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I'm so excited I could just scream because I'm Not Crafty!!

Have you seen birdseed wreaths in catalogs lately? They are usually around $30.00.
It's tempting but in the end I always pass.
Got the great idea to Google the other day and I found a recipe.

Birdseed Wreath
1 1/2 cups boiling water
4 1/4 ounce pkgs. Knox unflavored gelatin
8 cups birdseed
dried cranberries
Empty the 4 pkgs. of gelatin into 8 tablespoons of cold water in a large bowl.
Let the gelatin sit for a minute.
Meanwhile, boil the 1 1/2 cups of water. Add the boiling water to the gelatin and stir for 2 to 3 minutes until the gelatin has dissolved.
Pam your Bundt pan thoroughly.
Place a handful of cranberries in the bottom of pan.
Stir 8 cups of birdseed into the gelatin, mixing thoroughly.
Let the mixture set for a few minutes, then stir again. Repeat this process several times allowing all liquid to be absorbed. Pack birdseeds into Bundt pan.
Refrigerate at least 3 hours - overnight.

**After my first attempt here's what I will do differently:
Next time I will use 4 cups of birdseeds to keep it from being so heavy - it's supposed to hang from raffia.
Oh, I will also follow the direction with the gelatin so mine will stick together. :)
My cost to make this was about $2.00.


  1. What a fantastic idea! Thank you for sharing the recipe... I will definately be making one or several of these with the kids :) I know grandma&grandpa would love to get one of these too!

  2. That looks like a really fun project! Thanks for sharing.♥

  3. That sounds like fun. The birds will LOVE it. Cute idea.

  4. This is great! This will be the perfect gift for my grandparents! Thanks!!!

  5. o, I am just beside myself to make one of these, Stacey. When I saw you linked with Kathy, I, knowing you SAID you weren't crafty, thought, what the heck has Stacey made...IT IS JUST AWESOME..what a great job..I will do this right after Thanksgiving...
    xo bj
    Google will NOT let me comment with my account...what's up with that??

  6. I love this!! And so will the birds! I am going to make one!

    Lou Cinda :)

  7. Really? Those are that easy?

    Wow. Thanks for sharing this idea!

  8. This looks like so much fun! Thanks for the tips, too.

  9. Thanks for the recipe for this Stacey! I would have never guessed that these things have geletin in them. I love to feed the birds in the winter and this would look great hanging from the picket fence:>) Thanks so much for linking up!

  10. This is such a great idea! I have a friend who is crazy about birds...I will have to try and make this for her. Thank you!

  11. Hi Stacey! Thanks for posting the recipe! I've seen these but will never pay for them $$$!! I think I'll try this and give my MIL one mixed in with the gift basket I give her every year! AND thanks for the tip on doing it differently! HAPPY THANKSGIVING dear! Enjoy - Sincerely, Jeannette

  12. Hi Stacey,
    This is a wonderful idea. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. I think I will put making one on the agenda for this Thanksgiving weekend. I love taking care of our bird friends during the winter!
    So glad you stopped by, glad I discovered your blog, too! I will be back, hope you'll return for another visit soon.
    Happy Thanksgiving
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  13. You are too cute...making Thanksgiving dinner for the birds;)!!! What a darling project...love it!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your sweet family!!! I hope you have a blessed holiday!!!


  14. Fun for you in trying something new - the birds will love the food...so a great combination all the way around.

  15. I need to do this! The birds will be beside themselves with joy.

  16. I think I'll try this for the birdies Christmas morning gift!

  17. Oh I am so making this for the birds. Thanks for the tips.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


  18. Stacey,

    What a great idea!! And so pretty for the birds too!!! Great Post! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! ~C


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