Summer Rituals

I am a creature of habit. Are you?

Each morning I take probably way too much pleasure from doing some of the same things. In my son's psychology class, they call it homeostasis.

Must have coffee to begin with. See the time on the clock? I've had three cups now. My crazy husband walks each morning at 5:30 am and comes home about the time I'm engaged in all of these activities.

Must water all the plants. Lots of hose dragging this time of the year. It's hard to drag the hose while holding coffee...but I'm skilled.

Surveying the yard. Pulling a few weeds. Saying, "Good Morning" to the critters.

Catching up with my blogging buddies...sweeping...making the beds.

I enjoy doing the same things each morning. Are you like that too?


  1. WOW! Is that last picture of your backyard?!? Beautiful! I'm jealous. :)

    This is my first stop by your blog. I'll be back.

    And yes, my morning starts at 5:45 and is predictable as the sun rising. But it's quiet in the's MY time...without kids and interruptions. So I sit. And read. And think. And pray. Wouldn't want to start the day any other way.

  2. No wonder I like visiting this and early mornings just like me. The difference though is pronounced, in that even if I do carry my hose around the outside in the flower beds do not look like this. So very beautiful!!!I am afraid that I would not get much done besides sitting on a bench, with coffee, staring at the serene beauty of the scene in front of me. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  3. Oh, Stacey! Your back yard is to die for! I could sit out there all day and never accomplish a thing!

    Yes, I definitely have a routine going. Keeps me sane! :)

  4. Morning Stacey,

    I am definitely going to HAVE to come and visit you and that back yard that is to die for!!!!!!!!!

    I do the same things too. Coffee, water, roam around outside and see if everything is fine, hope to see some birdies in the birdbath, pull a few weeds (it is the SAME ritual!!!!) But then I take my shower and go in to my part-time job. It is only 3 hours so depending on how early I get there I am usually still home before noon.....usually around 11:00. Not bad to have the rest of the day to piddle and do as I wish.☺

  5. I love getting up early before my 5 little critters rise and I enjoy my coffee (Pot) in peace....then I'm forced to make breakfast for 5 growling little tummies and we're off and (literally) running for the day....Routine is EVERYTHING at my I'm not sure if that counts as being a creature of habit or not....maybe? Smiles:0)!

  6. Yep, I've got a morning routine, too - although it's REALLY laidback! I enjoy having coffee in the morning and some time on the computer...otherwise I'm at odds with 2 teenage girls who also want to get their time in! LOL

    Your backyard looks like a gorgeous retreat...very peaceful and relaxing!

    Enjoy your day!

  7. Stacey, I wanna come see your back yard!! It's gorgeous!! And I wanted to tell you that your music on your blog is some of my favorites in blogland. NICE choices!!!
    Yes, I have some similar rituals, too. Gotta have that coffee everyday!


  8. Stacey...your yard is sooo beautiful!!! I would spend the entire morning out there!!!

    I am just like you with the rituals of the day!!! It makes me feel good thatt there are things that I can count on to be somewhat consistant!!! I am about 30 minutes behind on my routine took me 30 minutes longer to get home from dropping my baby at football practice...great start to the day!!!

    Good news...only 94 as the high today...yeah...a cold front?

    Enjoy your morning routine...sweet friend!!! I'll have a cup of coffee and think of you as I am watering my plants;)!!!


  9. Gorgeous yard!
    I too start my mornings early with hubby and coffee. I set the machine so it makes it before I even am out of the bed. Then iron his clothes for the day and get him out the door. Then it's my time! Reading, browsing thru magazines or just swinging on the porch and looking at our yard! It is so peaceful and relaxing to start my day that way!

  10. Good Morning Stacey... When I worked I got up early but now that we have retired I get up around 7:30 give or take a half hour. I like to have a couple of cups of coffee and blog first thing... then we are always off on a new fun day but by late afternoon we get home and the routine of dinner, sitting outside and enjoying nature and then TV or reading books begin... so yes we are still a little routineish...Have a great day!


  11. Oh Stacey, I love the pond in your back yard! I would sit by that all day and watch the fish. Just gorgeous.
    Yes, I too have to have my coffee in the mornings. My habits change a lot because during the school year I have to be at work by 7:15 and the Summer I just do whatever...can we say lazzzzzzzy?
    Have a great day!

  12. Is that lil pond in your backyard? If it! I could spend every minute just sitting there. Does it have koi fish?....true love~

  13. Stacey, your pond and landscaping are beautiful, and should be featured in a magazine. What a serene and welcoming spot, especially during these hot summer days.

