What's For Lunch?

School's out for summer. Husband works out of our home.
Everyday these people ask me, "What's for lunch?"
Give me a good ol' ham and cheese with a few chips and I'm good to go!!
Not these men!
They have the crazy idea that I'm going to actually prepare a meal at noon.
Can you believe that?
Well truly, if I don't then they will be in and out of the kitchen for a two or three hour span leaving messes in their path.
So will you help me?
I need lunch ideas!
I don't mind cooking a little but let's just say the preparation time should be under 15 minutes.
If you girls will share a few ideas with me I will compile them and post in a few days.
Thank you so much!!
Have a wonderful weekend. :)


  1. Saw your blog on Aunt Ruthie's Sugar Pie's site. Just stopping by to say hi.

    My hubby worked from his home office for 3 months on a development project for work. I do remember preparing a meals at noon that I normally wouldn't have prepared. I tell ya, I gained nearly 6 lbs in 90 days. Girl, I'm so happy he went back to the office because I was gett'n chubba bubba in a hurry.

  2. A personal favorite of mine:

    Bowtie Pasta, Feta Cheese, Italian dressing, Kidney beans, Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Leftover chicken (cubed, shredded, whateve)Pinch of crushed chili peppers (I usually use half of the packet from pizza hut). Believe it or not this is pretty filling when you add a slice of buttered french bread or water crackers with. Add some sliced apples and get back to business. It usually only takes 10 minutes from start to finish. Hope this helps. Come visit my blog, sometime - I am hosting Flashback Fridays.

  3. Love the sound of DeAnna's pasta salad!!
    How about quesadillas, with cheese, and any leftover chicken or beef thrown in? Add a little salsa and chips and you're good to go....
    Tacos (do up a bunch of taco meat and freeze, so you can pull out what you need and go! Or taco salad...
    How about mini meatloaves and baked potatoes? You can freeze the minimeatloafs, too!
    I have a good ham and cheese spiral recipe I'll have to post, that freeze well, too. I'll try to do that early next week. It's made from frozen bread dough, so very easy! It sounds like you'd benefit from one cooking day and putting a lot in the freezer. Having to stop and fix a lunch meal every day would be terribly difficult for me....good luck!


  4. I Thought of a few more!

    Pecan-chicken Salad - you can put it in a tortilla or on bread. BLT's are fabulous (I always make up the whole package of bacon and keep in the fridge just for this). Egg salad sandwhiches, Salami with provolone and crackers and grapes. I think that's it - but I am with you give me a ham and cheese please.

  5. No ideas here. We usually grill in the summer---some meat and squash then have tomatoes and that is it for us.

  6. I would throw a roast in the crockpot with a can of green chiles the night before and let them fill tortillas. If you keep all the extras (tomatoes, sour cream, cheese) in containers in the fridge it makes it easy for them to fend for themselves and a crockpot won't heat up the house.

  7. No ideas here! I am in the same boat, minus the hubby working at home, only I have girls! Leftovers are always good for lunch the next day!

  8. Quesadillas are a favorite of ours. I take a large flour tortilla and cover one side with a mixture of sour cream and salsa. Then, I sprinkle it with cubed cooked chiken and Monterray Jack cheese. I fold it in half and cook on both sides in a non-stick skillet lightly sprayed with Pam. Garnish to taste...yummy!

  9. Girlfriend, I am feeling your pain....LOL! My husband also has a home office and you can't just make him a sandwich, no sireeee, it has to be hot!! His mama spoiled him! In the summer time, quite frankly, I keep brats and burgers on hand and baked beans, easy to throw on the grill. Sometimes, I throw one of those Banquet meals in the crockpot, like beef stew or chicken and noodles, trust me I know where you are coming from.


  10. I cook a bunch of chicken in the crock pot on Sunday and then use it for all kinds of things for the week: chicken salad; chicken and rice; chicken quesadillas; chicken bbq;
    Since you already have the chicken prepared it is really fast. By cooking in the crockpot it stays juicy & tender longer I think.

  11. My guy is a burger lover so sloppy joe's is something he always loves. They are quick and warm up easy. Twyla

  12. What, you mean they aren't happy if you throw a jar of peanut butter and a bread knife their way????? I can't imagine!

    I do next to NO cooking, so what help am I?

  13. No help here but I can't wait to see the recipes all compiled. It will probably give me some ideas for our dinners!!!

  14. Stacey, No wonder you did not think my strawberry smoothie would work for your family. With a husband and sons at home during lunch time, you need a guy's lunch. I miss that part of life. At lunch in my house, it is just me. I do have some good quick lunch ideas that I will share with you, as soon as I have a few extra minutes. Hope your weekend is a good one!!

  15. Me & Hubby both work at home, so lunches are always a big decision. I will fix him something if I'm home & fixing myself some lunch, but he doesn't totally expect it every day (thank goodness, I've trained him better!):). I will do sandwiches, a nice salad, now that summer is here, with lots of fresh veggies, and summer fruits are on hand. I will do Bear Creek soups that you can find at Walmart. Just mix up with water & they make about 1/2 gallon of soup. Very good, the Creamy Potato is my fave. BLT's are a fave, tuna melts are always good on short notice, good on English muffins. That's all I can think of right now.

