Outdoor Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! Today I'm joining Susan at A Southern Daydreamer for Outdoor Wednesday. I hesitate to show snow again but that's exactly what we've had here in Edmond, OK. The snow fell last Thursday and Friday about 5-7 inches depending on where you were. I think we got the 7 " for sure!

As I'm typing this on Tuesday, the snow is finally melting! The kids have not been in school since last Wednesday. For those of you who live in the north, I'm sure that's bazaar to you. This storm was very icy and the roads have been pretty dangerous. Our pond has been frozen across the top for days. Don't worry...the fish will be fine. :)

I heard them say on the news that a typical winter for us has about 9 1/2 inches of snow. So far this year we've had 19" of snow in the Oklahoma City area! We could definitely still get more. It has been a winter time adventure for sure!


  1. Yes, you have had more than usual out there. We've set records here in MD. also.

    Hope that you didn't lose power, etc. & all is well with you.

    Happy Valentine's
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  2. I think you've had more snow than us herein the Northeast!

  3. And I just heard Gary say we could get some more snow on Thursday...Sure hope he is wrong. The bright side is all the mooisture we are receiving from it.

    Stay warm.

  4. So far no snow where I live in Oregon. I'm missing the fun!

  5. I didn't know Oklahoma ever got snow!! One of the joys of blogging is learning these things. We had snow last night again. It never melts all the way.

    Our kids and most of the kids going to the surrounding schools are within walking distance. When we have school closures, it is usually for the teachers and staff that can't drive. But it is still a yahoo time for the kids!!

    Have you made other plans for coming to Chicago??


  6. Stay warm..... I am ready for spring NOW!! hUGSs

  7. Your pond looks so pretty with the snow around it. I never get tired of looking at snow photos, but of I don't have to live with it. I'm sure there are alot of people who are tired of it this year!

  8. ~WOW! You have had tons of snow! So pretty Stacey. :)

  9. Hi Stacey,
    The snow is so lovely. But then, I don't have to shovel it, or drive in it, or deal with snow days with the kids! It does look really nice, though.
    I hope you'll be by for the first Wednesday Gratitude party!
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  10. It is so pretty, don't get any where I live. Stay warm!

  11. Stacey,

    Well at least the sun came out today and started melting some of the accumulation in my neighborhood...it's pretty to look at though...just ready for spring to get here! Lovely picutres!

  12. Glad to hear the snow is melting but it does look pretty. We had snow this weekend and it was lovely.

  13. Hi Stacey! I didn't realize you had gotten so much snow! I'm sure you're glad it's melting but it sure is pretty.
    I'm so glad some of my posts have made an impression on you! :) I so enjoyed making those plates and if you do try it, make sure you let me know!
    Be a sweetie and stay warm,
    Shelia ;)

  14. I think we've had about 23 inches this winter here in Roanoke, VA in the Blue Ridge Mountains. More on the way this week-end and our last snow has not melted yet! It's been a crazy winter all across the U.S. this year, hasn't it. But at least the snow is pretty. LOL

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  15. Gorgeous snowy pictures...makes me SOOO jealous!

  16. Your backyard looks like a winter wonderland. The pond is so pretty.
    We got 7 inches last week and they are predicting another storm on Friday.

  17. Happy belated Ground Hog's Day. Looks like we are going to have eight more weeks of winter. Time to get those gardening catalogs out and look forward to Spring.
    Joyce M

  18. I can't believe all of the snow you guys got...WOW! I am sooo ready for spring...the cold is really starting to get to me!

    I have been on a little break brought about by my computer hogging family;)! With my husband working at home and kid's school projects my blogging had to take a back seat. I am slowly catching up!

    I adore Cath Kidston! Her things are gorgeous...I think I need to request a catalog too...don't you agree?!


  19. Your yard looks so pretty even in snow. You just have to embrace it and enjoy the fun...and keep warm.

  20. Gorgeous, Stacey! Beautiful scenes like this...inspired my tablescape for this week.

    Barb ♥

  21. Beautiful snow photos Stacey, you've had more than we have, although we're supposed to have more starting tomorrow. Let me know in advance of your trip, I'll give you directions to the great places!

  22. Thanks for stopping by and visiting my Red Door and leaving a comment. Your blog is darling. I love your header, too cute! I can't even imagine living in snow. I'm a California girl. Anyway, nice to meet you.

  23. I didn't realize you had so much snow this winter. Out winter is definitely colder than normal. Despite all of this, I am still enjoying this beautiful winter season. Your snow pictures are beautiful!

  24. It's such a beautiful snow scene, but I know you will be glad when winter is over and done!

  25. You have certainly had more than your share of snow. Your yard and pond is beautiful, but can imagine you are ready for a sign of Spring. Even here in Ca. we have had a wet cold winter and even though we need he rain, I'm ready for sunshine. Stay warm.

  26. Very pretty! Of course, that is coming from someone who does not have to deal with snow.

    ~ Tracy

  27. Stacey, your snow pictures are beautiful...but I am sooo ready for spring! we've had our share of snow here this year too...and we usually don't hardly ever get snow in east tn. they say another one coming this weekend...I hope NOT!

    Have you posted your dining room yet? I can't wait to see it!

    I love that Cath Kidston stuff below...my kind of stuff forsure!

    Take care..talk to you later! Nancy

  28. Hi Stacey,

    I somehow missed this post! Yes, our Oklahoma weather has been crazy lately and your area is probably getting more TODAY!!!!! Stay warm!♥

  29. Hi Stacey...

    My friend, I just read your sweet note...so happy to have you come by for a visit today! Thank you for the sweet comment!

    Girl, ya'll have really been having the weather in OK lately! Lots and lots of snow! It's snowing at our place right now but really it's only a skiff! Hehe! Loved seeing your wintery photos!

    Warmest winter wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  30. ye-ah we're almost getting really tired of snow...and more is on the way. oh well, it won't be tooooo long until spring!!!

    pretty photos!

  31. Love those snowy days when the whole world seems to slow down or stop and we can just hide out at home. Hope you are getting to do a bit of that.
    When my girls were little we would snuggle up and watch an Anne Of Green Gables Marathon. Love that movie!

  32. That is a lot of snow, they have had quite a bit in London this year too, but it has all gone now. The schools close immediately much to the kids delight :-). Happy weekend, Kathy.

  33. Hi, Stacey, glad your snow is melting. Our's did. Now they are saying we might have more on the way on Sunday. I am going to an annual Super Bowl party where there's always tons of good food so .......let it snow.
    My daughter, Stacy, and her family are on their way to their cabin in New Mexico to have a skiing weekend so they WANT it to snow more!!:O)

  34. We are getting the same snow system you just had.

    I don't know how I got to your site. I try to read to many blogs and never know how I ended up here.


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