The Sweetest Days

Do you know the song "The Sweetest Days" by Vanessa Williams? I remember hearing that song when my boys were little bitty and just being overwhelmed by it. I tried to have it playing for you here but it makes me cry.

These days I'm thinking of that song again.

This is Tanner. We just picked up Senior proofs today. He's going to graduate and go off somewhere...

This is Spencer. He studies really hard because he wants to go off again.

These Are The Sweetest Days!

Now pass me the Kleenex please.


  1. Oh,, another Kleenex! Poor thing. They do grow up, don't they? Your son is so handsome - he looks like you too! How wonderful he's such a good student. So many kids just wanna have fun! You're going to be fine, I just know it!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Oh Stacey...
    He is so handsome and you must be so proud!! I have three sons and one is away at college in Florida but he'll be home for Thanksgiving and Christmas break...I look forward to those special times when we can all be is everything!

    P.S. I agree I wouldn't want to live next to The Butterfly house either" LOL..It stuck out like a sore thumb in that neighborhood but what a fun whimsical place it was!

  3. Oh is some Kleenex. I know this is a difficult time trying to let your youngest one fly. He is going to do just fine!

  4. Oh empty house scares me to death!!! I love being a Mom...I live for being a Mom!!! I don't know what I will do with myself. My husband thinks I'm crazy...he keeps reminding me of all of the fun we will have...and then there are grandchildren. I just really miss those baby days.

    I feel your pain. Your baby is darling...he looks like you. Gotta love those boys...they are the sweetest. Life goes it should...aaaahhhh!!!

    Have a wonderful evening!!!

  5. Ah, Stacy. It is really hard when the time is near. I had to get a second job so I'd be too exhausted to think. It does get better but I didn't think it would--ever. Enjoy these sweetest days.

  6. STACEY....bwaaaaaaa...I am having trouble with my grandkids growing up and going was hard enuf with my children...but, blessed as I am, they both live right here beside me now. Will my grands all live right beside me, too?? I don't know...but, I'm scared some of them might fly away to another town...another country...bwaaaaaaa.....

    Your sons are so very handsome and I feel sure they might go off for awhile...but bet they end up back close to you!!
    xo bj

  7. Oh honey I know what you are feeling. Like BJ first our kids, then the grandkids. Normal but had on Motherly hearts.

  8. What handsome boys! No matter where they go...a little part of them will always remain at home...and they always come back, even if it's just for a visit...or laundry that needs doing....or advice...or money...
    sending you warm hugs and more tissues xx

  9. Been there. I am there now.

    When my son left for the Air Force several years ago I cried for months. It was shocking for me to go into his room and find it empty...

    When my daughter married in 9/2007 I was overcome with the loss of her. Even now I still call my studio "Adrie's old room"... or "Bran's old room".

    Christmas isn't the same...never will be. I hate splitting up (sharing) holidays even though it is the right thing to do. I miss their little feet (and big feet), funny ways and tender hearts.

    The saving grace you ask? The memories no one can take from me...AND the knowledge I have that my kids grew into amazing adults who still LOVE to come "home".

    One of the reasons my hubby and I have never moved off our street (even though there are some FABULOSO homes here in Edmond) is because our children love this house. They've begged us not to sell it... To them it is THEIR LIFE and they don't ever want to be too far from it.

    Isn't that too sweet!?

    Feeling your spirit...


  10. Oh Stacey, I so understand. I have gone through so many kleenex in the last few years. You have two nice looking sons. Don't you just want to make time stand still at times?

    Enjoy your days together.

  11. During these past 18 plus years we have been grooming them to be adults...the time is near...but you will always be their Mother and they will always need you - just in different ways.

    Just think in time...daughters-in-law, and then those wonderful grandchildren.

    I know it is hard...been there.

