I've Been Very Lucky!

I have been very lucky lately. I won Nancy's giveaway a couple of weeks ago that went along with the Shoe Show.

The package arrived yesterday. It was packed with the most adorable shoe plaque, the book we are all dying to read "Honey, It's All in the Shoes", stationary, cute little kleenex, and a sweet card. Everything had the shoe theme.

I also count myself lucky because Nancy is one blog friend like so many of you that I'm sure I could just hang out with...in real life. If we didn't live a zillion miles apart. You know, we could go shopping, eat lunch, all that good stuff. :)

Thank you Nancy, my friend!


  1. What a cute prize!!! I feel the same way about Nancy....she seems like the BEST!!!

  2. Oh you are a lucky girl!!! All of your goodies are just darling!!!

    I love Nancy too!!! I can totally see hanging out with the two of you!!! I think we would have a ball!!!

    Maybe someday...fornow there is always blogging!!!


  3. I want to live next door to Nancy!! She is such a sweetie and so friendly.
    I love your beautiful box of prizes..so glad YOU won since I didn't!! Hahaaa...but..be sure to see my post on the 28th because not only do I have ROOSTERS for the party..also have something Nancy Rosalina sent to MOI....:)

  4. You lucky girl! What a great package Nancy put together. I would kill to be able to wear diva shoes. These big flat feet of mine have always brought down the fashionista in me. In fact I'm headed to the doctor in a little while. My leg is swollen from my ankle to my knee from an aggravated heel spur. Life is definately not as fun in orthotics!

  5. Oh Stacey you lucky duck!
    Love it all! The plaque is soooo precious.
    I'll be drawing my two giveaway winners tomorrow. Maybe you will win something again! :)

  6. Congrats on your winnings. Could you send some of that my way please??? I don't believe I have any of that kind of luck...but you did get some really cute things!

  7. Oh what fun to all get to have lunch together. That's why we just do virtual. You did get a great package. I got to figure out how to do a giveaway of one of my paintings.
    Someone will drop by and tell me how, I just they will.

  8. You lucky ducky! It's so much fun to get a happy package in the mail isn't it?

  9. Oh what a fun prize package to receive!! It looks very cute and a fun read!


  10. Congratulations, Stacey! Wonderful giftaway!

  11. OH Stacey, Would you please pass me one of those kleenx's..to dry my eyes with...you are just too sweet!!! Hopefully someday we will get a chance to meet and hang out!!! I hope you enjoy the book and just over look my markings..lol ;) Love ya Miss Stacey!!!!! Nancy

  12. You goodies from Nancy are fabulous! Enjoy!


  13. You will be totally set for the Fall season...shoes, cardigans, and awards to encourage you. Congratulations my friend! It was fun to see your red sweater or my favorites side bar, and the next day the red high heel. Maybe the red dresses will be next. You received a lovely, generous gift from Nancy.

  14. What a great box of treasures!! I know you were thrilled to be the winner!

    I so enjoyed your post about "sweater dreaming". I was just going through my closet yesterday, making a pile of clothes to give away, and realized my sweater selection stinks. The ones I have, I mean HAD because they're heading for the thrift store, are so shabby or outdated. Thanks for the peek at what's "out there" because I need to go shopping. I also enjoyed the post about your hubby's Mamma Rose's cabinet and china....they're both wonderful. I hope you find more of the dishes some day. Lastly, I feel your pain about the dessert issue!! I've been having way too much this last week (too many birthdays to celebrate!)......I do have a big old sweet tooth!

    Have a great weekend! Dana

  15. Congratulations! It's so much fun to win a giveaway! Twyla

  16. Hey friend!
    Congrats on your winnings! Looks like some very cute stuff!

    Thanks for checking in on me....I REALLY appreciate it!

  17. Congrats! What a great treat you received!!!!! :)


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