  14. I have my morning rituals, too. I turn on the coffee pot, open the shades downstairs, have coffee while watching the news and checking out what's new on the blogs.

    You have a beautiful backyard!


  15. Hi Stacey,
    Gosh, every time I see your backyard pond I am just in awe. It is soooo nice. Yes, I, too, am a creature of habit...especially as I get older. Not sure what is up with that. :) Anyway, while I don't drink coffee, I do have the same breakfast every morning, read blogs, clean up the house, etc. I think homeostasis is a great thing! Enjoy your lovely pond. Amy :)

  16. I am definately a creature of routine. It is the only way I know to keep up with everything. I used to laugh when I was working a full time job that I already did a part time job before I left the house! Your yard is scrumptous!

  17. Hi Stacey,

    How cool to prompt all of us gals to tell how we start the day. We all seem to share a common thread~COFFEE!! LOL!!

    After all those years of waking up to warm bottles, feed little ones, pack lunches, do the drive...I am finally at a time in my life where The Husband wakes me up (It could be 5:00 a.m. or 7:00, he's my alarm clock!). He makes the java and I let the dogs out. We share our coffee and even if he is reading the paper, the time together is precious...

    I have had the luxury (financially) of being a SAHM and I am certainly not going to give it up now that the last one is on her way to college! Now it is "me time". And everyday unfolds differently. I'm guided by my heart's desire...

    Your yard and pond are fabulous!! No wonder you are out so aerly dragging that hose around!! Look what you have created!!


  18. Your backyard pond is gorgeous! I'm not a morning person so just being able to get myself showered, dressed, and out the door and to work is all I can handle - and with lots of coffee! Soon I'll be telecommuting so I can take things a little slower and go outside and check the garden in the morning. I so wish I was a morning person... -Jackie

  19. Got to have my coffee in the morning...but that is usually number 4 or 5 on the ritual. First thing is feed the cats and then empty their litter boxes. Put coffee on and look at face book, e-mails and blogs...drink coffee and read the paper.

    Still get up early even though I am up at 5:00 every morning - had to make that hour drive to I still wake up early and usually always get up...remembering I am going to nap in the aft.

    Enjoy the change in the weather.

  20. Absolutely. My routine has been off for a week now with Nicky being sick. He is much better today so maybe I will get back to my routine. Thanks for your kind words on his health.

  21. You have a gorgeous backyard! I too have a routine although this summer it has been a bit off. In a couple of weeks things should be more "normal". Have a great day!

  22. Yep, during the summer I have to have my coffee out on the screened porch and after a few cups I drag the hose around. I unlike you can't hold a coffee cup and drag a heavy hose LOL! But in the winter my routine is totally different.


  23. Very much so! I do the same things in the same order every morning! If I get out of synch it just throws me off!

    Love your back yard, it is so beautiful. I would get to that point and just sit down and that would be it for the day!!

    Lou Cinda :)

  24. ~WOW! Your backyard is so amazing Stacey. Love it!

    Yes....I must have my Vanilla Biscotti coffee. The aroma alone is wonderful. :)

  25. Oh yes! Same ritual is the only way to start my day! Coffee, then blogging, then whatever else. Twyla

  26. Absolutely! I am indeed a creature of habit, Stacey. That tranquil pond, oh, just makes me content somehow to get another glimpse of it.

  27. Stacey,
    Just wanted to say thank for the sweet comment you left this morning about the attic. You always are so positve and know just what to say.

  28. Yes Stacey! I have homeostasis too!!lol I feel better knowing the name for it!lol Coffee is a MUST (yes he's nuts walking that early!lol) I have said this before but your pond makes me jealous! I wish we had thought things out better and put ours farther away from our house! This is soooo gorgeous I'd be down there with my magazines and coffee for hours!!!lol Have a fantastic weekend! Sincerely, Jeannette (I'm off to put a new border in my dining room! stay tuned for post!!!lol)

  29. Hey Stacey, I'm glad to meet another okie here, I do love your blog,it hit me with a bang, cuz I love RED....There's a lot of pink on here, and I love it, but I am a red lady...really....I hope you will come back soon...are u following my blog...I am going to follow you and see what you come up with.....

  30. Stacey, I have a hard time dragging a hose around if I have both hands available! I must be a real wimp if you can do it with coffee in one hand! It's worth it though. Your hard looks beautiful. laurie


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