What's for Lunch? Part 2

I asked you all for some help with lunches several weeks ago...remember that? You see, my husband works from home and there are two teenage boys home this summer. If you don't have boys at home you have no idea how much food I'm talking about!!

You had some great ideas so I wanted to share.

To start with:

I loved this comment from Guitars and Pralines because she understands my world.

My hubby worked from his home office for 3 months on a development project for work. I do remember preparing a meals at noon that I normally wouldn't have prepared. I tell ya, I gained nearly 6 lbs in 90 days. Girl, I'm so happy he went back to the office because I was gett'n chubba bubba in a hurry.

Deanna had this delicious idea:

Bowtie Pasta, Feta Cheese, Italian dressing, Kidney beans, Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Leftover chicken (cubed, shredded, whateve) of crushed chili peppers (I usually use half of the packet from pizza hut). Believe it or not this is pretty filling when you add a slice of buttered french bread or water crackers with. Add some sliced apples and get back to business. It usually only takes 10 minutes from start to finish.

Also, Pecan-chicken Salad - you can put it in a tortilla or on bread. BLT's are fabulous (I always make up the whole package of bacon and keep in the fridge just for this). Egg salad sandwhiches, Salami with provolone and crackers and grapes.

Suzanne shared these smart ideas:

How about quesadillas, with cheese, and any leftover chicken or beef thrown in? Add a little salsa and chips and you're good to go....Tacos (do up a bunch of taco meat and freeze, so you can pull out what you need and go! Or taco salad...How about mini meatloaves and baked potatoes? You can freeze the mini meatloaves, too!

Kathy says:

I would throw a roast in the crockpot with a can of green chiles the night before and let them fill tortillas. If you keep all the extras (tomatoes, sour cream, cheese) in containers in the fridge it makes it easy for them to fend for themselves and a crockpot won't heat up the house.

April's idea:

Quesadillas are a favorite of ours. I take a large flour tortilla and cover one side with a mixture of sour cream and salsa. Then, I sprinkle it with cubed cooked chicken and Monterrey Jack cheese. I fold it in half and cook on both sides in a non-stick skillet lightly sprayed with Pam. Garnish to taste...yummy!

LeAnn cracked me up because she feels my pain! Here's her idea:

keep brats and burgers on hand and baked beans, easy to throw on the grill. Sometimes, I throw one of those Banquet meals in the crockpot, like beef stew or chicken and noodles.

Twyla says burgers and sloppy joes!

Rhoda's ideas:
I will do sandwiches, a nice salad, now that summer is here, with lots of fresh veggies, and summer fruits are on hand. I will do Bear Creek soups that you can find at Walmart. Just mix up with water & they make about 1/2 gallon of soup. Very good, the Creamy Potato is my fave. BLT's are a fave, tuna melts are always good on short notice, good on English muffins.

Coco says:

I do a lot of pizza (mama mary's crust with lots of fresh toppings), quesadillas and his favorite a burger on the george foreman I buy the 85/15 frozen burgers from WM or an organic brand from our local grocery)no defrosting necessary. My husband takes his lunch to work most days and loves taking leftovers so I always make a little extra at dinner and then pack up his lunch while I am cleaning up!

Linda ( my MIL) says:


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    Lee Laurie

  2. Sounds like you received some great suggestions. Is it lunch time yet?

  3. These are all wonderful suggestions...I think I like your MIL's the best!!! This is my least favorite thing about summer...I really just don't want to mess with it!!! It is my summer break too!!! Oh well!!!

    I was checking out your previous post...I am in love with those flowers...I am going to see if I can find some for my yard. I love the color!!! Gorgeous!!!

    I hope you had a fantastic weekend!!!

  4. Great ideas everyone shared...but, your mother-in-law's is my favorite! RESERVATIONS all the way, baby! Have a good one, Stacey!

  5. Yummy. All these sound yummy, I'd put on more than 6 lb. in 90 days though like G&P did. We don't eat supper. When our grandson visits, I've been know to forget to feed him. YIKES!! Of course, being of the male species, he reminds me before he fades away. Don't forget to feed your men. Enjoy.

  6. WOW Stacey those really sounded like some great ideas... # guys in the house... I am surprised you have any food whatsoever left in the house... My daughter has 4 boys and a husband... She is always at the grocery store. ha ha

    Have fun whatever you do!


  7. You did get some good ideas. The boys do need a lot of calories to keep going.

  8. I love your MIL! There's a joke that goes...How do Mom's in Dallas call their kids to dinner? "Get in the car!" HAHAHA Great recipes! Try to stay cool and stay outta that kitchen!

  9. What did your guys think of all the ideas? I bet they are reaping the benefits. You got some great ideas! Twyla

  10. Wow great ideas girl....I had 3 Burly Boys and to this day as grown men they will stop by here on their way back from fishing or hunting and they will clean a fridge out!!!! lol lol

    The farm I talk about is on facebook called FARMTOWN!!!! I love it lol Hope you are having a great week and thanks for coming by!

  11. Those are some great ideas! Now I need the want to...lol ;) I just don't like to fix lunch...by the time you get it fixed...kitchen cleaned up...then it's almost time for supper! WHEW! It wears me out...And, I have to blog...if I'm always cookin' I can't be blogging...lol ;) Nancy

  12. Those are great ideas. I usually figure out a way to use leftovers from dinner. Lots of sandwiches, pastas, egg salad, tuna salad and antipasta.

    I can't imagine cooking lunch for three men. Good luck!!!



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