It's So Close

Spring is so close we can feel it!
Windows and doors are open this afternoon.
Made our first trip to the nursery today. :)
We have an azalea bed on our garden plan.
What's on yours?


  1. Stacey I have 11 acres so I just let Mother Nature take its course ha ha!! Hope you have a GREAT weekend my friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  2. What a pretty photo:>) I'm starting my seeds and glorying in the warm weather and sunshine!

  3. I love this day THe sun is shining and we hit 60 degrees which feels wonderful!! I love azaleas but they don't grow well here. Have a great evening!

  4. Don't know what I want to plant in some open areas that need filling...something that is not costly, grows fast and looks fabulous this summer...but have not come up with something that fills out those category slots just yet.

    Enjoy the weather in the morning...then I understand the bottom drops out and in come the yucky cold stuff again.

  5. I have a new flower bed planned but for this weekend, I am digging out the drop cloths to cover my lilac bushes so they don't freeze!

  6. Have you watched the weather forecast?

  7. Oooh, I just love azaleas! That's gonna look gorgeous when they bloom! I'm just planning to finish the kitchen then get designing our entire new landscape at the new house! Lots & lots of old overgrown things to rip out. You enjoy that nice weather & have fun :)!

  8. We spent last weekend in flower beds and yard. Wanted to do more this weekend. Supposed to get cold and wind chill in the twenties. All those hanging baskets have to come back into the garage for a few more days. I think this will be our last chill in Dallas. I am still going to Callaways to buy their $1 geraniums.

  9. Stacey, I love that photo! The vine, the white, the red transferware - gorgeous.

    Too early to think about doing anything in the gardens just yet - some cleanup will be the first thing on the agenda though.

    Happy weekend!

  10. I have SO MUCH TO DO Stacey! Yikes.
    In fact, I had to take a muscle relaxer from over-doing it this morning.

    I still need to clean beds and replace plants that didn't make the freeze.


  11. Oh, if you only knew! We have several dead bushes from our winter freezes that just didn't make it. So sad and they all have to be pulled and replaced but it's still a bit too soon here yet.

    I did put away my plaid pillow covers, altered some cases with a flowery print and made a little pillow to match. All getting ready for warmer weather.

  12. If I get rid of this stinking head cold I just got today I will be working in the yard on Saturday. Can't wait.

  13. We're adding strawberries to our garden this year, at least that's the plan.


  14. Oh I am so looking forward to working in my garden and the rest of our yard! I need to access everything and see what else to plant. I have so many plans. ha ha! I want to order some David Austin roses, plant other flowers and start my veggie garden. So many things:) Have a great evening.

  15. You are right about it being so close. My mowers had to come today. Got the pre emergent down. Weeding needing to be done in the flower beds already too. She sighs.

  16. We've had some beautiful weather but winter is still not over. Maybe a few more snowfalls or a freeze. I have daffodils and tulips poking up and that thrills me! But all else will be on hold for awhile. Thankfully, I have a lot of patience!!

    Your azaleas sound beautiful! :-)


  17. Veggies, veggies and more veggies.. oh and herbs too :) We've already gotten some in the ground this week.

  18. Yards raked...Beds are cleaned up...seeds are purchased, and a few new bulbs.
    Still a little early here to plant anything...(Snow predicted this next week)! But March has been so beautiful so far I'm sure snow will not stay long!
    Have fun out there!
    xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  19. What a pretty picture. We have a while yet before we can get in the gardens here in Michigan. My plan for this weekend is to get outside and pick up the trash left in the yard after the snow melted.
    Have a good weekend.

  20. Love this sweet spring-time vingette! We're headed to the beach to find a vacation rental for JULY!

    When we get back, we'll be taking down an old apple tree - I'm thinking I may replace it with a magnolia.


  21. Hey Texas girl. My daughter graduates OU in May! I love the name of your blog.

  22. I just posted about my garden plans!

    Can't wait for spring!!


  23. Isn't it wonderful! I have got to get in my flower beds today. It's supposed to rain tomorrow.:(

  24. Hi, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog--at first I thought it was my brother because his name is Stacey too!! Ha!! My mom gave us names that could be used for either sex. ...that way whatever she had it would be ok.

    It is beautiful here in SC today--I am headed out to read a book and enjoy the bradford pears in their rich blooms!!

  25. Ummm,Stacey, you might want to bring everything in for the weekend...LoL
    Is this weather nuts, or what....

  26. Hey there Stacey ~

    I threw open the windows today as well...our Spring Break begins today! We have a nice weekend in store and then rain, rain, rain on Monday...I'm just glad that there is no homework!

    Have a wonderful weekend and happy Spring to you!

    Smiles ~ Ramona

  27. We have lots of azaleas. Love them all. We're thinking of enlarging the vegetable garden this year.

  28. Stacey, Love the red plate. I made a trip to the nursey also, but she sent me away empty-handed and told me come back in two weeks and sure enough, we are have a freeze tonight and this is Texas.....


  29. Stacey,

    I love the plant and the plate but most of all, I love the little lamb. How cute it is!


  30. A bit of everything! Our temps are getting much colder. And I hear you may be in for a rough weather weekend.

  31. Don't you just love Spring and buying beautiful new plants. We had the coldest Winter ever, and have tons of dead plants to clean up.
    Glad you are getting some slips made for your dining room! FUN!
    As far as material, it depends on the look you want and how often you'll use them. Cotton duck wears well, but there's just nothing like linen. There's so many different weights of linen, you can get real sturdy European linen or the lovely light tissue linen. Go with what you love is my best advice! Ha Ha! I no expert, strictly trial and error decorating~

  32. Hi Stacey!

    Lucky you! We are having a snow storm today!

    Thanks for stopping over -its great to meet you!

    love, kelee

  33. Love everything on this big ol' fabulous tray! The lamb reminds me of the Easter that one of our friends bought the cutest lamb-shaped butter. We all oohed and ahh-ed over it, exclaiming what a great idea it was of hers to pick it up for the Easter meal we'd all be sharing together . . . that is until it was actually time to USE the butter! None of us could figure out where to cut into it without feeling like the were shooting Bambi's mama or something! We still laugh about finally dragging out a tub of margarine!



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