  16. I can hardly figure out what to feed my 13 year old son...all of a sudden he eats like an adult but luckily will do sandwiches. I do a lot of pizza (mama mary's crust with lots of fresh toppings), quesadillas and his favorite a burger on the george foreman I buy the 85/15 frozen burgers from WM or an organic brand from our local grocery)no defrosting necessary. My husband takes his lunch to work most days and loves taking leftovers so I always make a little extra at dinner and then pack up his lunch while I am cleaning up! Hope this helps, can't wait to see what others come up with. I am like you a little sandwich, a few grapes and I am good to go!

  17. When Bob asks, "what's for lunch?" I say, "Reservations! Get your cap and coat and let's go!"

    He's always ready.(We seniors share.)

    Sometimes we have soup, salad, or sandwich but that's just how it is with us. You know how we are.

    I'm interested in your lunch menus.
    Maybe a "surprise" would be good for Bob.

    Love ya,
    Mama Linda

  18. I cook supper, but not lunch. Hope you find some good easy recipes to use! Love your neighbor's beautiful kitchen!

  19. Saute half of a small onion in butter in a saucepan, add one 15 oz. can of tomato sauce to heat through and same amount of minute rice and set aside for 5 minutes until rice is softened. A quickie version of Spanish Rice. ~ Robyn

  20. With just two here, I cook a big meal at lunch and we have left overs for supper. Better for the weight thing. Good luck.

  21. Hi Stacey...

    Ohhh...I know that coming up with lunch menus can be a challenge! Sheeshh...I have a hard time coming up with dinner menus!

    One of the things that I love fixing and serving in the summer is tostadas or chalupas (if your from Texas...hehe!) You know...the crispy flat corn tortilla with refried beans and shredded lettace, tomatoes, and cheese! They're fast to fix and you don't have to heat up the house in the summer fixing them! Just an idea!!! I'll be following the comments of your readers...maybe I can get a few ideas!!!

    Have a great weekend, my friend!

  22. Hey Stacey, I just picked up my Real simple magazine (July issue) in the mail today, and right on the cover it says "20 minute meals"....I haven't checked it out yet, but you might want to glance at it at the store. If I find some great ideas, I"ll share!


  23. I typically put some turkey, cheese slice, guacamole spread, sliced mushroom and a few spinach leaves on bread and put in the panini maker. But when my husband use to come home for lunch, I would often make meals from the Gooseberry Patch cookbooks that were for under 30 minutes or had less than 5 ingredients. I think that actually is the name of the two books. Might check their site out.

  24. I've heard grill cheese sandwiches are good! I don't like them....but many people do.

    On Saturdays for lunch, we usually have hot sandwiches. I will buy deli pepperoni and salami. We use hoagie buns. We use both meats on one sandwich and top with cheddar cheese. Place in the oven on broil until the sandwiches are slightly brown. We have some sort of chips on the side! Yum! Yum!

  25. I have definitely been there. Girl just call the Schwann man. He can fill your freezer with all kinds of heat your own treats for those boys.

  26. Hi Stacey,
    I wish I knew. For 35 years I have been hearing "What's for supper". I swear that if I hear that again I will scream. So far, I have kept my cool. *lol* For 35 years I have cooked that man's supper.
    My hubby is also the type that everything has to be hot. It drives me insane.
    I hope you find some ideas.
    Have a wonderful Saturday.

  27. Hi Stacey,

    I stumbled across your blog and just love it! It's always nice meeting new people.

    I've tagged you over on my blog and I hope you will participate, it is a lot of fun. Come visit me sometime.

    Enjoy your weekend,

  28. When hubby first came home from the hospital, I had the same problem - three meals a day. WE GAINED TOO MUCH WEIGHT!
    Soooo, now we have a late breakfast and an afternoon meal with lots of fruit or cheese and crackers in between.

  29. Stacey, Honey, I understand! By the time you fix breakfast, and lunch...then it's time to fix supper!!! I mean...we have blogging to do...don't they know that...LOL :)

    My guys love mexican...so I try to throw together a couple of mexican lunches to break up the sandwich days... Ole Elpasso(sp?) makes a taco bake kit that is really quick and easy! Everything comes in the kit...except for the ground beef, and sherred cheese...I do add the beef, but you can leave it out if you want to...It usually takes 2 kits for my fellas! It goes together quick and easy and is delish! Look for it in the mexican section...Taco Bake. You can also add chives and sour cream after it bakes.

  30. I usually go home for lunch so I need something quick too. I usually make a little extra from dinner the night before and eat that for lunch. I also love pita pockets with RF cream cheese, turkey, and lettuce with some tomato soup. I also like to have chicken salad on a croissant, with a salad.

  31. Don't you just love cleaning up the kitchen three times a day?!! I know, because I put 3 hot meals a day on the table, too. But trust me, if you make GRILLED ham and cheese sandwiches, they will be begging for more! I just add an extra slice of cheese, so it's bread, cheese, ham, cheese, bread. Grill in your cast iron skillet with some butter, and then you don't have another pan to wash, just wipe it clean! Slice some tomatoes, add chips & pickles, and it's like a treat at a pricey deli. Enjoy! xo, Andrea


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