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Hey everybody, I would like to introduce you to one of my real life very best friends. Cindy and I met 20 years ago when we both had just had beautiful baby boys. Cindy just started a brand new blog yesterday and I'm very proud of her. This blog is very important at this point in time. Go by and you will understand. Please leave her some bloggy love.

To my old friends this looks familiar. Today Chari at Happy to Design is hosting Sunday Favorites. Our chance to rerun an old post.

It has been raining here for days and days and I need a good laugh. I was reminded of this post back in January. Thank you Chari for organizing this fun event.

This morning I cleaned happily here by myself for hours.

Drinking my coffee, listening to my music, and being followed by a big stinky dog. (Does that count as being alone?) I decided to give Katie a bath in my shower because it was 34 degrees outside and because I have promised myself that I would stop paying the groomer to do that job.

This is how it went:

Turned on the hot water.

Tried to secure the double doors with a pony tail holder so she couldn't escape the bathroom - if she escaped the shower. Yes, it has happened. And whoever thought of bathroom doors with no lock?

Coaxed and dragged her into the shower with the aide of the shower door pushing on her backside.

Washed away with cucumber and watermelon shampoo. She loved this part and the Water Pik shower massage thingy really helps. She licks at the water the whole time. Meanwhile, I have no clothes on and I'm freezing because she gets all the hot water.

Turned the water off and dried and dried and dried. She's shaking her big wet ears and water is flying! That's OK because we were still in the shower. You know how a dog can shake water off, don'tcha?

Then, she pushed open the shower door...went skidding across my bathroom floor...shook again with all her wet dog might...then BURST through my rigged up double doors.

Yes, I'm still naked in the shower. I figured at that point the damage was done so I would go ahead and do my thing.

By the time I got out, Katie had travelled through just about every room in the house shaking and puddling water on my wood floor.

I put her outside so I could get clothes on. By the time I got back (3 minutes later) she had rolled all around in the dry winter bermuda and was COVERED WITH DIRT AND GRASS. Yes, I was mad.

I had to mop the floors and clean the bathroom. She sat outside the patio door looking at me like she had no clue. Eventually I let her back in. You know what a wet dog smells like, right?

So much for thinking my house was gloriously clean!


  1. Oh boy! I can imagine all that was going in there. Thanks for the good laugh! LOL!....Christine

  2. Oh I am roflol over this. Small dogs are hard enough to bathe....I can only imagine a BIG dog and their antics....hehehehehe

    Well, your house DID get clean cause you got to do it ALL over again!

    I'll go over and welcome your friend Cindy.

  3. LOL! Thanks for sharing such a hilarious story. I am truly appreciating that every bathroom in my house has a lock :-)

  4. Hahahaha... I have small dogs, Cavaliers, but I sympathize. I once took extra care with one of them, till her coat gleamed with clean, and then let her out in the sun to dry, imagining her just calmly letting Nature's rays soak up the damp.
    Well of course she made a beeline to the dirt craters under the kids' swing set. I had the muddiest clean dog in New Jersey.
    And learned to keep dogs INSIDE till dry!
    (No locks on bathroom doors? Yikes!)

  5. I used to fight with Dickens, my cairn terrier, every time he had to have a bath. I used to shut the door in the laundry room and literally hook him in the soaking tub so he wouldn't jump out and down! He was fine once he was done being washed and towel dried, but if made the mistake of opening the door before I was done, whooosh..... he bolted through every room in the house, just like yours did. Thanks for the memory... Sue

  6. hahaaaahhaaa...i remember this post and remember laughing myself silly....thanks for another giggle.

  7. I loved this post about you bathing the dog. I will go check out Cindy's blog now! Have a nice Sunday! Twyla

  8. Hi Stacey! Just wanted to come by and thank you for all the prayers. Still feeling icky but it will pass one day,hehe. Miss y'all~

  9. I don't know when my dog smells worse before or after the bath. Plus I can't get the darned dog hair off my wet, cold body.
    This was hilarious. Thanks for the chuckles.

  10. Been there, done cute. Thanks for visiting my garden today and the sweet note that you left there. I went by your friends too.

  11. Hi Stacey, I remember this!! LOL
    I will go by and visit with your friend! Nancy

  12. Hi Stacey!! You live in Edmond that's great! I live by Lake Hefner and work in Edmond on Mondays and Tuesdays! Small world. Maybe I'll see you at T J Max or Serendipity...two of my favortie places to shop! Glad you commented! Sonia/Miss Bloomers

  13. Hello Stacey! So happy you found my Bloggie! Can you EVEN believe the Jury Duty Thingy? I have to REPORT to CONFINEMENT :) on the 16th of this month. ACK!

    I love your sweet blog and I will be back. You are one I'm going to definitely follow...I love your muse about your dog washing!

    I'd be MORE than happy to allow you the honor of washing my pooch! She is a 5lb. Yorkie who punishes me with her "bad attitude" for an entire day after having a scrub down.

    Blessings to happy to have another local gal to share life's happenings with!


  14. Duhhh...I can't figure out HOW to follow your blog! ACK! Do share! :)


  15. I always knew there was a reason I like cats. That is so funny. I am sorry we really aren't laughing at you but with you. By the way I love the new header. Very very nice. Sorry I haven't been around lately. Things get a bit crazy for me in the Spring time with gardening, and all my son's Spring activities.

  16. Sorry girl! This is hilarious!!!!

    I'll try to stop by and say hello to your friend.

    Have a great week ahead!

  17. Stacey, this is all tooo funny and all tooo familiar!!

    Thanks for a good laugh.


  18. Oh I missed this one. How funny Stacey !! Bad Dog !

  19. Such a funny story, but I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time! How great that you could laugh about it at some point. I just have to say that I still am lovin' your blog look. laurie

  20. Hi Stacey...

    My friend, I'm so happy that you decided to join in with all the fun of "Sunday Favorites" again this week!!!

    I just love this post that you chose to share once was new to me though! What a cute story...I guess enough time has passed that we can laugh now...right? hehe!!! Your Katie sure is a pretty girl...a bet it is quite the job to bathe her though!!! Your post sure brought a smile to my heart...thank for sharing it with all of us!!!

    Warmest wishes,

  21.'s just lil' ol' me again. I just wanted to tell you that I'm heading over to Cindy's blog...thank you for introducing her! I want to go and give her a big bloggy welcome!!!


  22. I can just envision that scenario in my mind lol....they should make Febreze for dogs lol! Great blog!

  23. Maybe you weren't aware that Edmond has a Dog Wash in a former car wash on Broadway just North of 33rd Street (next to old WalMart location). Maybe THAT would help next time and her SHAKING could be done away from home. Also, I bet she couldn't get to any dirt or dry grass. Good Luck.

    Betty in Edmond, OK

  24. Too darned funny! :) Yes, I was one that was considering saving the $40.00 for a groomer. Never mind! This story has cured me. Mine is small..but you can never be too careful! Think I'll stick to the groomer. Just thinking of all that thick long hair and she already fights me daily when I just BRUSH her. NO idea what she would do if I stuck her in a tub OR shower. What cute story that was!

  25. OMG! What a story that was...
    giving a dog a bath is always an adventure isn't it? What a cute photo of your Katie ;)

  26. LOL! We have a Golden Retriever and he doesn't like baths at all. He always tries to escape! He loves being blow dryed though!


  27. Oh my! I so understand and yes, this post did make me laugh out loud! Our Kipper hates the whole grooming process...oh my. Of course, he is smaller than your baby so easier to handle. : )

    Have a sweet weekend!



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