Want to Play?

Today the mailman rang my bell and handed over the cutest polka dotted package!

This cutie is from Carol at Carol's Heirloom Collections.

Awhile back Carol asked if anyone would like to participate in a

Pay it Forward game.

I signed up.

Here's how it works...the next three people who tell me they would like to play will receive a gift from me some time in the next year. Don't you love that open ended time line? No pressure!

You also get three people to play with you and you send them a gift in the next year.
Is that as clear as mud?

I love the things Carol sent to me. Three little signs that can be enjoyed over the holiday season ahead. What a cute idea. :)

Thank you Carol for sending me these darling little signs.
I really like them!

Now it's your turn. Leave a comment if you would like to play along.
Stop the Presses:
I just realized there's a beautiful Paula Deen candle that I put aside at first.
Woo hoo! I'm a happy camper.


  1. Hi Stacey,
    I'm so happy the package arrived safe & sound! I'm thrilled you like the gifts!


  2. I am so IN, Stacey. I played this once before and loved it!! Love your gifts too!!


  3. I have never heard of this and it sounds wonderful! I would love to play ;)

  4. This sounds like a fun game I'm in!!

  5. Girls the game is full for me now. Thank you!!

    You can start it on your own though.

  6. Love all your goodies, Stacey! I, actually, participated in a Pay It Forward a few months ago, and have yet to post about it on my blog. I keep forgetting! I really need to get hopping!

  7. congrats on your win! Lucky you!

  8. You got some lovely gifts. Those signs are so cute! Congrats...and enjoy!

  9. Well, I'm down the line a ways. But it looks like fun! And you got some real goodies there! Glad you got those presses stopped, Stacey! You would have bust a gut!

  10. What a sweet game and what lovely gifts Carol sent. I will have to think about starting a play it forward game as well. hum?!?!?
    Have a great day,

  11. Sounds fun! I'd like to play. :) -Jackie

  12. What cute signs. I just did a pay it forward giveaway so I'll opt out of this one.

    Stacey, don't you worry about that comment. I know what you meant. I should have used the old cyber wink after my comment! I always love hearing from you. I seriously do need someone to keep me accountable and it seems like you can read my cluttered mind! There have been several times when I've been mopey and your comment has pulled me out of it, even though you didn't know what was going on. I am so guilty of shopping and starting projects faster than I can finish with the last thing. I've got piles of stuff to deal with all over! So that comment hit home in a good way. I looked around and said "She is so right".

    I am happy to report the tray is hanging up on the wall and I'm working on the arrangement around it. More spackle and paint! It's amazing my walls are still standing with all the hole I put in them! I think when this is done I'll really feel like I've got this living room conquered. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

  13. What a darling package! Signs are such fun to put around the house, they go so many places!

  14. What great gifts. I recently just played that Pay it Forward. It is a nice idea and I loved it. Anyone can take it up and go ahead. I am like you I have more than I can handle now.

  15. I want to play toooo!! Sounds wonderful!!

  16. Pretty fall porch, and love the giant pumpkin! Jackie

  17. Your new gifts are darling Stacey!

    What a precious polka dot packaging it as well. Carol is such a kind blogger. She was one of the very first bloggers I met here in Blogland.

    I'm happy to see you back!
    I missed ya girl.

    Have a great one, ~Melissa :)

  18. So, I'm obviously not one of the first three, but does anyone else want to play--perhaps one of the three who will be getting something from Stacey and need three people to pass something of their own on to? if so, contact me at mrs_apple_juice (at) hotmail (dot) com. Thanks!

  19. I would love to play!!! Email me at myshabbyrosecottage (at) gmail.com

    Warm Hugs,

  20. LOve your blog would love to join the fun fabulous idea.......Karen Okra35@aol.com


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