Guess What We Saw?

Carolyn and I went and visited the Annual Parade of Homes last Friday.

Guess what we saw that totally excited us...wallpaper! It's true.

Now I realize that for some of you this sounds awful or maybe people still use it where you are. We haven't seen any wallpaper in our area in a few years. I told you once back here that I'm the only nerd in town that still has wallpaper, right? I say this lovingly so please don't get your feelings hurt if you have some. Because you see...I love wallpaper.

Have you seen the gorgeous wallpaper that Sue has? Or that Cathy has? I just swoon when I visit their blogs. Have you seen the toile that Penny is going to put in her bathroom? Love it!

I made a brief visit to the American Blinds and Wallpaper website and these caught my fancy.

I think I'd have to avoid those huge flowers.

The damask patterns seem to be popular.

Love this brownish pattern below although it wouldn't match anything else in my house.

My two very favorites from a Pierre Deux book.

I could be convinced again. Could you?


  1. Hi Stacey! Well, honey, I love wallpaper too! I've had it and then I've not had it! I have some in my little powder room downstairs but I think it's needs to be changed. You've really shown some pretty ones.
    Oh, come by tomorrow night or Monday - I'm posting about my gifts I received from your giveaway! I love them.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. You know I love wall paper! Remember, I even did my kitchen ceiling. That web site is one of my favorites. I could browse it for hours on end. There are really some sophisticated looks there. Unfortunately these plaster wall have so much texture the kitchen was the only place I could do because we gutted in when we remodeled. I'd do my whole house if I could!

  3. I guess because I am still trying to get it off some walls from the 80's and 90's. I just can't get into wallpaper again. The look can be lovely in the right place but taking it off is a pain in the arm! Thanks but no thanks!


  4. I love the look....but I find it intimidating to do! Not only do I change my mind a lot in my house...but I also have no patience to hang it! lol
    I think it is safer for me to just admire it from afar! lol
    have a wonderful weekend!

  5. I used to be a HUGE fan of wallpaper, but must admit that I've moved on to just plain paint. lol! These are beautiful patterns though.

    Hope all is well with you friend! I've missed you!

  6. Wonderful looking patterns - but not for me - wall paper that each his own --as the old saying goes. If wall paper makes you happy -then by all means go for it!

  7. I guess it's true, "everything old is new again". I still have wallpaper in our 3 bathrooms,but I don't like the patterns. Some of the choices you show are very pretty.

  8. We just finished adding wallpaper to a bathroom (post to come soon) - it is just about the only room in the house that has wallpaper. I love it! I think that you have to love the pattern and it makes a room distinctive. Stacey, you chose some beautiful examples.

  9. I love the papers you picked. AW&B is one of my favorite places to hang out.

  10. Hello Fellow Nerd!lol Morning Stacey!! I love love wallpaper! To prove it ask hubby - we were cleaning the attic in our old house years back and he counted 60 rolls of leftovers all different ones and mostly from kitchen! Mind you we had a small 5 room ranch!!!lol Need I say more (maybe obsessive comes to mind!!) Anyway I've been ordering from American Blinds & Wall... for a few times and have been totally satisfied with their site/service!(if that helps) I bought my dining border there and am actually thinkin of getting another one with matching paper for the bottom???? Need to go before I get in trouble here but I love all your selections!! GO FOR IT!!!LOL Sincerely, Jeannette

  11. I have wallpaper in my hallway and below the chair rail in the kitchen. Boy it is a pain to get off. Guess I will leave it on for a while longer.
    I love the Damask with the tinge of red.

  12. I do love wallpaper but feel like there has been a stigma attached to it lately! I have it in my powder room and I am getting ready to re-do that room only because it has been there 8 years and it is time for a change. wall paper or paint??? I don't know what to do!!

  13. O, the P. Deux paper is luscious.
    Since I am still removing wallpaper borders from hell, I am not in the mood to talk wallpaper!!
    Ah, but I do LOVE it. You can get so much personality in a room with wallpaper that you just can't really get with a painted wall. If I were rich enough to have it hung professionally and REMOVED professionally, I'd have it in every room in my house. I can just feature a dining room done in the last paper. Oh, I do love that one!

  14. I LOVE wallpaper!! I would have been excited to see that too. It's not much fun taking it down but worth it anyway I think. We're thinking about some sort of toile for the powder room. Wallpaper is fun!

  15. We have had to remove so much wallpaper from old homes that I don't know if I would EVER put wallpaper up again. Those pepers you have shown are really gorgeous and I LOVE seeing it in beautiful homes. Just no more here though. We still have a bathroom that has it on ALL the walls and we need to work on it.

