent Cottage! If you forget your glasses, I'll loan you one of the many pairs I have around here. haha! xoxo, Andrea

  22. Yes spring is coming because I mowed part of the north forty this afternoon and could not believe how much it needed it. Grass is really high already or should I say weeds...
    Congrats on your sons graduation. Yes a box of kleenex you will need take it from one that has done it three times...lol

  23. I had to smile when you talked about your son graduating, such a mixture of happiness and sadness. Having 4 leave the nest the one thing I know for sure, they always come back for awhile at least.

  24. Good Morning Stacey ~

    I love those sweet little sunny days in late winter...they give us the strength to go on. We have had a mild winter her in the Northwest and now at that end of the season...they are talking snow next week!!! Before we know it spring will have sprung and we will be knee deep in our yards and loving every weed filled moment of it!

    Smiles ~ Ramona

  25. 50* !! that would be heaven. It is currently 30* as I type this.. I live in Mi. so we have a while yet. I love your brick path.. so cute.

  26. We have sun and it is suppose to get to 50 here today too!! Yahoooooo!!

    Welcome Spring!!

  27. I love the "woodland" look of your yard, Stacey! I have to find a clematis this year. I've been saying that for at least two years now.

  28. After reading your opening paragraph, I became a "Follower". My first crocus blossomed on Thursday here in Western MA. Spring is so close!

    It will be an exciting Spring for your family. Enjoy!

  29. your spring is coming!! I see signs of it here too...there is MUD everywhere!!! lol
    thanks for linking in today!

  30. Your post today did almost convince me that Spring is just about here! My husband thinks his leaf blower is the best! I am sure you will find the same thoughts! I like the one of your son on the porch doing his "studies":) Good looking young man! Right now you are probably wishing that you could slow life down somehow. Graduation comes so quickly.

    Once again, beautiful photography!

  31. I love a glipse at your yard, even in the winter it is beautiful. My daughter is graduating this year, too. I try not to think about it because I'll start crying. Where did the time go? :) Btw, I love your blog.


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