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First let me say that our good computer is with the Geek Squad...hopefully being rejuvenated. Why oh why do computers have to get sick? It hasn't even been that long for ours. Oh well.

I had a wonderful time in Dallas last weekend with my BFF - Rochelle.

We spent Sunday afternoon at North Park Mall which is and always has been the place to go! We did go to Anthropologie. OK....I'm going to whisper when I say this...I didn't like it. It was dark. Things were super expensive. I found the cutest little knob that I thought would be perfect on a table we have. Had to walk all over the store looking for light...only to realize that the red polka dots I was in love with were actually orange. Pooey!

Funny thing is we spent a lot of time in good ol' Macy's. It's hard to beat that store. :)

Roger and Rochelle treated me to dinner at The Oar House on Lake Ray Hubbard. Those of you in the area need to eat there. It was wonderful! The food was great and the atmosphere is welcoming.

Rochelle if you read this Thank You!! I love you!

That's enough rambling...I'll be back in a day or two with the real computer. I'm off to study with my son for a Psychology test.


  1. I am so glad that you had a good time!!! Northpark is the best!!! It is about the only mall I will shop in!!! I like outdoor shopping centers!!!

    Welcome home!!!

  2. Glad you had a good time! Eating and shopping...does it get much better than that??

  3. Glad you had a good time! Sorry about your computer. Hope it is up and running well real soon.

  4. I agree with the Macy's. Don't know the other shopping place. Tell me about a paintball tournament.

  5. I'm glad you and your friend had such a great time. I've never been in Anthropologie cause I've heard it is really expensive. I too LOVE Macy's, I used to love Foley's also.

    The Oar House sounds like a great place to eat.

  6. Hi Stacey, I am glad you are back and that you had a good time. Now, tell them geek guys to hurry up with that puter, you have people waiting for your posts! Can't wait to see your weekend pictures! Nancy

  7. I'm sorry you didn't like Anthropologie. Ours in SoCal is not so dark - it actually is kind of bright. However, it is expensive and I usually only window shop. It's where I got my "C" idea but did not purchae an $18.00 C. Glad you had fun in Macy's!

  8. I'm sorry you didn't like Anthropologie. Ours in SoCal is not so dark - it actually is kind of bright. However, it is expensive and I usually only window shop. It's where I got my "C" idea but did not purchae an $18.00 C. Glad you had fun in Macy's!

  9. Isn't NorthPark THE best? Sorry Anthro disappointed you! It's usually wonderful, but I haven't been in a couple of months so...Maybe next time you go it will be back on top. The fruit pizza is really yummy and I think would be fun for a shower! Glad your back home safe and sound.

  10. It is so good to have you back in blogland again. You truly were missed. Sorry you did not like Antropologie. Ours is light and airy. I know it is expensive, but I always enjoy looking. My mother feels the same way you do. I like Northpark too. I remember so well, the days of helping my daughter study for tests. I actually miss that.

  11. Stacey,

    So glad you had a good time in Dallas. I have never been there and would love to go.

    Macy's is one of my favorite stores, right up there with Bloomingdale's. There are ALWAYS sales going on. Can't beat that.

    Good luck with your computer!!


  12. Hi Stacey, so glad you had a nice time and hopefully, your computer will be all better soon. Computers.....we can't live with them or without them!!!! Accck.


  13. Sorry your computer is sick but so glad you had a great time in Dallas. Bet it was H.O.T. there!!
    It is 101 here today...whew

  14. The Anthro store I go to is not dark at all and like I said in your earlier post, is a fun place to get little things, i.e. latte bowls, cute little dish towels, but everything else is ridiculously expensive. Oh I did get a cute apron there too. You must have been in one that wasn't very nice. Glad you had fun though.


  15. Oh so happy you had a nice time. I am sorry you didn't like anthropologie. Your friends were fantastic to take you to such a nice dinner.

    Thank you for your kind compliments. You are way to sweet.


  16. Stacey, sounds like a fun weekend. Glad you are safely back home. laurie

  17. I can relate to this post.
    Good luck with the repairs. :)

  18. Hey Stacey,
    So glad to be back among my bloggy friends.
    You weren't far from my hometown while you were in Dallas. I know what you mean about the "A" store. Cute stuff, just way too pricey! Gotta love Macy's sales. More my speed. HUGS!

  19. Oh and BTW, love the new look of your blog!!!

  20. I'm so glad you had a good time with your friend. I'm sorry to hear about your computer woes. Don't feel all alone, we are always having computer problems too. We'll look forward to you being back! Have a good day! Twyla

  21. Glad you had a good time! Eating and shopping should be an actual career choice in life:) Good luck to your son on his test!

  22. So glad you you had a wonderful time with your friends. I have never been in the Anthropologie store. I do like Macy's though, whenever I can't find something, they usually have it. So glad you are back. Hope your computer is working.

  23. It's good to see you back. What a wonderful trip!


  24. Hi Stacey

    Thanks for the sweet comment at the Back Porch!

    Those plates are from Nell Hill's. There are stores in Atchison Kansas and KC, MO. Mary Carol Garrity is the owner. Have you seen her decorating books? She has recently opened an online store. I'll leave the link here.


  25. Hi Stacey!!!! I've been scarce lately - computer problems over here too - seems like everyone is suffering from this lately. Anywho, so glad I'm not the only person who thinks that Anthropologie place is over rated! Keep in touch girl!

  26. Lucky you have a "loaner" computer, I'm lost when mine's in the shop. Was it hot enough for ya down here? Last Saturday was miserable; hot, humid, and NO BREEZE!

  27. Hi Stacey...wow, I love your new blog dress...it's so cute! Sorry about your computer being down. I hope it gets well soon...
    It sounds like you had a great visit with your Dallas friends...
    ;-) Bo

  28. My gal pals and I LOVE shopping at NorthPark, and doing lunch at La Madeleines*! What a way to spend an afternoon in Dallas*! _Ashley*

  29. I'm so glad you said that -- I don't get it, either!! What, you don't want to spend $118 for a t-shirt? Next time you come, call me -- I live 5 minutes from there, I'll run up and say hi!!


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