Seriously Distracted

Our son, Spencer, is taking summer school. Two college classes are pretty intense in the summer session. He is spending hours at the kitchen table.

Right outside the kitchen window are these guys.

They are so cute and so busy. It's hard not to watch them.

But there's so much work to be done!

Darn those college classes!


  1. Love your little friend...such a great distraction! I wonder if animals watch us working hard and are entertained by us...

    Have a great day!

    Smiles ~ Ramona

  2. Squirrels are a huge distraction. They do the funniest things. Wish your son good luck with those classes. Have a great week!

  3. I feel your pain!!! My daughter is at home going to school. While I worship and adore students bring with them all kinds of distrations...mostly more work for me!!!

    We also have a pet squirrel that is eating from our bird feeder...I will try and get pics. He hangs upside down on the fence and pulls the feader towards him and eats there until he loses his balance. He adjusts his position and starts all over again. It hsa even worn off the stain of the fence where he is hanging. I find this very entertaining and even make the kids come watch with me. How sad is that?

    Life at my house is a thrill a minute...

    I hope everything goes well for you today...Enjoy!!!

  4. Stacey, this is so funny because I love to sit on our porch and watch the squirrels....they are such busy little bees!!!!!

    Good luck to your son.


  5. Good luck on the classes to your son.
    Squirrels are so much fun to watch. Hos's offsprings were chasing each other around and around the tree this morning. Cute.
    I don't mind snakes either. But Nicky is traumatized so I hope it has moved on. He so loves being out in his backyard and right now he just isn't comfortable enough without his mom there and I have some things I need to do. I do sit with him each evening for hours and hours it seems.
    Enjoy your day and the squirrel antics.

  6. Aren't they cute? I wouldn't get a single thing done, either!

  7. Aren't those squirrels precocious little things? The ones around here have Charlie mesmerized!

  8. We have a squirrel too. When we first moved into our house the kids were in the backyard making a fort when a little squirrel started throwing pine cones at them below...I guess they were in HIS tree and were not welcome :) Now he has a thing going with the dogs where he teases them by running along the top of the fence...of course they chase him but will never get him...It's become a daily ritual:) Happy squirrel watching Spencer!!!...Now get back to your are the future you know:)...Ha!

  9. How cute, Stacey!! I would be distracted too! Good luck to your son on his classes.
    Oh, my goodness, to answer your question, Stacey...I have more junk in my house than you could shake a stick at! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  10. Your pictures are GREAT!! I always LOVE watching all the squirrels in our backyard. It is also funny watching Lucy stalking them. Yep, she stalks them like a cat would and then chases them all around!

    Hope Spencer can get his work done with those cuties outside!

  11. They are definitely cute! We have a ton here and they drive me crazy because they dig in my flower pots. As cute as they are, you can keep them in your yard! lol :)

  12. I would have a hard time not watching them too. I just love to watch their antics. I don't have many that come into my yard too much because my cats are always ready to pounce on them. Naughty cats.

  13. Oh Spencer, you have my utmost sympathy and EMPATHY. I did that one college summer - - - took history AND chemistry. Miserable summer.

  14. Crazy as it sounds, I sit up on my porch sometimes and watch these guys down on my mother's bird feeders too. Great post and really good photos!!

  15. Love those shots...I just took pictures of the many different "distractions" that visit my yard and feeders. I've had to move plants because of them...many have been broken or dug up. We had a racoon in our garage the other night while we were making smores on the patio. Crazy critters.

  16. Those squirrel pictures are great...I also love watching squirrels in the yard...the only difference is that ours are heart skips a beat every time I see them...

  17. When we lived on Lake Keystone the squirrels would eat most of the bird food. They are very entertaining to watch!

    Our son took several summer classes when he was in college. He really liked it because he could earn some credits in a short period of time.

  18. We had so many squirrels in our backyard that we couldn't look out our windows without seeing a bunch of them scurry across the yard. We thought they were so cute.

    The squirrels ate out of our birdfeeders too eventually breaking them. Poor birds are on their own now and the squirrels have found another yard. Hum...

    Study hard, Spencer. We know you'll do well.

    Love ya,

  19. There aren't too many squirrels at our house, mostly rabbits. The squirrels can be so funny trying to get at a bird feeder. Good luck to your son...guess there could be worse distractions.

  20. Oh, those squirrels!! :) We have to distract our puppy if she sees one she wants to chase it! LOL!! They are fun to watch though! :)

  21. The pictures are great, and an entertaining subject. I love sitting and watching the back yard. Chickens from the neighbors, squirrels, birds. I have not been able to get a squirrel picture.

  22. They are entertaining to say the least, I love it when they hang upside down and look at you like "what???"


  23. Awww...poor thing! That would be so hard for sure. They are cute, though! :)

  24. so cute. i love spotting chipmunks, too! adorable.

    thanks so much for entering my giveaway! i think your blog has changed since last i was here? mine, too!


  25. It always amazes me when I read about people who try to discourage visiting squirrels. I'm w/ you....they are soo fun to watch!

  26. Stacey,

    Your friends are so cute! I love watching them too! Two of my sons are taking summer college classes too--they will be finished completely by July 31st! I'll have two of my sons done with one to go! Have a great week! I'm off to Florida to celebrate my Mom's b-d...were are going to see some Manatees in South Florida!

  27. You should submit the last picture to an Outdoor Magazine or something. Great shot!


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