  16. I love wallpaper too! I have it in my kitchen, but it's not what I picked, it came with the house and I don't love it. I've been lazy and not removed it though. If I could pick something I wanted, I'd love wall paper. My dad made his living painting and wallpapering. In all the years I was growing up he was never out of work. I should have him come out of retirement and fix my kitchen! Twyla

  17. Hi sweet Stacey!!! You are just to cute...mentioning my wallpaper in your post...thank you!!!

    I have never been a trend if I want wallpaper...I have wallpaper!!! I love the pattern and colr and the opportunity for design it offers!!! It is a pain to change...but well worth it to me!!!

    The examples you posted are gorgeous...I love them all!!! I am looking for some new paper for my guest bath. When I finish the project I will do a post about it!!!

    Thanks again!!!

    Have a wonderful Sunday...sweet girl!!!

    I took another peek at your pic at the end of your blog...gorgeous...I love them!!!

  18. Hi Stacey, Wowie, thanks for the shout-out on my kitchen wallpaper! I DO love it. And I would so much rather paper than paint. I've never conformed to what was "in" or not. So I wallpaper.... *grin*

    I'm not sure why people hate paper so much. If the walls are properly primed and sized, taking it down is not an issue. I've papered for others and consider myself a bit of a perfectionist. And I think I do a better job than some of the "professionals" because I don't cut corners... In the past, I've re-papered a room 2 or 3 times when I've gotten tired of it. LOL the whims of my taste...
    hugs, Sue

  19. I don't have any wallpaper at the present time, but I've always loved it. Because I'm can't paint worth a darn, but I can wallpaper!

  20. ~WOW! I love all of these new wallpaper patterns Stacey! They are gorgeous. I will do some rooms with them in our next house for sure.

    Happy Sunday! ~Melissa :)

  21. Hi Stacey, wallpaper...hummmmm it makes my back hurt, my neck hurt, my arms, my get the idea. I think it is so pretty and adds so much to a room, but it is too much of a booger to take down and I change my mind too much, but I would love to have a room in that red you have picked out and someone had a room in toile that I loved loved loved, but I'm chicken!!! You do it so I can admire yours :)

  22. I like wallpaper too. I think it would look lovely one wall or half of a wall too. :)

  23. I have wallpaper in two rooms of my home. There are times I go into homes and I love their wallpaper, and times I go into homes with paint on the walls and I love that. To me, it is your home and whatever you pick is just fine. Why not have the look that you enjoy. With you great taste in decorating, I know I would like whatever you had on your walls. I do like the papers that you shared.

  24. Oh go with the wallpaper. I have it in my dining room and desperately want to wallpaper the kitchen. What could it hurt?


  25. Hi Stacey! I have been hearing that wallpaper is making a I never took mine down! lol I don't think those classics like Pierre Deux ever go out of style! I'm sure glad that's true! Happy week!...Debbie

  26. Well, isn't that interesting. Just about the time we get rid of our wallpaper it comes back in style. I guess I'm safe for a while as I have 3 wallpapered rooms, but the rest are either painted or faux painted. I do love to look through wallpaper books and think a lot of it is really pretty.

  27. I think wallpaper is beautiful, my problem is I would get tired of it too soon and then hubby would not be a happy camper after putting it up for me. I do love the way it looks though.


  28. I love wallpaper in a small powder room. I think it has wonderful impact in a small space. There are some really lovely wallpaper designs out there. I really like the subtle designs that are more neutral in color since I wouldn't tire of them easily. -Jackie

  29. I like all of those wallpaper patterns! It seems to go in and out of style every few years...but if you love it, I say paper away!!

  30. Stacey, I love wallpaper too. Because we had so much awful wallpaper to take down when we bought this house, my husband would probably have a fit if I papered again. You make me want to! It just adds such an elegance and reminds me of English homes.

    You go girl!

  31. My Dallas condo needs a make over, so hopefully it won't long before I'll be shopping for pretty colors and textures for my walls. Love the wall-paper*! ((hugs)) _Ashley*

  32. So, have your ordered any paper yet?

    About your comment, at least the kids and pets want my attention. Hubby just wants me off the computer so he can get on it! LOL! I told him we need a laptop!

  33. O
    Love some of those wallpapers.
    too bad we can't just get a sheet or two of all those we love so we could make treasures with them.
    Would be so fun.

    Candy corn and peanuts?
    Bad combination. too temping i mean. =0))

    barbara jean

  34. OK Stacey,

    I decided to write you this way.

    I bought a new pumpkin yesterday and thought of you. Drive by and see it. It's near the pear shaped bright orange gourd in the South berm.

    I know what you mean about the candy corn. I have gobbled up one bag and I won't buy any more until next fall. Yours looks good with the peanuts.

    I went to the Parade of Homes, too. I am going to redo my master bathroom. I want to put wallpaper in the water closet, but probably not in the rest of the bathroom. I may change my mind about that when I start looking at how pretty the paper is.

    I used to go the the Pioneer Woman blog. I have tried some of her recipes and they are GOOD!



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