Doors of Welcome

Good Morning! Today I'm joining in with Karen's Doors of Welcome party. This is the point where I admit that I was taking these pictures just before 6 am therefore...they are sketchy's 19 degrees outside. Never fear the coffee is made and the tree lights are on. :)

Would you like a cookie for breakfast?


  1. Brrrrr, Stacey! Your wreath is beautiful. Thank you for venturing out in 19-degree weather to get the picture for us!

    It's been raining here for days and the temperature is 52 right now, but the sun's supposed to come out tomorrow -- yay!

    Hope your day is a good one, and you can stay inside where it's warm and toasty.

  2. Your wreath on the door is gorgeous! BRRRR it is cold outside right now!!! Have a wonderful day.♥

  3. Good Morning Stacey...
    Your wreath is just beautiful sweetie. I so love the way you did your ribbon. I have never been very good at the ribbon part.

    19 degrees? You can keep it. That is one of the reasons I love the desert most. I love the snow to play in and go home, I just don't want to live in the cold. Give me the desert heat here in Phoenix anytime.

    I can see your cold breath in my mind as you are outside taking pics. (I do so remember those days.)

    Have a beautiful day sweetie. Country hugs....Sherry

  4. Just one?? Cookie for breakfast I mean!
    Love the wreath! xx

  5. The sacrifices we bloggers make! 19 degrees? You are a brave soul!
    The wreath is gorgeous! I need some of that beautiful ribbon!

  6. What a pretty wreath, Stacey! Did you make it yourself?

  7. Absolutely! I love cookies anytime, but especially for breakfast with a nice cup of hot coffee!

    Your wreath is so pretty. I can't believe you went out in that weather! I couldn't live where it gets that cold. We get some freezing temps but nothing like that.

    WARM Christmas Hugs,

  8. Oh, pretty. I love your wreath : ) I got cold reading about your early morning escapade of door photographing!

  9. Hi Stacey! Your wreath is so pretty! Brrr...that's cold! I must say, I've been eating those Snickerdoodles! I thank you again for the recipe!
    be a sweetie,
    Shelai ;)

  10. Good Morning Stacey... That is just too darn cold to be out taking pictures... It is a beauty though... and YES I will be right over to share those cookies with you!!! Have a fun filled day my friend!


  11. Very Pretty!!
    When I too my pics it was 4 degrees( really what is wrong with us? :)
    Have a blessed day!!

  12. Love the way the ribbon is woven thru this...wish I knew the secret as I tried it and it looked like a young child made it...perhaps more practice...anyway, thanks for getting yourself so cold to take this picture of your wreath.

  13. Love your wreath! It's beautiful and you were so brave to venture out in 19 degrees!

    It is 60 flippin degrees here right now! It is supposed to start getting colder tonight. We have a crazy climate down here!

    Merry Christmas!!

    Lou Cinda :)

  14. DId you say COFFEE? At 16 degrees - I'll drink the whole pot.
    Love your wreath!
    Stay warm!
    Merry Christmas!
    Karen @ Some Days Are Diamonds

  15. O, what an adorable wreath...I just love it. I like the ribbon all thru it....
    Thanks but i have already had 2 sugar cookies with my coffee this morning...yum!!

  16. Stacey your wreath is really festive and beautiful!

    Stay warm! ;)

  17. Hi Stacey!
    Well, it's a little after lunch right now so if there's any left, I'll take a cookie for dessert please ;)
    Your wreath is full of Christmas cheer...perfect sight for the guests~
    everything vintage

  18. If it's any consolation, your foray into the cold morning air was worthwhile ~ the wreath is so pretty. I just love the ribbon. Very cheerful looking.

  19. Oh Stacey... 19 degrees to get a picture for us bloggers... You are so sweet. I love the Christmas tree lights are on already... Don't you just love this time of year!!!


  20. Oh, I love the red and white, Stacey! Looks like a candy cane.

  21. Mmmmm, nothing better than cookies and coffee for breakfast. Love the wreath!

  22. Wow, that's cold... bbrrrr
    If there is any cookies left I'll take one, too. Thanks for sharing.
    Merry Christmas!
    Hugz, Z

  23. What a cute wreath! Yes, I would love a cookie....or 5!

  24. Stacey, I'm finally getting over to visit- it's been a zoo at my house. I simply love your wreath. How DID you play with that ribbon? I spend hours getting ribbon positioned on garlands and wreaths and then still think it looks icky. LOL
    It's been cold here, too. In, fact- a LOT colder. But I'm toasty drinking my hot chocolate and running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to finish decorating. What a lovely picture I paint of myself!
    Hope you are having loads of getting ready for Santa.
    Christmas huggies, Sue

  25. I would love a cookie! lol:>) Pretty wrreath, and I love that ribbon.

  26. an oatmeal raisin cookie, please! your wreath is lovely.

  27. I like how you wove the ribbon through the wreath. You are a true blogger taking pics in those temperatures! Rosie

  28. It's foggy here. You are brave to be out taking a picture. What we won't do for our blog pictures, huh. Beautiful wreath. Tha would look so good on my red door.
    Would love a favorite thing to have with morning coffee.


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