I just read one of the best blog posts ever!

Go visit

to read her wise words.

Happy Thursday!


  1. Wow She hit the nail on the head!!
    Here is another amazing post. Hope it inspires you like it did me

  2. I'm getting right over there to read it. Have you entered my giveaway, there's still time!

  3. Thank you for sharing this with us. I agree with you, it is a wonderful, from- the- heart post that we can all relate to, especially this time of the year. She had to be so blessed by your kind compliment to her. You are a blessing!

  4. Oh hey girl, thanks for the recommendation, that's a good blog. I don't mean to toot my own horn or nothin but I got a pretty interesting blog myself. This week I'm posting my favorite Thanksgiving recipes, check it out:

  5. Oh my, Judy is right....what a compliment coming from you. I've thought for a few days now "I'm tired, I"ve got nothing to blog about" and then that post came together as a gift from God. I needed to read/write that more than anyone I am sure! Thanks so much for your kind words and continued blog friendship....perhaps one day we'll be able to actually meet in real life...wouldn't that be so neat?? I sure think so!

  6. Thanks for the heads up Stacey. You are so right, this is a great post!

  7. Both you and Suzanne spoke from the heart today...thanks for sharing...truly words of wisdom!

  8. Yes, wonderful words and lots to think about.
    What issue of Southern Living has the framed envelope? I'm searching through mine and can not find it!
    Thanks so much, xoxo!

  9. Thank you for sending me over there. I really needed to read that tonight! God bless you, sweet friend.

  10. Stacy...I will go visit you friend. It must be something wonderful and I think it is wonderful of you to pass on the good things.
    I of hoping for a tablescape from you... :) Ah well..I am off to visit Suzanne. :)
    Smiles to you...

  11. OK going to check it out :)

  12. Couldn't have said it better myself. Those were awesome words today.


  13. Hey you!!! You won my giveaway!!! YEAH!!!

    Melissa decided to not accept were the second number...YEAH!!!

    I am so excited...I know everything will look adorable in your kitchen...yeah RED!!!

    I sent you an e-mail too!!!

    Chat with you soon!!!

  14. Stacey, I went over there and read her post. Thanks for linking to it. It is a wonderful post. She said so many thing that I need to think about during the holidays. laurie

  15. Thanks, Stacey. That was a great post and some things I need to hear right now. Thanks for the lead.

  16. I just read it. So very true! Thanks for the link.

  17. Hi Stacey,
    Thank you for the sweet comment, You are such a dear friend!
    Thank you for the heads up...Suzanne post was just wonderful. Thank you for passing it along.
    Hope you enjoy the weekend,

  18. Oh my, what a fabulous post indeed! I read it at least 3 times. Thank you so much for the link.

  19. Thanks for sending me for some inspirational reading this morning Stacey. It was just what I needed to start my day.

    Hugs, Gretchen

  20. Hi Stac! I heard about this post. My Google was out that day - I'll have to go read it now. How've you been girl? If I never told you before, I love that pic in your sidebar with you and hubby! Very cute!!! Kim

  21. Thanks for the link...absolutely wonderful reminder to help stay grounded:-)


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