  12. What a good looking young man (The other son was studying too hard for me to see him-which is also a good thing!) It's so hard to let them go, but if they didn't go and didn't want to go, we would not have done our jobs as parents. You've done well Mom. laurie

  13. Oh, girl, you are doing it to ME, Too!!! :)
    hey those are some handsome boys, and I have a daughter......let's arrange for them to meet in a few years when they've got college behind them!! LOL.....
    They really are handsome and I'm sure very sweet with a mom like you!


  14. Stacey,
    You have me crying! Why??? Because I understand...Brittany will be going to college next Fall. It's one of the hardest things I've ever had to face. Everytime I think about it, I burst into tears. Oh, how I'm going to miss her! I'll never forget something my brother told me once. He said that when your child moves out and goes to college, things are never quite the same, again. Change is not something I handle very well. I guess I just have to put all of my trust in God that He will lead her in the right direction and He'll give me comfort and peace during this time of transition. You have two very handsome sons and I know your heart is going to ache when they leave. Just know that I'm thinking of you!

  15. Ahhhh! Don't cry Mom. They will come back soon with Daughter-in-laws and Grandchildren for you to love and spoil.

  16. Hi Stacey,
    Oh, I totally know what you are going through! I remember when my second child went off to college. It was very hard, but I'm here to tell does get easier. It really does! Letting of the hardest thing a Mom can do! Hugs..Amy :)

  17. Stacey, your boys are just outstanding in every way. You have so much to be proud of them for. The 'leaving' part would tear my heart out! I'll pray for you. Cherish the day! Twyla

  18. Hi Stacy
    Our children grow up too fast don't they? You have very handsome boys and I know you are proud of them. Thanks for being a faithful blogging friend and for commmenting so often.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  19. I am missing my sons so much right now that I will need the whole BOX of kleenex! Great photos!

  20. Awe....I know what you mean. But it has been quite a few years since my babies flew the nest. My youngest is 36....

  21. Your sons are so handsome. Tanner looks just like you! They do grow up, don't they? Not to fear. They always come home, bringing a friend or two with them and various baskets of laundry! :)

  22. Stacey, this brought back so many memories. You'll have to share the kleenex. What handsome boys you have and yes, your heart will break when they are gone, but I'm hear to say, it's all worth it when you see them becoming adults with jobs and families of their own. I raised 3 sons and thought I was going to die when they each left for school, but now that they are all married with wives and kids, I am so proud I could bust.
    And yes, hubby and I kind of sigh, when they have been here and left and enjoy our time alone together.
    But, that said, you are right "These Are The Sweetest Days". Enjoy each moment, because you blink and they are gone. Now I know I have made matters worse...where is that Kleenex box?

  23. We raise them to spread their wings and fly off. It's our job. Yes...enjoy these days but there are more sweet days with them ahead for sure.

  24. What handsome boys you have! You must be very proud of them. Blessings!

  25. Oh Stacey...boy do I know where you are coming from!
    You've got some good looking fellas there! :)

  26. Oh my gosh Stacey...I am right there with you sister. The good news is...your boys will always be your boys. Now I have to go cry...I miss the wonderful dusty smell of our sons when they were young.

    Great post.

    Have a great day.

    Smiles ~ Ramona

  27. Stacey you are so funny! ;)

    I'm about to post tonight. I can't stand it....I miss everyone.

    Your sons are so handsome!

  28. Ah, you're such a devoted mom! Yes, they'll go off but then they'll always come home to see mom and dad. And raid the fridge!

  29. Awwwww... what a nice post. I can see why you are proud!

  30. It's a tough time for moms Stacey, when they are all grown up and ready to conquer the world. I know because I have two college age girls and it was tough to let them go. I'm better now, and you will be too someday. Big hugs from one mom to another:>)


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  32. After 3 children have grown and's what I've learned. Let yourself cry for 2's really a mourning, not so much about the fact that you will miss your child, but the fact that one of the reasons you were put on this earth....raising this child, is pretty much finished. You hope you've done it all! But, the good news is, that empty nest becomes a very nice place to be! And..because you've loved them so..they come back and eventually bring a whole new family with them!


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